On tea, t-shirts and twerking [Thinking out loud]

Sometimes I really don’t know what to post but still feel like posting [does that make sense?] which is just perfect for Amanda‘s Thinking out loud. Thanks for giving all of us an opportunity to let out whatever is on our minds. After last week’s rather serious intervention I’m back to rambling on about all kinds of randomness. Tomorrow I’ll be back with a more [or less] strucutured post for the Tortilla Bake recipe I mentioned yesterday.



1. Judging from the number of posts in my draft folder there are apparently many topics I mean [or once meant long ago] to talk about to you. However, the longer a post sits in that folder the less likely it is to make its way out again. Because then my need to proof-read and edit until the end of time sets in… Perfection is the death of creativity. Remind me of that one…

2. First world problem alert: I’m almost out of my favourite tea and … it’s sold out in every.single.store around here. Granted, I didn’t actually check every of the chain stores carrying them but all [six?] in my proximity. Supply difficulties?! Somebody please tell me you experienced this with a favourite product before and it was just a matter of months weeks until it reappeared on the shelves.

April 018

3. Anyway, I did what a girl’s to do and looked for a poor good replacement. Browsing many aisles with promising tea names. Sorry for any fans of Caribbean Dream, Creamy Caramel or Crème Brulee but all these come down to is flavoured roibosh. And I’m not a fan of that. At all. So …

4. Yogi tea to the rescue! Something quirky here, though: while both teas are called Sweet Chili and organic the taste and price difference is noticable. Am I probably paying twice the money for Yogi’s wisdom??

April 021

Learn with empathy.

5. And does anybody else ever feel confused by some of the wisdom?

Love is the answer.


I like that one but: Can I get some time to think about the question first??

6. Do you ever feel confused by washing machines’ endless choice of programmes?  A male  [sorry for the cliché but it’s true] friend of mine posted about this on Facebook earlier this week. Apparently annoyed he was supposed to bother with choices like “Super Eco” or “Dessous” and wondering if there couldn’t be just one program: dirty clothes. Best piece of advice he got: “Just press shuffle and enjoy ;)!”

7. Talking about clothes I had to think of Arman and Laura when I saw a girl wearing a shirt similar to this one:

Should Germany have actually gotten on board of the twerking train without me noticing it?! Maybe I need to pay closer attention to those guys in the lifting room at the gym [not an area you’d usually find me in] on my next visit…

8. Only two more days [does anybody else include the day they’re saying it on if it’s in the morning?] until the weekend! Never mind I have to work for a few hours on Sunday.

9. Remember me talking about my most used kitchen utensil? That post was knocking on wood because the one shown bit the dust a few days ago. It still works in a way [did I mention I’m frugal] but it’s an odd sight.

10. Because I can’t think of anymore to say but won’t end on an odd number: Happy Thursday!


Happiness inducing today: A relaxed morning off of work.

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Tell me whatever comes to mind!

Are there any other tea snobs out there?



19 thoughts on “On tea, t-shirts and twerking [Thinking out loud]

  1. Juli says:

    I am a huge fan of the chocolate atztec spice yogi tea and I almost never get those little pieces of wisdom! Maybe we’re too young aka not wise enough yet. Or haven’t had enough of the tea yet! 😉
    The shirt is fabulous! Though I also haven’t noticed any signs of Germany joining the twerking train yet. And due to the usual delay it shouldn’t happen for more or less than another 6 month!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      The chocolate Aztec was my favourite for years. Until I moved out, that is, and had to pay all groceries myself ;). It’s an expensive obsession when you drink, ahem, quite a number of cups a day. And wait, do you mean the wisdoms are missing from your bags?!
      That’s just what I figured about Germany and twerking. Given you’re more versed in the fitness community I’m sure you’d have noticed if the trend had arrived yet.

  2. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    I’d be -more- than happy to share some of my tea with you! I’m currently rocking more boxes than one person should have, and I promised myself that I won’t buy anymore until I get rid of some of them. A nice idea, but what to do with those boxes that you just don’t like? Red Velvet Cupcake that tastes nothing like a cupcake? Fail. Ahh well. Slowly but surely getting it done… although I don’t know how I’m going to keep drinking teas into the summer. Might have to ice them.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Very sweet of you to offer sharing your tea supply. However, there are two problems: a) I still have an embarassingly large stash of boxes with only a bag or two missing [those times I was lured into buying a fancy-sounding non-rooibos flavour]. And b) my serious pickyness when it comes to tea. If it wasn’t for the current shortage I’d happily drink just this one tea and the occasional different Yogi flavour. Picky much?!

  3. Ms.J says:

    Chilli tea!?..hmmm, I’m sensing a pattern 😉 .
    Noooo you simply cannot deprive us from your words..so I say nix the proof reading.
    With all due respect to Yogi; randomly making short phrases sound mysterious on a teabag is..a very shrewd move!
    Oh, day counting: if there’s something I’m looking forward to, I will not take the current day into consideration. If I’m dreading a coming day..I will count today :p .

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      It’s contradictory how much I like chili in chocolate, tea and stews while I’m actually a spice wimp.
      In a way I think Yogi is trying to not just please our tastebuds but get our minds churning, too. Nice move – only with some of those I’d need to collect them and re-read to probably find a situation I can apply them in.

  4. Emily says:

    You’ll be proud– I’ve had coffee in place of tea all week this week! I’m actually discovering how much I love it again. I’ve been opting for green tea lately but I loooved the sweet chili ones you sent me a while back. They were so different than anything I had tried before!

    If you ever have a shortage on tea again, just pay a visit over here. I have an entire cupboard full that I’ve only just started making use of. (:


  5. Nichole says:

    Oh no about your favorite tea!! I definietly have had times where a favorite of mine disappears and I know the feeling! I hope you find it soon!

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