Weekday-confused soccer ramblings with a side of Yogi wisdom

Whether it’s the heat, the rain in between or just for no apparent reason: my brain is all over the place so I won’t go into lengthy introductions but just start the Thinking out loud right away. Thanks to Amanda for hosting – I’ll forgive you making me jealous with all of your pictures from Blend.


1. If I didn’t know it better I’d have sworn today was Friday already. Not that wishful thinking wouldn’t be able to convince me of that every week. This week is especially puzzling, though, because Monday was off due to a holiday. So Monday felt like Sunday and Tuesday like Wednesday. But yesterday my mind decided to go forwards instead of back so I thought wished it was Thursday the whole day. Don’t ask me why. At least that means I’ve basically finished the post for the parfait recipe from yesterday’s WIAW because I’d meant to publish it on Friday. Which … is not today.

2. Speaking of work:  I got a work phone. The prospect was exciting because I’ve never had one and liked the idea of playing around working with a new phone. Cue disappointment when it turned out to be this. Which is a little outdated …

Random_June 023

Now I might have only had my Android for about two years but I was already a little puzzled working with an old-fashioned phone again. It still has… keys. Is anybody else surprised/ shocked how soon that has become a rarity for phones?

4. The second disappoinment when getting the phone was that not only did I miss out on a chance to carry around a Blackberry or the likes – which I’ll admit I never even guessed – but it even lacked games. Given it’s an old one I’d hoped to find Snake among the pre-installed games. It was the first game I ever played on my mum’s phone way before I got my own and I wouldn’t have minded a little repeat.

5. With my now abundant supply how about sharing some wisdom?

Yogi wisdom

We can always start anew.

6. On a last note: the soccer World Championship starts today – and I couldn’t be more surprised or less interested. I’m likely the least informed person ever when it comes to soccer [or any other sports]. If the weather is playing along my roommate and I might actually venture out for some public viewing. Not rooting for any team, though, but gushing about the best-looking players and soaking up the cheerful atmosphere. Despite what I just said I wouldn’t object if the German team won a few games because seeing happy people’s mood – no matter for which reason – is infectious.  And who’d object to that?!


Happiness inducing today: A much-needed phone conversation with my mum.


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16 thoughts on “Weekday-confused soccer ramblings with a side of Yogi wisdom

  1. Nichole Josey says:

    I can understand how hard it is to go back to one of those phones!! I had a whoops moment with my phone 2 years ago and it broke.. 😦 Sad days. Well I had an old phone laying around the house and so I decided to just activate that during the wait… LIttle did I expect it was going to take me the time until I got my repaired phone back to even remember how to work the old flip phone! Happy Thursday!

  2. swissfitchick says:

    OMG that PHONE!! Yeah…..I am not sure if I even still know how to work with keys.
    AND my mind is all over the place as well. Seriously, I dare to say that about 30% of the time I was in the office this week I actually did some work (not at that moment obviously). What is this?? I blame it on fullmoon, heat and the thought of Fredrik Ljungberg’s brother 🙂

  3. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    I can’t even believe that today is Thursday — it doesn’t feel like it at ALL. But I guess that just means it’s one day closer to the weekend, which I’m perfectly content with. And I remember Snake! That game was so amazingly addictive. I think I’ll try to find it online…

  4. Juli says:

    My Mum had the same phone – about 4 years ago or so. And it hasn’t even installed Snake on it? They must be kidding you!
    I really hate it when I have a strong Friday feeling on any other workday. I feel so pranked by myself 😛

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Pranked by yourself – seriously the best way to describe that feeling.
      And yes, that phone was a joke. Keeping me from the joy of losing myself for a good while playing Snake.

  5. Ms.J says:

    Oh jeez, Snake! Is it extinct? It definitely went down in history as one of my fave games.
    Will you look at that: yogi wisdom that even I can agree and benefit from. Hmm, Yogi seems to be upping their game 😉 .

  6. Kaitlin says:

    ALMOST TO FRIDAY!! I’m more interested in soccer than the hockey championships going on. I should be excited about hockey since my hometown team and my new town team are playing. Oh well 🙂

  7. Katherine says:

    Whenever I have Monday off I find myself thrown off the entire week. It’s crazy how jumbled our brains can get! Anyways, Friday is tomorrow now, so you’ve got loads to look forward to! I live about 5 minutes away from the Mexican border, so we have some major fans living here. My best friend just had a world cup party (or copa munda as we call it here), so even though I’m hardly interested in soccer, I’m excited for the cup. Anything that brings people together and makes summer generally more exciting is good in my book. Also, the happiness the cup brings makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Right now a Texas team is also in the NBA finals and the US Open starts today, so there’s a lot of sport induced happiness occurring near me right now 🙂 Have a lovely Thursday xx

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