Germs, grocery store finds and other gems [Thinking out loud]

Thursday are for… traveling. It’s the second week in a row I’m about to spend a good chunk of the day squeezed in a [likely] overcrowded train. Keep your fingers crossed for at least no  drunks [yes, it has happened multiple times before] or crying children in my wagon today! On a nicer note Thursdays are obviously for Thinking out loud! Let’s keep our fingers crossed for some sunshine melting away the surprise [?] snow Amanda got! What’s wrong with you, April?!


1. My salsa addiction is getting dangerous. I’m convinced destiny’s trying to tell me something or my salsa company of choice has conspired against me. Either way I had to use violence to access my dip of choice. Don’t worry, though. No knives or fingers were sacrificed in the process of opening multiple jars this way yet. And thanks to above-mentioned salsa consumption I had a spare lid on hand to replace the damaged one.


2. Speaking of traveling last week’s little [or big, actually] adventure had me leave the house way before my usual time. Meaning that I both had to pack breakfast on the go and got to put my new almond butter transport vehicle to the test. The almond butter jar gets a thumbs up but the baked oatmeal [times two but they didn’t fit in one container] needs a little more improvement.

traveling_baked oatmeal

3. A little secret about the above oatmeal cups: My brain was all over the place the two days leading to Thursday that I didn’t bake these until somewhere around 11 PM because I’d completely forgotten I needed to pack breakfast. It happens, I guess?!

4. In honour of our host I had to snap a picture of this at the store yesterday. Does anybody else remember dress-up dolls? Childhood nostalgia. They didn’t beat Barbies but still were good fun. And no, I didn’t buy them.


5. Does anybody else like to kill time in the checkout line at the store by making guesses on other people judging from their purchases? There are obvious ones like the people buying mass amounts of cat food or those extended families with family sized packages of toilet paper and a month’s worth of mineral water. But then there are also those hard-to-see-through individuals or cute guys that I’m hoping to think are single ;).  Maybe this list will help?

6. Not to cute guys aren’t a rarity either, though. In the subway I saw a guy who blew his nose into his fist – gross enough – only to push the door opener with it right afterwards. Major eww! Ignorance is bliss?! Or maybe one more reason why I always wait/ hope for others to open the doors and carry hand sanitizer with me. Luckily I did not have to use that very door yesterday.


7. Only three more days until Easter so the big question is: Do you still get an Easter basket? As sweet as my mum is this is one thing she gave up immediately after the first of my siblings had left the house. It’s not like I couldn’t do without the additional chocolate because I’m well stocked at the moment. But I have to admit I really wouldn’t mind a good Easter egg hunt in my parents’ garden. These used to be a blast in my childhood. Especially when my dad was hiding the eggs. He once got so involved he actually drew a map for himself to make sure we found all candy he’d hidden. Did I mention he’s an organized person?!

8. It’s a wrap once more for this week’s randomness so: Happy Thursday!


Happiness inducing today: My neighbours’ two little sons. Only two and five years old but such charmers already. There’s no way not to smile when they are trying to get your attention by jumping around and waving.

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What are your plans for the Easter weekend?

Do you still get you an Easter basket? If so: What are its usual contents?

Any fun travel memories to share?




14 thoughts on “Germs, grocery store finds and other gems [Thinking out loud]

  1. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    I do remember those paper dolls! 😀 They were actually one of the few “dolls” I played with when I was younger, because I never owned any Barbies. I know that sounds kind of crazy, but I was always more of a tomboy at heart — lots of Legos and toy plastic animals. Oh… and teddies. Lots and lots of teddies 😀 Also… that snotty door thing is super gross. Ignorance is bliss indeed 😯

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      No Barbies? I didn’t have nearly as many as some of my friends, either, but I wouldn’t have wanted to miss those that I had :). However, my brother’s Lego was quite interesting as an additional fun, too. He clearly wanted to share.

  2. Ms.J says:

    Vacuum sealed glass jars can be a pain..but then again we would be disturbed if they opened too easily making us doubt the safety of the contents 😉 . I mean with guys like those around…!
    I’ve never been in a train! I’m dying to really..but I’m concocting images of chugging through the countryside in pristine, glamorous carriages :p !

  3. ranchcookie says:

    My easter plans have already made its way! I am already back at my parents for the weekend, taking a break from studying and work for some family time and lovely blogging time!
    I don’t really get an easter basket anymore, I was one of those strange kids that didn’t even really touch my easter candy so they gave up long ago. Now I just get a nice card and maybe a gift card haha, but hey I would rather have that then candy (weird person I know!).

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      No offense but… you didn’t get excited about Easter eggs?! I wasn’t a fan of those fondant candies, either, but chocolate… always chocolate. Though I’ll admit I prefer gifts of the non-food variety these days, too. Maybe because I’m able to keep my chocolate stash well stocked without my parents’ financial aid now, haha.
      Yay for family time! I just arrived at my parents’, too, and can’t wait to just relax and spend time with them. Enjoy your Easter weekend!

      • ranchcookie says:

        Haha like I said weird kid! Don’t get me wrong I did love to eat it on Easter itself but completely forgot about it once I got home!

  4. Healthy, Fruity Gal says:

    I toets remember those dress-up dolls! LOL 😀 they were so fun to play with, and I loved how you could switch the princesses outfits(Why do I remember so much about it! 😮 ) I just stumbled across your blog and I think it’s awesome! 😀

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