Changing [the overall attitude and food]

Three reasons to  be happy today: it’s sunny outside, tomorrow is a holiday [at least over here – sorry for everybody else] and … it’s What I ate Wednesday! Jenn picked a good day to give us a mid-week break from any annoyances with food. Because yes, my mind’s been engaged in not so joyful happenings but now isn’t the time and place for that.

Several weeks after announcing the changes to my diet I felt it was time for a little update. I will admit that I had no certain expectations when reintroducing cheese. However, this seemingly small change somehow had larger impact of how I saw food in general. And it surprisingly didn’t have that much too do with cheese after all, either.


While at my parents’ for Easter I ate more sugar and found myself more relaxed with it than before. I had more of foods I usually don’t buy for myself and despite all-around snackiness didn’t skip meals or avoided carbs like I had before. Because even though I didn’t mention it I still tried to avoid too many carbs [namely grains and potatoes] at lunch because they make in appearance in both breakfast and dinner for me every day. But who ever said that just because my snacks erred on the carbier [is that even a word?] side I had to skip them at meal times? Or that I shouldn’t eat x or y before a certain time of the day? Ridiculous workings of a frazzled brain.


Yet like I mentioned before carbs are my preferred source of energy. Without enough and the right of them I feel tired, become snappy and just not the person you want to be around. Until now I’d often excused my deterring from grains at lunch with their lengthy cooking time and my lack of planning ahead. However, my recent fondness of polenta and it’s conveniently short cooking time helped in that aspect. Seriously, somebody tell me to opt for something else when it comes to lunch. Because if not I’ll continue with variations on polenta [casseroles] until I get fed up with it again. Something I don’t see happen too soon looking at my recent lunches. At least I still switch up the vegetable part?! Maybe I need to rename my blog because I have yet another polenta bake recipe to share.

Cheesy Enchilada Polenta Bake

Cottage cheese, however, has become a current favourite. To my surprise my diet experimentation proved that a high-protein snack is best for me to avoid the after-work hangriness. More specifically PB & J Frozen Yogurt. Previously I’d grabbed chocolate or attacked my roommate’s granola box right after work. Which left me satisfied for approximately… Two minutes. Not that this kept me from stealing the big clusters from the box either way. I wonder if my roomie notices?? Maybe I should offer frozen yogurt in exchange…

frozen yogurt_homemade

It’s still a trial and error in finding what works best for me on any given day. Some days I’m hangry not matter what or the carb fears turn up again. But these recent steps and findings make me hope I’m back on track working my way forward again. Food should be a reason for happiness not fear. And with that I hope all of you are having a happy Wednesday!

Happiness inducing today: A small success for our whole office at work.

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What are your favourite higher-protein homemade snacks?  While PB & J is a pretty amazing combo in my froyo as of now still I want to get experimenting with different flavours.

Do you have a favourite grain? Favourite way to use it?

Non-food wise: Tell me one reason why you are happy today!


18 thoughts on “Changing [the overall attitude and food]

  1. swissfitchick says:

    I love to see your progress lady!! And cottage cheese is one of my faves too. I whip it with cacao and stevia and AB. Pudding goodness.
    What about Couscous? Can you eat that? It’s the most quick carb source I know!
    Oh and the big clusters, yes. I hardly ever eat Granola, but if I do, I am a snob – only the big ones. 🙂

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Granola snobs united! One of the reasons I don’t buy it for myself is the wrong ration of clusters to crumbles.
      Couscous is my second go-to quick grain. Even better than polenta because I can just let it simmer with all of the other ingredients.

  2. Jess says:

    My favorite high-protein snacks are dry-roasted edamame, hard-boiled eggs, and Greek yogurt. I go through phases where I’m not as into grains, but I do love Ezekiel bread and English muffins. I also use oats, cornmeal, and quinoa quite a bit. These days I’m all about chickpea flour pancakes, though! I just bought some of the brown rice & quinoa pasta from Trader Joe’s—not because I’m gluten-free but because I’m really curious to see how the taste and texture are.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Dry-roasted edamame? That’s a great idea. Edamame is hard to get over here but the few times I found some [frozen + shelled] I really liked it. Do you roast the beans yourself just like chickpeas?
      Chickpea flour pancakes or crêpes are a favourite of mine, too. I posted a recipe using them a while back:
      I once picked up a bag of gluten-free granola though I’m not intolerant, either, but it sounded intriguing and was quite tasty, too. Fingers crossed for you pasta!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Thank you, Khushboo! And how in the world did I not specify polenta was my favourite lunch grain but at all other times oats in all forms will always reign surpreme?! It’s a fact.

  3. Emily says:

    It’s so amazing how a little change (like reintroducing cheese) can have such a huge impact. I lovelovelove that you’re experiencing that. And I picked up cottage cheese at Trader Joe’s today so I will most definitely be trying a variation of that frozen treat.

    Keep your head up, beautiful. Things will all work out. Promise. xoxo

  4. lovenataliemarie says:

    Your progress is wonderful! I am having my second thoughts when it comes to what I am eating, but I know that I need it. I think if I notices, the frozen yogurt would make up for it. 😉

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      “but I know that I need it” <- That's a good mindset. Because yes, in recovery we need to remind ourselves it's important to make sure we're not cutting back on food. Even if [we feel like] we went overboard on occasion it can be a good thing for the time being.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Thank you, Katie! I’m still working on figuring things out on a daily basis because – like you said – it’s easier said than done. But doesn’t getting it right just feel amazing?!

  5. Ms.J says:

    I hope every single aspect of life looks all sorts of happiness for you are quite the veteran at sprinkling goodness and joy into others with your words 🙂 .
    Mmmm, your casseroles always get me drooling.
    I’m happy because..I’ve just woken to a new day. Crisp morning air has a way of clearing the mind and filling me with promise 🙂 .

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