Good good links #36

Hi there and happy Sunday!

By now you know my attitude towards lengthy introductions to these posts: unneccessary because it’s all about others’ great posts from the week. There’s enough to read even without wordiness on my side today so I hope you’ll enjoy my favourite reads from the week, too.

Good good links

Good good [food for thought]

the one word that defines us all via Peanut Butter & Jenny

 Hint: it’s not conformance. A must-read for anyone.

Fear Can Be Your Worst Enemy via Jessie Loves 2 Run

Anxiety can rule our lives – but only if we allow it. “Don’t hold back and ask WHY or WHAT IF.”

Addicted to Approval: Reclaim Your Self-Esteem via tiny buddha

 Do you depend on others to define your self-worth?

Snacking At Work? Here’s How To Deal via Refinery29

Habits or actual hunger? Why intuitive/ mindful eating on work days can be hard to manage.


Good good [advice and inspiration]

Never Underestimate Diet Experimentation via The Big Man’s World

Don’t hesitate from adjusting your diet to find what works best for you – even if it doesn’t for others or contradicts common health beliefs.

10 Reasons I Should Cancel My Gym Membership via Lifting Revolution

Germ parties on the equipment, endless waiting times and comparison: why you might want to quit going to the gym.

Weight-Loss Rules You’re Allowed to Break via FitSugar

No, carbs aren’t evil and treats are allowed on a diet: Finally some more sensitive advice for those trying to shed some weight.

How Not to be a Food Snob via The Little Honey Bee

Healthy means being flexible with your diet in certain situations because healthy living is about more than just food.

21 Key Ingredients Of A Happy Life via Mind Body Green

The check-list to evaluate your current state of happiness.

Fit Tip Tuesday #4: Overexercising via Fit Gingersnap

Why rest days should be a given in your workout schedule.


Good good [things to make you smile]

 19 Fitness Terms That Sound NSFW But Are Actually Totally Innocent via Women’s Health Mag

Not need to get all nutmegged when you hear somebody talk about rim shots, ‘kay?!


Good good [food]

Chocolate Swirl PB2 Banana Muffins via The Sweet {Tooth} Life

 Another win for the perfect combination of peanut butter and chocolate.

Single Serve Sun Butter Rice Crispy via Fit Food Finds

No need to make a whole pan if all you want is one crispy and sweet [nut-free!] ball of deliciousness.

7 Single-Serving Desserts via Women’s Health Mag

Did I ever mention I liked dessert? And single-servings?!

Brownie Batter Soft Serve (Banana-free) via Healthful Pursuit

Non-vegan but an interesting alternative to banana softserve for those who eat eggs.

Delicious veggie lasagna (noodle-free/gf) via Marfigs

A multitude of flavours and textured all baked into one tasty dish.

Mum’s Caramelised Onion and Eggplant Dip via The Big Man’s World

Roasted eggplant and caramelized onion? Yes, please. Time to invest in a wooden spoon – or steal my mum’s.



Happiness inducing today: A belated Easter surprise package by my mum.

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What were some of your favourite posts from the week?


10 thoughts on “Good good links #36

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Praise me as much as you like ;). Really, though, I can’t imagine writing it any other way. I grew up spellling it that way and the term ‘mom’ just doesn’t seem to fit for my ‘Mama’ if that makes sense.

  1. Marfigs says:

    Ahoy! Thank you for the mention 😀 Also, what a delightful list for me to work through today – the perfect way to relax and feed the brain and stomach!

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