Roast, bake, blend and eat.

It seems like the blog world was home to quite a number of cheese connoisseurs who’d happily welcome another member to their exclusive club 😀 . In other words: Thank you for your support on my decision and yes, I’ll walk the talk again soon with delicious creations.

Another Wednesday is peeking around the corner already and I don’t have a lot of cheesyness to show yet. Peeking and not yet there because yes, I’m writing and scheduling my posts the night before. Writing them in the morning before work? Not an option. How do you organized people manage :D?? Same way it’s early afternoon already for me when Jenn opens the link-up. Whatever time it is for you as you’re reading, though, let’s talk food again.


Inspired by Amanda who’d taken up my suggestion – do you sense mutual inspiration? I like it! – of adding chickpeas to yogurt again I decided to try new to me recipe: sweet roasted chickpeas. I’ve had savoury versions – usually adding cumin – before but never sweet. Not just any, though, but Amanda’s very own recipe for honey-almond ones. Yes, these are good.  Despite my usual laziness I went with the suggestion of peeling the chickpeas. I’d heard about that trick for creating the smoothest homemade hummus before but will admit that’s where I’d draw the line. Peeling chickpeas for a dip that’s going to be blended in anyway? Too much effort. For the roasted variety, however, it made perfect sense. Turn on a good tune and peeling those peas will happen in no time.

Honey-almond chickpeas
Even better? Eating almond butter and honey straight up? After cleaning the mxing bowl not to waste any of the ‘marinade’ I wondered why I’d never went with this combination before. Dare I say it rivals chocolate as the sweet little bite after a savoury meal?! Almost only but close enough. Because this still happened some time after.

mint chocolate

Like after a hearty lunch like this. It still needs some tweaking but this random concoction would be a ratatouille bake topped with two kinds of cheese. Mozzarella has always been a favourite for casseroles in pre-vegan days. Feta didn’t make an appearance too often but after seeing many bloggers use it I was curious to see how I’d like it. The verdict is still open but so far I’m not hooked. Maybe because I prefer creamy and melty cheeses? Something I noticed after my first trials is that I need to take it slow with reintroducing cheese.

Ratatouille_two cheeses

In this particular case, though, I feel vegetables were to blame. Another one of those life lessons learned when trying to figure out what causes our stomaches to feel wonky. If I was still feeling guilty about reintroducing cheese into my diet it’d have been the easiest way to finger-point here blaming it. But like I said I’m leaving the outcome open and at the same time trying to work on recovery in general. Eating a too voluminous meal packed with vegetables will hardly make my stomach feel too comfortable. I’ll have to admit it’s one of those mistakes I repeatedly make. Work in progress. Neverthless, the overall taste of the dish was pretty good and yes, the cheese did make it better.

Ratatouille bake

Thanks to the sunny days we had before the weather decided to play winter again I craved a refreshing snack. Enter Vitamix vanilla ‘ice cream’ with ‘cookie dough’ crumbles [can we agree that cute recipe names make everything even better?!]. While it won’t fool anyone for ice cream or cookie dough I feel this might be my way of joining the blogger smoothie trend. Just don’t ask me to blend kale into my ice cream because no. Simply no.

Vitamix ice cream

Something roasted, something baked and something blended – that sums up this surprisingly cheese-less account of some recent food happenings at my apartment. If you’re in dire need of seeing some real cheese action 😉 I’m sure there’ll be plenty over at Jenn’s so head over and get inspired by everybody else’s delicious creations!


Happy Tuesday Wednesday!

Happiness inducing today: A spontaneous longer chat with one of my neighbours who suggested becoming running buddies. Fingers crossed for a speedy hip recovery!

Stay in touch!

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What’s your favourite kind of cheese? I’ve actually never liked more than a good handful of kinds. Brie was another favourite, though.

Tell me the best or most exciting flavour of ice cream you’ve ever eaten! For me, the best around here are usually fruit flavours [cherry and mango in particular]. But the creamiest and most special ones I’ve had yet were Peanut Butter Chocolate [called “Girl from Ipanema” at the store] and Coconut Carrot Cake [“Rübli Kokos”]. Actually both vegan ones, too.


11 thoughts on “Roast, bake, blend and eat.

  1. lovenataliemarie says:

    I always write my posts the night before, because I never have time in the morning to do so.
    I always tend to sneak in a treat around 3 pm. Always an afternoon booster. 😉
    I love making soft serve with frozen bananas. So good and refreshing.

  2. Ms.J says:

    Nut butter and honey ❤ – yessss!
    I've only ever done savoury roasted chickpeas myself and I can't wait try a sweet take on it.
    Cheddar cheese is my favorite..I'm not too big on mild flavors.
    Oh your ice-cream looks creamy. And you can't go wrong with cookie dough 🙂 . So many gorgeous ice-cream flavors out there..gahhh! Favorites include: hazelnut ferrero, snickers and cookie dough of course 🙂

  3. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    I always always lick the bowl of honey and AB when I’m done with the baking… It’s my favourite combo, so I’m definitely not letting any of it go to waste. And when it comes to cheese, Parmesan definitely takes the cake for me. I love it so much that I have no problem just eating it sprinkled over plain noodles.

  4. gabiwalter says:

    Mmm..all of your combinations look delicious! Us morning people blogging for the day manage by simply accepting the fact that we have an out-r-ageous schedule! Now that spring is here what are some of your favorite spring foods?

  5. lovechocolatelife says:

    Ive been wanting to try Amanda’s roasted chickpeas too !! I have everything on hand just need to do it this weekend!! Yes too many vegetables.. stomach does not like that but that ratatouille looks delicious !!! Feta is better in salads/wraps not melty places in my opinion!!

  6. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli says:

    The whole “ice cream” thing is probably the only thing that really makes me jealous of Vitamix owners like yourself! I want to make almond milk ice cream too…and NOT have to wait for hours while it sets in the freezer! #firstworldproblems 😉

    And girl, that ratatouille was probably the BEST way to introduce more cheesiness into your life! You simply can’t go wrong with veggies, tomatoes, and cheese! Slap that combo on a tortilla and make a pizza and you’ll make me even prouder! Lol

    I once went to a place called Jeni’s that serves ALL KINDS of interesting flavors/mixes of ice cream…I had a “Bangkok peanut butter” that was a bit too spicy for my liking but definitely interesting, but my favorites were the pistachio honey, goat cheese and cherries, and the wild lavender which tasted like Fruitty Pebbles cereal!

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