Breaking breakfast habits and sun[chokes]

The unimaginable happened. Guess what? I ate savoury breakfasts. Yes, not just once but twice. Seasonally awoken again, I think. Maybe my savoury appetite awoke from.its hibernstion. Sweet rich breakfasts do an awesome job at luring me out of bed and offering warming comfort during the colder months. But when it gets warmer I occasionally need the morning savouriness. Just wait for it: next week I’ll be eating banana softserve topped with salty roasted chickpeas for breakfast [yes, I totally made that up but hey, why not 😉 ] to beat the heatwave supposedly approaching us during the next days. Yes, 28°C are considered a heatwave around these parts. Hot or not: let’s talk about food! It’s What I ate Wednesday after all.


Because I’m pretty sure I’ve had a mention-worthy amount of veggies during the last week I felt it was only appropriate to use the fitting WIAW logoo. Plus Jenn did an awesome job at designing it so why not let it shine once more?! The first of my unusual breakfast featured the vegan pumpkin cheese sauce I mentioned last week – and was probably induced by a constant craving for it. Didn’t I say it was ridiculously addivctive? Proof is in the pudding breakfast. Broccoli finally found its way back into my life after an at least month-long absense and chickpeas? Do they really need any explanatation on this blog??

Pumpkin cheese

What do you do when you’re out of potatoes with no oppportunity to buy some but they’re a reoccuring ingredient in just about every meal you want to try? Sub. Chances for a great result are 50:50 after all. (: First up where nachos. After seeing Amanda’s delicious-looking dinner last week I couldn’t get it off my mind. And sorry, no, that didn’t have to do with any sweet potato cravings. They don’t happen for me. White potatoes win. Only I didn’t have those, either. But I did have sunchokes. Far from potatoes but why not?


Topped with quickly made cheater refried beans, tomatoes, shredded zucchini* and way too little cheese which would likely have taken it up a notch or two. Because that’s what happens when you forget about the cheese in the back of your fridge and are too afraid to still use [much of] it. These wannabe-nachos were still nice but next time I’d probably go with the vegan queso mentioned here. Because yes, I haven’t forgotten about my challenge and definitely intend on trying it.

Sunchoke nachos


*About the zucchini: it was a very last minute add-in because the lack of green in a meal makes it …unsatisfying?! Or maybe I’ve just ingrained that I’m supposed to eat the colours of the rainbow deeply. Either way a colourful meal is much more satisfactory for the eyes, too. Speaking of satisfaction and non-sweet breakfasts: Coincidentially, I came across this post by Irina which gave some hints on the possible whereabouts of my savoury cravings early in the day. Some more breakfast experimentation is in order and if it there’s pictured evidence you’ll find out in future WIAWs.


Sunchoke nachos 2

About the sweet part of today’s post. Or better yet the sweet fail. But to begin on the beginning: I still don’t get the hype about avocados. But somehow I can’t resist them when they’re on offer and looking way too tempting. After adding some to the nachos I was left with more than half an avocado begging for good uses. The idea of a finally trying the famous avocado cookies was tempting. But if you’ve been reading for a while you’ll know I simply can’t follow recipes.

Avocado protein cookie

Kitchen experimentation got the best of me again. A little of this, a little of that and… cookies! Chocolate Chunk Protein Cookies to be exact. Vegan, just a little bit of sugar in the [not] optional chocolate and gluten-free, too. Probably I just expected too much but while not bad these aren’t worth writing home about. Maybe second time’s a charm?! Or I should probably follow recipes after all… We’ll see next time avocados are on offer again 😉 .

After all of that sunchoke talk I hope all of you – wherever in the world you are – get to enjoy lots of sunshine today. Happy Wednesday!

Happiness inducing today: A lot! A surprise text from a good friend being one of them – because he’s one of the few people still writing long texts instead of using instant messengers.


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Have you ever tried sunchokes? If so: please share your favourite uses!

Do you feel a tendency towards sweet or savoury foods depending on the season?


10 thoughts on “Breaking breakfast habits and sun[chokes]

  1. Khushboo Thadani (@KhushbooThadani) says:

    Ohh I’ve been craving sweet potato nachos and your picture has only fuelled that craving- looks so delicious! I am glad that sunchokes were a good potato alternative :)! Lately I’ve been craving salt more than normal, which I am guessing has to do something with hotter temperatures and sodium loss in gross but true haha!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      It’s not gross – okay, yes, when writing it out probably slightly – but loss of sodium was one of the explanations I assumed behind those sudden savoury preference, too. And go for the nachos – with extra salt! (:

  2. Ms.J says:

    Woah what 😯 !? Is this the Miss Polkadot who usually has me “oohing” over her chocolate/vanilla oat bran? Hahaa, I think its awesome though; that your taste buds are actually transforming with the sunshine. Veggies in the AM? Impressive 🙂 ! To be honest – while I don’t crave anything other than “sweet” in the AM – I have been considering tinkering slightly with the first meal of the day. I mean I can always have oatmeal for lunch 😉 ..
    Sunchokes. Wow, that’s a new me!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      We know what I think about identity changes 😉 so no worries about any that happening over here. Though I think the morning vegetables actually look nicer than my oats but taste will obviously always beat appearance. Oatmeal for lunch?! I like the way you think – because oats still made an appearance on those savoury breakfast days, haha.

  3. swissfitchick says:

    I never had a sunchoke before…..who am I? Actually, what do they taste like? I have no idea.
    And I join you on the not-following-a-recipe…..mostly I throw everything together and send prayers. And if it turns out well I curse cause I can’t remember what measurements I used (aka none)….reason for my LACK of recipes lately!!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Hm, so you think I need to include a prayer next time? Because I’m up for blaming that for my cookie fail. It can’t have been me, ha!
      Sunchokes are definitely not potatoes – whatever that one magazine introducing me to them said. They’re very nice in their own way, though. Crispy with a nutty [yes] taste when eaten raw and a little sweeter when cooked. The season’s almost over already, though. Fingers crossed you’ll be able to find some – and share recipe ideas with me!

  4. Kate says:

    Avocados are my favorite thing to eat by far! They are so plain but I love them so…always have since I was a baby…mixed with chocolate though, I am not so much a fan :-/ Everything else you ate looks amazing!

  5. Irina says:

    I’ve never heard of sunchokes before…the shame!! I’m fascinated now and want to hunt them down immediately. Hooray for going savory for breakfast! I hope you share your experiences because I’m curious to hear on whether it impacted you positively. Regardless, I’m proud of you for trying 🙂 Happy weekend at long last!

    P.S – I don’t care what you say about those cookies…they look so delicious! Fingers crossed that second time is the charm indeed

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