Just living – fast-paced and fabulous

If I was to sum up my weekend in just one sentence it’d be: Did it really happen? Or: boy, that was fast! Unlike my last weekend when I had to work all of Friday [think: until midnight] and half of Saturday this one had come with the premise of being calm and uneventful. Not so much in hindsight but I’m not complaining. Let’s recap some of the marvelous happenings from the past two days with our host Katie.


Starting early – and we know how much I like this – on Saturday morning setting out for a train journey to meet my mum in a city four hours from my current home city. Generally, I enjoy traveling by train because it’s nice to unplug and get fully absorbed in a book. Seriously, if you keep getting distracted when trying to read at home: hop on a train. It works: by the time I got home I was halfway through the book I’d packed.  Plus, you get a new scenery every time you take a break from reading:


Bonus points if you can spot the sea gull in this picture.


Because traveling requires some good fuel I packed a lot of food and also tried a new-to-me snack: a Nākd bar. More on these to come soon once I’ve sample some more flavours. I’m not easily convinced when it comes to bars but this one was delicious.

Weekending 020

In between reading and enjoying the scenery time fortunately passed by fairly quickly on my way there. Once I’d arrived my mum and I headed to a café located right by the seaside. Note to self: pack both sunglasses and a light scarf next time because seaside in summer = lots of sunshine and a “steife Brise” as any Northern German would say [overall windiness for all others].




Some more walking around the city ensued but I didn’t take any other pictures of the scenery because when I’m with my mum my phone doesn’t get much attention. Quality time with my mum > being  a good blogger taking pictures. Rather, I’ll leave you with this random non-vegetarian 😉 bit of hilariousness that I found in a book store while waiting for my train later that day. That’s what you happen upon when your train back unscheduledly ends prior to reaching your destination and you have to wait for a new connection. Thanks for nothing, German railway system… [note that it’s basically a requirement to snark at the ‘Deutsche Bahn’ as a German because delays are a daily order of business].


Sunday started with leisurely sleeping in – blissful! After some pottering around my apartment, a quick reading session to my second recommended reading place – aka: the gym – and a delicious lunch I headed out to the movies. Following the spontaneous invitation of a friend we went to see ‘The Fault in our Stars’.

I’d read the book way back and actually hadn’t planned on watching the movie but wasn’t going to say no when my friend suggested it. Looking back I’m glad she asked me to tag along.

Cinema ticket

Despite what the ticket might make you guess at first glance we actually watched the original movie in English not the German. I’m usually hesitant towards watching movies based on books that were absolutely amazing because these can really be hit or miss. And while I wasn’t sure about the lot of romance in the beginning the last three minutes had me bawl my eyes out like the book: win. Okay? Okay. Plus: Ansel Elgort… I think I’ll finally be able to include a celebrity crush in my next Currently post again…

In between being out and about all Saturday and not sitting down much on Sunday, either, this the weekend flew by in the blink of an eye. Leaving me thinking that this thing called ‘just living’ feels pretty good. More of that, please.

For now:Happy Monday!

Happiness inducing today: Just all of today.


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What are some of your [unusual]  favourite places to read?

Did you watch ‘The fault in our stars’ yet or plan to do so?

Tell me your favourite part of this past weekend.

24 thoughts on “Just living – fast-paced and fabulous

  1. Nichole Josey says:

    The train ride sounds so fun! I haven’t been on a train in a long time, but growing up my mom and I used to go with my uncle and cousin to Canada by train every summer. It was really fun! My boyfriend and I were talking about traveling by train soon and this post made me want to do it sooner than anticipated! Wishing you well for your week!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Train travels are even better when you’re in good company. Rather than the unwanted company of a bunch of drunk guys on a stag party that I’ve been experiencing pretty much every time I’ve traveled b train in past years. (:
      Best wishes for your week, too, Nichole!

  2. foodsandeverything says:

    Aww. I watched TFIOS this weekend, too. And god, I loved it like I loved the book – except for the fact that I cried 10 times more while watching the movie 🙂 It was pefect.

    Wish you a great week♥

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      I was really hesitant if it’d live up to the book and the very light-hearted romance in the beginning made me doubt but the end, oh, the end… The pace I went through tissues within the last few minutes probably was a new record.
      Hope your week will be awesome, too!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      It was my first time trying them and I was surprised by how – positively – different from any similar bars I’d tried before they were. Now onto the other flavours. Which are your favourites?

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      While I’d recommend reading the book first because it’s amazing you’ll enjoy the movie either way. The friend I went with hadn’t read the book and she liked the movie as much as I did.

  3. Ms.J says:

    Aah you’ve got me longing for a train ride like no other..the closest I can get to that where I live, is the -ancient- railway lines down the road.
    To “just live” is incredible hey? I experience a few hours of it every few weeks 😉 . Nevermind that..I am slightly appalled that you worked till the hour of midnight on a Friday(!) Last week..jeepers.
    There’s a high possibility that I am one of the last humans – yet to read The Fault In Our Stars. I knowww!
    Ooh Nak’d bars! Adore everything about them -specifically Cashew cookie and Gingerbread- except their price tag. Heavens!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      If it makes you feel better about not being able to traval by train: I skipped the nasty parts of the journey. Ask me in your next mail if you really want me to share those, too, haha.
      Even if you were the last one to read the book that’d actually be positive because you’d have another awesome reading experience still ahead of you. There are always two sides of the coin. (:

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Not wanting to cry was my another reason I didn’t intend to watch the movie in the first place. If that’s any incentive I can promise you it will make you smile or even laugh, too. Just pack enough tissues for those last few minutes. Worth it.

  4. swissfitchick says:

    I LOVE the seaside views!! When I was in Berlin, I travelled to Rügen for a few days – omg, I miss it soooo beautiful.
    ANd yes, for such a fabulous weekend! It seems like you really enjoyed yourself and it makes me happy. I need to see this movie, Sam raved about it on her blog today too!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      I know! It seems like everybody watched it this past weekend. Hey, I’m following a trend for once, haha.
      Thank you, Lucie <3. Yes, I enjoyed the whole spontaneity and not fussing about the lack of exercise which felt good.

  5. katalysthealth says:

    True story, I stared at that picture for 5 minutes trying to find the sea gull. Never found it….
    I saw how to train your dragon 2 this weekend. The 1st one is one of my favorite movies of all time, and the 2nd one didn’t disappoint. Although now I want my own dragon. I guess I’ll just have to dress my puppies up…

  6. Emily says:

    Um, I’m horrible.
    I’m so, so sorry that I haven’t replied to our messages. Things have just been…well, crazy. But know that I’m always thinking about you. And I’m so happy that you had such an enjoyable and busy weekend– you deserved it! I can’t wait to see The Fault In Our Stars. I haven’t read the book but my sister has and she said both that and the movie were absolutely phenomenal.


      • Kamila Gornia | Holistic Biz Coach says:

        Haha, yes – I feel like that’s usually the case. I was just afraid they would butcher the movie too much. I was in love with Perks of Being a Wallflower (book) and was SO excited for the movie and it fell WAY short of my expectations. So I kind of am afraid of the same thing happening for this movie. Thoughts?

      • Miss Polkadot says:

        I hear you on The Perks of Being a Wallflower. The movie was disappointing. Like I said a book will always be better than a movie [in my opinion] because the latter is just an abridged version of all the amazing details. The Fault in Our Stars is different from the written story, too, obviously but I found the translation from book to screen worked well. It’s a little more of a romance at times but the end made up for it. Tears. Lots of tears.

      • Kamila Gornia | for passion-driven solopreneurs says:

        Ohhh boy. Yes I definitely cried during the book too haha. It’s one of my favorite books. Struck close to home too. But hey who doesn’t like some romance 😉

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