Good good links #40

Good morning/ afternoon/ evening! Time difference is way too confusing for me so I’m taking the easy route in saying hi here. Time differences or not, though, Sunday marks the end of the week everywhere in the world and is a great day to share some favourite reads from the past seven days. That being said: here they are!

Good good links


Good good [food for thought]

Jonesin’ for Likes: Staying Sane on the Internet via Wit & Delight

Relying too much on outside approval in the form of likes and followers doesn’t make us happier – real life and friends do.

 Ask via Long Drive Journey

You don’t always need to have everything figured out already. If you need some help: ask.

Diet Myths We Need to Stop Believing via The Blonde Vegan

Not eating past a certain time, carbs are the devil and one lifestyle works for everyone – not.

Dreaming of the Perfect Beach Body? Let it Go… via Mindful Meals

“There’s no rules saying you have to have a flat stomach to wear a bikini and have fun on the beach.” <- this.

Good good [advice and inspiration]

Trying to kick the habit of being busy via Sprouts ‚n‘ Squats

What’s on your to-do list? Overcoming the guilt of what you ‘should’ do versus what you actually want to do.

10 Things Organized People Do Every Day via Mind Body Green

 Rituals, not postponing daily chores and having just one to-do list can help to stay on top of the game at all times.

We ALL Need to Rest! via The Lyons’ Share

Whether it’s a real vacation, taking a walk or reading a book instead of rushing around: we all deserve breaks in between.


Reminders For Self Love and Body Peace via A Dash of Meg

“Everything you need is already inside of you”

You May Not Be the Best and That’s Okay via Fiterazzi

Comparison doesn’t need to be the thief of joy if used in the right way. You might be somebody’s inspiration, too.

This Woman Will Change How You See “Before” and “After” Weight Loss Pics Forever via Cosmopolitan

Because giving birth is a true sign of being a woman – not abs of steel.




Social Media for Newbie Bloggers {Part 1} via The Healthy Maven

Incorporating social media is key to building your blog and a relationship with readers.


Good good [things to make you smile]

Ways I Am Not Your Typical Healthy Living Blogger via Clean Eats Fast Feets

There’s no need to fit in all of the time – being the ‘odd one out’ has its benefit: staying true to yourself.

9-Year-Old Boy Created A No-Kill Animal Shelter In His Garage via Bored Panda

Can I get an ‘aawwww’? Children really are the better adults.


Good good [food]

Boozy Chocolate Ice Cream via Produce on Parade

 Excuse me while I go grab a piece of chocolate and mourn leaving my ice cream maker at my parents’.

Super Seed Chocolate via Miss Irina

Homemade [raw] chocolate using only three main ingredients and allowing for millions of add-in options.

Chocolate Cherry Almond Salad via Girl makes Food

Sometimes simple combinations are the best. Are you sensing a [chocolate] theme here?!

Rhubarb Recipes (that are not pies!) via Naturally Ella

Enchiladas, salsa and curried lentils – all with rhubarb and all intriguing.

Roasted, Easy, Herby Spiralized Vegetables + 13 More Spiralized Recipes via Fit Foodie Finds

And this is why I need to get a spiralizer. Is it Christmas/ my birthday/… yet???

Pear Noodle Yogurt Parfaits with Chobani via Inspiralized

Fruit noodles?! I –really- need a spiralizer. [Also linked in the post above but these deserved a special mention.]

Creamy Potato Kale Soup via Pinch of Yum

Good to know I’m not the only one craving potato soup during the warmer months still. Comfort in a bowl? Yes, please.


Happiness inducing today: A letter from my grandma – one of the few people in my life still writing them regularly.

Stay in touch!

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What were your favourite posts from the week?

How are you going to spend today?


3 thoughts on “Good good links #40

  1. Nichole Josey says:

    Hope you have a great Sunday! You’re happiness share put a smile on my face. So cute that you’re grandma writes you letters. I have 2 friends who still love to write hand written letters and I always smile when I get one in the mail no matter if I just saw them the day before. It’s so nice.

  2. Emily says:

    Happy Sunday, sunshine!

    Didn’t you love that post from The Blonde Vegan? I adore her blog.
    And I’m kind of obsessed with the fact that your grandma writes you letters. That’s adorable.

  3. Irina says:

    Thanks for the shoutout! I’m glad my chocolate caught your eye 🙂 I’m snacking on some as I type this. Have a great week and thanks for sharing some fun links!

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