BeYOUtiful. [International No Diet Day]

Whether Valentine’s Day, St.Patrick’s or Cinco de Mayo: I’ll confess I didn’t celebrate a single one of these. Likely because I don’t feel a connection to them. Or the fact that they’re not celebrated over here [did I mention Germany’s way behind when it comes to these things?!]. Today, however, will from now on hold a special place in my heart after I found out about this holiday just about a week ago:

It’s International No Diet Day [INDD]*!

In case you’ve never heard of this holiday before: It’s a movement started in 1992 by British author and feminist Mary Evans Young who suffered from anorexia herself. The aim of this day of action is to promote positive body image, health and beauty at every size, body shape acceptance and diversity.

Now what to do to acknowledge the fact it’s INDD? There are  many ways but here are some to inspire more:

  • Tell yourself you’re beautiful. Because you are. No matter how tall or short you are, if you have freckles or not, brown/ blonde/ red/ black hair and big or small ears. Beauty has as many sizes as there are people in the world. Fact.
  • Write a list of what you like about yourself. All the little things you tend to forget in daily life.
  • Dress for success. No, clothes don’t make the [wo]man. But you’re on a mission to show even the last person out there just how amazing you are and you want to feel that way. Not to offend your favourite yoga pants but don’t tell me they made you think that. And if you’re worried: they won’t go out of style until tomorrow if you want to put them on again.
  • Don’t compare what you ate or the way you look like with others. We’re all way too different and – yes, it’s getting old but still rings true – there isn’t a one size fits all.
  • Compliment the next person you meet and try not to make it a statement about her physique. Let your best friend know how much you admire her creativity. Tell your colleague how great her new hair-cut looks [it does!]. Just make others feel good about themselves.
  • Don’t engage in “fat talk”. Where does negative thinking lead us? Does it make us happier? No. Body-shaming might have become a commodity these days – but that doesn’t mean we should keep it up. Fat talk is off-turning and – let’s face it  – a waste of time. Even the worst of fitness magazines has yet to claim that criticizing your thighs or mourning your lack of ab definition suddenly gave you just what you longed for. That’s not to say I was all around happy with the way I look. But it’s the way we chose to
  • Eat delicious food. If you’re tracking your intake or calculating macros: skip it today. Your intuition is much smarter than you might believe so sticking to a certain ratio of macronutrients you deem perfect Try to go with your true cravings. Even if just today.


Most importantly: Be yourself and celebrate being you . Not just ‘because everybody else is already taken‘. But because you are pretty awesome and – most importantly: unique.


See you tomorrow with hopefully lots of non-diet What I ate Wednesday posts all around!


Happiness inducing today: A random chat with a girl at the gym.

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How are you going to celebrate International No Diet Day?

Tell me three things you like about yourself!

Have you witnessed a lot of fat talk before?


19 thoughts on “BeYOUtiful. [International No Diet Day]

  1. lovenataliemarie says:

    I never knew about this day, but I am so happy that it is a holiday (somewhat). I think it should be embraced every day though. Our bodies love us and do so much for us. Society has gotten sucked in by the “food rules”.. like myself.. *le sigh*

  2. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    I only heard about this when I read Arman’s post this morning, but it’s definitely something I can stand behind… And not just today, but every day 🙂 I gave up engaging in things that didn’t make me happy, and dieting and fat talk were some of the first things to go. They don’t lead to anything good, so why keep them around? Easier said than done, but it gets easier over time 🙂

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      By far not marketed well enough I’d say as it wasn’t until last week that I found out about this day, too. Though yes, it’s just a reminder of how we should live Really, why keep around what gets you down??

  3. Ms.J says:

    Wow! This is a new one; sounds good to me..we could do with more of these days I’m pretty sure. In fact, in some way I was -unknowingly- playing my part in celebrating “No diet day” in the past few months 😀 .
    I hands.. and my eyes(dark and bold like my Dad’s AND they give away exactly what I’m feeling 😉 ) .
    Given my disordered past; its ironic that I now despise fat talk. I’m the first to reprimand anyone to change the topic when I’m around.

  4. Emily says:

    I’m kind of obsessed with this holiday and I only discovered it this morning (thanks to you).
    Beautiful post, ladybug. Beautiful, beautiful.

  5. Jan @ Sprouts n Squats says:

    I’ve never heard about this day but what a great idea and so great of you to celebrate it 🙂

    I’ve heard lots of fat talk before, some of it just saying it to myself. It has been something I’ve been trying to change though.

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