Like it? Then you should have put a spin on it.

Maybe it’s time to overthink my strategy for Wednesdays. Or more specifically my blogging strategy for What I ate Wednesdays. Some weeks I hardly have any meals worth showing or simply haven’t felt like taking pictures. Right now it’s the opposite: I have a huge backload of pictures. Sounds good? Not so much if – like me – the organized part* of you wants to present meals aligning with an overall topic. Yes, I figure that apply for anybody doing full days of food but that’s not my style. Luckily, I can be inventive and stretch my imagination so today’s topic is all about putting my own spin on other bloggers’ recipes. Happy feasting your eyes here as well as at Jenn’s and the Vegan Wednesday board!

*why yes, I have an organized and a chaotic part – blogging usually brings out the former more which I’m not complaining about.


Starting out with a dish I had weeks ago for the first time only to prepare it over and over. Amy’s Cordoba Cauliflower ‘Rice’ caught my eyes right away especially thanks to the story she dished up with it. Just reading the ingredients brought back memories of a family holiday in Malaga years ago. Actually only about a year after I’d gone vegetarian. Yet still my parents seeked out what must have been pretty much one of the only fully vegetarian restaurants around there at that time for a dinner out. That’s [one more reason] why I love my parents. It was my dad ordering a couscous that – assuming memory serves me right here – was similar to Amy’s.

Cauliflower couscous_chili

Either way, I tried the recipe putting my own spin on it by mixing in wheatberries like in this dish, subbing mulberries for the raisins because they’re my favourites  and adding chickpeas. For the simple reason that I’m obsessed with them. Not like you had noticed that already. Both plain with extra cinnamon and alongside vegan chili with double legume action this dish was really delicious. I’m partial to my add-ins but if grains or chickpeas aren’t your thing you can still try Amy’s original version and expect a great dish.

Amy's cauliflower couscous_mulberries

I keep mentioning my savoury breakfast challenge yet didn’t give an actual update yet. Did I say blogging brought out the organized part of me?! Remind me if I happen to forget it and you’re curious. Breakfast potatoes were a true novelty to me. Probably surprising given I’m German and we like our potatoes – we really do and I’m not talking sweet potatoes. Only this dish is from that time I actually didn’t have any potatoes on hand and went with sunchokes. It was delicious but not as satisfying as it’d likely be using actual potatoes. So in case you want to try the dish yourself: go with the original. Making recipes mine with crazy subs isn’t always recipe for success. The add-in of chickpeas, however? No need for any commentary on how good that was. Obsessed, yes.

Sunchoke_breakfast 'potatoes'

One recipe I’ve been making mine forever and have yet to mess up with my random substitutions are Amanda’s Rice Krispie Energy Bites. That have actually not even once contained actual [crispy] rice for me. Instead, I’ve been subbing whichever crispy grain or cereal I had on hand. This time’s main contenders were Cini Minis/ Cinnamon Toast Crunch for the US folks and Cookie Crisp cereal.

Cereal bars_cinnamon toast crunch_2

Did you know both of them are vegan? Aaah, good good memories of eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch during my childhood. I’m pretty happy with the fact there’s still half a box leftover for snacking. Back to Amanda’s bars: they were a major hit with my boss and coworker. Where can I pick up my award for intern of the month year?

Cereal bars_cinnamon toast crunch

One thing I need to confess, though, is that my substitutions here made them lethal. Or at least not Amanda-friendly who’s now convinced I’m trying to kill her ;). If my almond butter consumption didn’t cost me an arm and a leg already I’d have followed the original recipe but for now I keep making it mine with good old peanut butter. Lethal legumes…

The takeaway: Never shy away from recipes if you don’t have all ingredients but put your own spin on them. Chances you’ll end up with an awesome result are at least 50/ 50 after all. Just don’t sub out potatoes. (:

Happy Wednesday!


Happiness inducing today: Spontaneously going to the theatre with a friend.

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Which dishes bring back holiday memories for you?

Do you stick with recipes or make them yours by subbing and adding ingredients? My stance on this is pretty obvious.

Did you try any new blogger recipes lately?

Please tell me you got my creative 😉 title reference.



17 thoughts on “Like it? Then you should have put a spin on it.

  1. Little Miss Fit says:

    First of all, I love your title! Too cute 🙂

    I definitely like the idea of having a more savory breakfast just to switch things up. I fall into the routine of having my typical “sweet” breakfast…but I definitely DO like savory breakfasts…its just harder to have something quick and on the go, or something that I can easily make/take to work with me. But totally worth exploring a bit!

    Also those different variations of the recipe look absolutely amazing! Mmmmmm!!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Cinnamon Toast Crunch… with cinnamon as an ingredient it had addictive potential from the start. Now likely to become the bane of my existence with half a box happily sitting close by.

  2. Ms.J says:

    I would require quite abit of convincing to believe your “chaotic” side exists, Miss P. 😉 .
    Parents are amazing.. agreed. And that deed is one among a million that reinforces that. Hmm, can you tell I’m having a major sappy moment? I probably should explain/bore you to death in an email..
    Is it surprising that for a moment I expected you to admit to chickpeas in your rice crispie bars? On closer inspection however, my mouth is most certainly watering; I would give you an award for the year alright.
    I am not a music person, yet even so – the popularity of “All the single ladies” means it hasn’t escaped my knowledge 😀 .

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      A sappy moment? Yes, please bore me to death with the details in an e-mail – I’m curious now. (:
      Haha, I’m clearly not a expert when it comes to music, either. But I guess that a hit like that will only escape those without TV/ internet/ any kind of new media. Like my grandma.
      Hiding chickpeas in those bars? Don’t give me ideas, girl!

  3. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    Those cereal bars… I can’t even handle how good they look… and how big of a craving they sparked. Omg. Do you ship to Canada?!?! Because I don’t even think we have Cookie Crisp here. And you better believe that I get your title reference… and that I’m now singing that song and will probably have it stuck in my head for the rest of the day 😛

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