Waiting for the weekend [and Thinking out loud]

Another one of those weeks. Those weeks when Friday can’t come early enough and Thursday is its welcome preliminary sign. Add in that spring’s supposed to make a glorious return this weekend. Needless to say a fast-forward would be really appreciated. But then again that’s mean skipping our weekly Thursday blogger get-together. And Amanda wouldn’t be the only one not quite appreciating that. So let’s get thinking out loud while we wait for the weekend!


1. When I posted about the granola yesterday I thought it was good but actually hadn’t decided if the recipe was worth sharing yet. Insert it as a delicious saviour when a serious pang of afternoon hangriness hit me at the office yesterday and a side-by-side comparison with my roommate’s granola and my decision is made: yes. Come back tomorrow if you’re on the lookout for a crunchy new breakfast,  WIAW reading fuel [<- this was me yesterday] or treatment for lovesickness [I haven’t tried it yet but who knows?!]: here’s one. But I know you don’t honestly need me to tell you the 1,000+ ways and reasons to eat granola. Because you’re smart cookies and it’s granola after all. Plus it contains pistachios so what’s not to like?

May 036

2. Ground[breaking] news I couldn’t let any of you coffee addicts out there go without: this is happening. Way to fuel the addiction to no end. Just think about the possibilites: Coffee Coffee Cake topped with coffee ice cream and with a side of coffee. Caffeine overload?!

3. Not so much of an overload but rather a lack are some not so awesome news I got. Do you remember the tea shortage I mentioned last week? Turns out the company is discontinuing it. Whyyy??? Needless to say I’ve been trying to stock up on any remainders in stores close by. With a rather sparse yield but every box counts.

4. On a positive note I mentioned Yogi was the only other brand producing a chili tea. Given my massive tea consumption I’ll now have a constant supply of sometimes puzzling wisdom. Not to spill too much yet but I’ve been pondering to start a new little series on the blog…

Yogi tea wisdom

5. Speaking of discontinued favourites I was reminded of a sad moment in the life of my [rough guess] nine-year-old self. When one of the two monthly magazine I spent my pocket money on was discontinued. Honorable mention to Disney – it’s been way too long sincs the last time – because it was their Minnie Mouse Magazine. Luckily, the other one – GEOlino to all German readers – is in print to this day still. And on a random note still one of my dream places to work at.

6. Proof that my impatience knows no limits: earlier this week when I was looking for a certain lunch box. When I hadn’t found it within two minutes of searching I called it quits. Time is precious. Granted, it might have had to do with this being on a seemingly never-ending day of work and returning home soaked wet after a downpour. Really, though: time is precious. Also, I still swear somebody stole all of my tupperware. At least I still had my thermos.


Still, I figure it’s about time to go  lunch box shopping. And probably another whisk. Just don’t ask about my progress here next week…

On that note I’m off to make some progress in the new book I’m reading. Happy Thursday!


Happiness inducing today: Randomly finding two more boxes of my favourite tea in a store that had seemed to have run out already for weeks before.

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Which magazines did you buy throughout your childhood? Do they still exist?

Has any of your favourite products [food or non-food] been discontinued before?

17 thoughts on “Waiting for the weekend [and Thinking out loud]

  1. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    Can you believe that I’ve never made my own granola before. Wait no that’s not true… I did once and I burned it so I gave up 😆 I should probably make another attempt seeing how much I love cereal. Or maybe not since my addiction is kind of dangerous already. And I don’t even want to think about my favourite tea getting discontinued. I would probably buy enough to last me for 50 years.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Judging from your creativity when it comes to all things baking I vote you try and recreate some of those cereal we can’t find over here. Unless yours trumped those and you’d decide to start a granola business yourself :D.
      Trust me I called the store’s customer service and let them look into the stocks of stores around here planning to hoard every package still available. But it looks like the tea got out of supply a while back already so I’d been buying remainders for weeks already without knowing it. Sad times.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      I don’t even remember the last time I actually ate granola from a bowl. Let alone with yogurt or anything else… I’m usually grabbing it right from the box as is. Classy ;).

  2. shashi @ http://runninsrilankan.com says:

    There IS such a thing as Caffeine overload???? Me thinks that like chocolate overload and the abominable snowman – it doesn’t exist! I NEED coffee flour in MY life! 🙂

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      There clearly isn’t. I might not know myself but given I fully agree there’s no such thing as chocolate overload I’d figure the same goes for caffeine. Let the endless coffee games begin 😉 !

  3. Ms.J says:

    Oh heavens yes – I was an avid fan of Disney Princess magazines until 13 years old at least!..the collection I had. And being quite an avid “artist”; every spare moment was spent drawing the Princesses to submit to the mag!
    Weird how pistachios are a favorite nut, but I rarely think of buying them.
    Oh! Nothing like a lightbulb moment to decide on a decision like posting your granola recipe..I look forward to seeing it :).
    And please don’t tell me – the Yogi wisdom is proving to be real revelations after all?! I admit I kinda maybe like this one (we are born the epitome of innocence after all).
    Ohhh I think you need to consider a Disney lunchbox 😉 . And yess I’m all over the show today and getting into novel-length, but..perhaps the act of you stocking up on your tea will serve to have the company think again on their plan to discontinue since it is clearly in big demand?!

  4. Khushboo Thadani (@KhushbooThadani) says:

    OMG coffee flour sounds dangerously delicious- I don’t know if my sleep can afford to have that stuff lying around my home ;)! Apparently they are making flour out of anything these days- I came across banana flour yesterday while browsing online…I was naturally flabbergasted!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Banana flour needs to find its way into my life! Over here we can occasionally find banana flakes which are pretty close to flour and great in yogurt bowls. Really, what isn’t ground up into flour these days?? All the variety to keep our recipe creativity flourishing!

  5. cearaskitchen says:

    Your pistachio granola looks amazing and soo crunchy!! I can imagine it tastes awesome with some almond milk, on its own or sprinkled on top a smoothie 😀 Looking forward to the recipe!

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