Whisks, words and weird encounters [Thinking out loud]

Hey hey, it’s Thursday! It’s time to let our thoughts do happy dances again because we’re this close to the weekend. Or – in other words: to think out loud with our [hopefully] happy host Amanda!


1. Do you ever get to the point where you’ve read or written a certain word so often that you doubt your own spelling abilities? As in: that you grab a dictionary look the word up online to make sure it’s spelled properly? Case in point: Tuesday’s post. Traditions. A simple word but after reading it what felt like several dozen times I started getting puzzled and double-checked. And you can take that literally because I’m the habitual double-checker in our family. Yes, I’m the kind of person who double or triple-checks to see if the front door is locked or the stove turned off. Better safe than sorry.

2. I think everybody has a most-used kitchen gadget. Aside from spoons – because we all know those are essential and work well for many many tasks. But my real #1 is this one:

wire whisk

3. Sadly, I apparently have a pretty vigorous way of whisking and had to kiss goodbye to a number of them that will keep unveiled.

4. A heart racing like I’d just tried to beat Haile Gebrselassie on a run and jello legs – that was me yesterday night. And no, not because I’d actually been running [I wish!]. The real reason? I’d meant to just quickly take out the trash when I noticed a rather heavily built guy standing on the corner of the street. That alone was enough for me to try and make it a very quick trip outside. Cue panic when he approached me asking if I spoke French – in French, obviously. I just quickly stammered “non, pas bien” and dashed for the house entrance as quickly as I could. Moral of the story: Don’t go outside after dark! Or at least avoid strange men. No matter which language they talk.

5. Can we talk about sales on Easter candy for a minute? You might remember my mum didn’t get me any and the chocolate hens found another purpose. My plan was to stay cool and resist any and all of it. The result?


I blame Sam for getting this box of chocolates. Because she asked for the amounts of leftover Easter candy in her last post and when I mentioned I hadn’t gotten any suggested I could still get some. Clearly it was her fault I  found myself in the candy aisle of a huge store that hadn’t sold out all Easter candy yet yesterday, right ;)?!

6. Not to make my mum look like a bad mother, though, she did get me an Easter gift. More or less unintentionally. The story: I had some time to kill in between my train ride and waiting for my bus home on Thursday. That means just one thing: browsing the aisles of the drug store next to the station. Which just so gappens to carry Essie polishes. Which I have a hard time resisting so I decided my mum wanted to gift me a new bottle.


7.  Thinking about it: Am I supposed to store my nail polishes in the fridge??? I remember seeing or reading it somewhere but I don’t know the reasoning behind it. It seems … weird.

8.Once more there’s just one thing left for me to say: Happy Thursday!

Happiness inducing today: I will never tire of saying this one: sunshine! That and good music playing.

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What is your most used kitchen gadget?

Tell me your favourite Easter candy from those you got this year!


29 thoughts on “Whisks, words and weird encounters [Thinking out loud]

  1. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    I honestly can’t say that I’ve ever heard of anyone storing their nail polish in the fridge. Wouldn’t it get way too thick and hard to put on? Definitely goofy. And when it comes to favourite kitchen utensils (besides spoons 😉 ), mine is definitely the spatula. I use that freaking thing for everything. In fact, I have 3 of them so that I never find myself without 😉

    Happy Thursday, love! Even though it’s still Wednesday night here 😛

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      A little research on my side helped me find the original source I’d first heard of it again. Apparently the polish keeps longer and is less sticky when stored in the fridge. I’m still doubtful, though, so I won’t give it a try any time soon.
      I should probably invest in another spatula, too, because even though I don’t use mine quite as often as wire whisks one is never enough.
      Happy Thursday <3.

  2. Emily says:

    I’ve actually never heard of storing nail polish in the fridge. Maybe it prevents separation? Hmm…you can bet that I’ll be researching that one!

    And I can honestly say that I don’t own a whisk. How is that possible? Not a clue. My most used kitchen gadget is definitely this small, red knife that I’ve had for years. I don’t know why I love it so much (it was just a cheap knife) but I swear it cuts everything better. Oh, and lately my blender…I’ve been working that gadget pretty hard recently and I forgot how handy it is!

    Happy Thursday!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      How don’t you own a whisk?! Isn’t anybody eating oatmeal anymore? (: Or, wait, polenta. I wouldn’t be able to prepare polenta without clumps if it wasn’t for my trusty wire whisk. You know I like you either way but you’d still better get a whisk, haha.
      When it comes to electronic kitchen gadgets my immersion blender would be #1, too. It’s so handy – even for a non-smoothie person like me.
      Happy Thursday!

  3. Nichole says:

    That box of chocolates looks delicious! I love that Essie color! So spring perfect! And I won’t/can’t get old of being happy for sunshine either!!

  4. Ms.J says:

    Those Lindt eggs do not exist here..boooh! It would have been a sin not to get it I think 😉 .
    After spoons, I’d say…forks. Or knives…Mum’s victoria knox knives are pretty special.
    Now what would you vigorously whisk so often? I’m only asking because I never use a whisk :-p

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Time to send a letter of complaint Lindt’s way! I’ll add one for them not offering a certain bar of chocolate around here.
      About that vigorous whisking: what can I say?! Try whipping the ‘fluff’ a not-quite-ripe banana resembles after microwaving into oat bran … 😉 It makes for a good arm workout.

  5. Juli says:

    Those Lind Chocolates are my favorite! I like all but I love the spring almond and hazelnut with nougat.
    I store my nail polish in the fridge. It thickens the texture which makes it easier to apply. I am not sure if it’s really true but I am keeping the faith 😉

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      The nougat was definitely a selling point for me. Good to know the others are worth the price, too.
      And thanks for shedding some light on the nail polish issue. I’m admittedly still a little wary.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Thanks, Khushboo! I have a really hard time deciding on a shade each time anew because there’s the risk of it not looking good on my nails. But this time I’m really happy with my pick.
      Lindt, however… There’s no failing! Even their milk chocolates – and I’m usually a dark chocolate fiend – is amazing.

  6. Her Happy Balance says:

    Essie polishes will always be my favorite! I was looking into buying a nail strengthener polish and it said that it should be stored in the fridge, but that was the only time I ever heard to do so…mine just stay in a nice room temperature cabinet and they seem to be doing just fine 🙂 Happy Thursday! One day closer to zee weekend!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Yes to Essie! I can’t get over how much better than other polishes I’ve tried it is.
      One day closer to the weekend – that’s my Thursday mantra every week 🙂 ! Seeing as I’m answering just now: Happy Friday!

  7. Katherine says:

    I was writing an essay for school today, and the word ‘through’ looked terribly weird to me. I ended up just sitting there questioning its existence for a few minutes before I texted my brother about the spelling.

    As for the most used kitchen gadget: my blender. I use it SO much. I also have this spoon I got from Etsy that says ‘Love Oatmeal’ on it, so it’s technically not a gadget, but I love to use it! It always makes me so happy!

    I hope you have a lovely Thursday (and weekend for that matter seeing as tomorrow is Friday! Yay!!) xx

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Oh those essays… Writing them was a constant double-checking game so I had to stop myself from re-reading at some point because it got ridiculous.
      That spoon sounds like a surefire happiness bringer so I can see why you like it so much.
      Happy Friday!

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