Spilling the birthday beans

Posting twice again today in celebration of Australia’s special holiday:  The Queen’s birthday Arman Day. The host of spilling the beans – or just: Spill it Sunday – is another year older and demanding birthday facts and confessions. It’s been a while since I last joined so here we go!

1. When is your birthday?
The reason why I can’t snark at winter: January 29th.

2. What would your ideal ‘day’ look like?

For whichever reason I find it hard to describe the ‘perfect’ day because aren’t the best birthday those were you make no huge plans and are surprised by how amazing they turn out? Okay, to answer the question: getting enough sleep, eating all of my favourite foods and being with my favourite people.

Root vegetables_2

3. When was your most memorable birthday?

That time I invited everybody from my class in school and we played SingStar all night. Does anybody even remember that? It’s been ages  – my 16th birthday if memory serves me correctly – but it was a blast.

4. When was your worst birthday?

I’ll cheat and won’t go with the worst but the strangest celebration ever. It’s been ages and I have no idea why my parents agreed but I was one of those children who had the idea celebrating their birthday at the Golden Arches had to be incredibly special. If you envied kids who celebrated there while all your parents allowed you was grabbing a Happy Meal: you didn’t miss out on anything. Unless touring a McDonald’s store and receiving an inflatable dragon that had lost pretty much all of its air by the time you went home sounds intriguing to you.

In case you’re wondering: no, the scary clown luckily didn’t make an appearance.

5. What is the best birthday present you have ever received?
Hard to pick. Generally, though, they weren’t the most expensive but those coming from heart: dresses and skirts my sister respectively mum had sewn themselve. Like this one:


Or the Waldorf doll my mum made herself and gave me when I was a wee little one. It’s those gifts that hold special value and a million memories. Knowing the time and effort these gifts required made them as special as they were.

6. What is the worst birthday present you have ever received?

Let’s just say one of my grandmas didn’t really have the best idea of age-appropriate gifts. The bright pink plastic make-up set and [intensely smelling] soap in shape of a sun I got when I was about 15? Well, very considerate but it was… Unusual. And never in use.

7. What is a health related gift on your wish list?

Not wanting to sound too cheesy but one I can only give myself: full recovery. Working on that one. In terms of gifts that money can buy: a treadmill. Not because I enjoyed running on them so much but – winter birthday, remember? – running outside isn’t always that well possible.

8. What is a food related gift on your wish list?
A spiralizer. The [blog] world is giving me constant nudges to get one. These pear noodle parfaits? All kinds of vegetables noodles in this book? Actually, I might ask for one for Christmas.

9. What is your birthday cake of choice?
Ice cream cake. Which I’ve actually never had but – again inspired by the blog world – need on my next birthday. Because ice cream is the better cake.

Childhood throwback, however: Kalter Hund. It’s a no-bake cake made from shortbread sandwiched with a thick chocolate frosting. If this one had ever been missed on any of my birthdays I’d have throw a fit so my mum knew better. Thinking about it Kalter Hund is totally deserving of a healthy makeover…


Happiness inducing today: Good news from a friend I hadn’t talked to in a while.

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When was your most memorable birthday?

Did you ever celebrate at McDonald’s or were invited at a friends’s birthday there? It’s safe to say that my own future children will not be allowed to celebrate there. Ever.



Good good links #42

Where did this week go? Over here it’s been filled mainly with work and not as much blog reading time. Nevertheless, some great posts caught my eye so here we go with some reading material [to save] for a rainy day. Let me know if I missed out on any happenings in the blog world! (;

Good good links

Happy and sunny Sunday to all of you!


Good good [food for thought]

 Your Way Isn’t The Only Way via Brittany Lesser

You do what works for you, others do what works for them – and everybody’s happy.

Nutrition Tips to Embrace and Ignore via Healthy Helper Blog

Beware of sketchy nutrition advice out there. Find what works for you.

101Days with No Cardio via Sarah Kay Hoffmann

Good reasons why it might be time to give your body a break from constant cardio.

Normal is boring via Danielle Dowling

Let’s stop trying to be ‘normal’ and be awesomely different. Right now.

Health Looks Different On Everyone via A Dash of Meg

Don’t strive to look like others but the way that makes you healthy and happy inside and out.


Good good [advice and inspiration]

 This Is Your Body On Anxiety via Mind Body Green

Anxiety can be way more destructive to both physical and mental well-being than you might guess.

20 Life Experiences Everyone Should Try Before They Die via Mind Body Green

No, it’s nothing out of the ordinary like bungee jumping but everyday life issues.

Get Off The Buzzword Bandwagon via Variety by Vashti

All natural, local, no MSG – did any of these ever fool you before?

45 Things That Are Way Better Than Having a Boyfriend via Serendipity and Creativity

For all fellow single ladies: it has its benefits, too.


DIY: How To Keep Bugs Away Without Using Toxic Sprays via Mind Body Green

Did you know any of these? Look forward to meeting some of my favourite spices, ants in my kitchen!



Social Media for Newbie Bloggers {Part 2} via The Healthy Maven

Network, show some lovin’ for others’ posts and – yes – hashtag to increase you followership. Great tips for every blogger – not just newbies.


Good good [things to make you smile]

The 23 Wisest Things Spongebob Ever Said via BuzzFeed

Didn’t we all know the guilty pleasure of watching cartoons wasn’t that guilty at all?! Pure wisdom.


Good good [food]

Veganes Tiramisu mit Erdbeeren via foods & everything

A fresh and summery vegan version of the Italian classic even non-coffee drinkers like. [in German]

Grilled Apricot Quinoa Parfaits via Fit Food Finds

Essentially summer layered in jars for breakfast – heavenly!

26 Reasons To Love Potatoes via Health.com

Stop hating or fearing [white] potatoes and start eating more of this wonderful healthy food.

Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower Wings with Vegan Sour Cream via Divine Healthy Food

Even though I’ve never had actual buffalo wings this sounds really intriguing. Very versatile cauliflower once again.

Vegan Caramelized Onion Mac n Cheese via Minimalist Baker

Cashew-less mac ‘n’ cheese with the best add-in ever.

Miso Stir Fry with Cauliflower Rice via My Whole Food Life

Stir-fries are some of my favourite vegetable-packed quick meals and the miso sauce in this one sounds delicious.


Happiness inducing today: Ice cream straight from the tub – the perks of living alone.


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What has been happening in your lives this week?

 Which posts caught your eye this week?

It’s a Liebster kind of day [Thinking out loud]

Fitting in with the randomness I was given the Liebster Award by The Breakfast Drama Queen a while ago and today’s the perfect day for posting it. Given my current scatterbrained-ness and the fact that Amanda decided Thursdays are the time to think out loud about whatever comes to mind in anway.



  • Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
  • Answer the questions that the nominator set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you’ve tagged to answer.
  • Choose 11 people and link them in your post, let them know you chose them!


11 random facts about me [plus one because I don’t like uneven numbers]:

1. Oat bran is a food I didn’t know before blogging and now it’s one of my favourites.

2. My family had cats growing up and I secretly wish I could have one living with me again.
3. When putting on shoes or socks the left always has to come first. Which might have to do with the fact that…
4. I’m left-handed.
5. Growing up there was a time when I wanted to become a kindergardener.
6. My zodiac sign is aquarius but I don’t enjoy swimming all that much.
7. On the topic of swimming: I’m afraid of open waters and that adds to not being quite a ‘water baby’ [we say ‘Wasserratte’ in German but don’t look up the translation because it’s not as charming. Okay, well, do if you can’t help it.]
8. I’ve never been outside of Europe yet [unfortunately].
9. Three things that I always have with me when leaving the house: my phone, a chapstick and tissues.
10. My current favourite ice cream flavour is mango.
11. I did Kung Fu for about three years before I needed to stop during my last year in school as it got too much.
12. All of my favourite nail polishes are by Essie.

What’s your idea of a perfect day?

Autumn walk

Sleeping in. That’s key. And then whatever I feel like in a laid-back fashion with a long hike or  bike ride through the countryside on top of the list. Plus good food and being around people I love.

What is your least favorite herb/spice?
That’s a tough one but I’d have to go with cilantro. There’s an Asian place I’ve eaten at multiple times yet I forget to request they don’t add cilantro to whatever I order every single time. You’d assume I’d remember one day…

How many countries have you visited and/or lived in?
By far not as many as I wished. I’ve only lived in Germany and visited about six or seven others. All of those were still in Europe so I’m more than ready to finally go overseas – and meet many blends.

If you could be eating anything right now, what would it be?

Ice cream_mango_Giovanni L

Ice cream. It’s warm outside and if I had it my way there’d be an ice cream parlor serving awesome flavours right around the corner. Too bad I’m at work as you’re reading this – on my break – and there’s none of the likes.

What is your favorite type of coffee beverage (Frappucino, latte, ice coffee, etc.)?
None. I’ve only tried coffee few times before and have yet to warm up to it.

Why did you start blogging?
Initially because I love to write and wanted to find a way to continuously do it – especially in English as I like it but never get to speak it in daily life. Also because I wanted to see what the whole blogging community ‘myth’ was about. Now I can say it’s about actually deep and amazing connections and friendships.

Car, bus, or subway/train?

Train. There’s no more comfortable way of traveling. Avoiding travel sickness is a huge plus as is being able to read. Aside from the risk of smelly or elsewise annoying other travellers and probably the toilet situation…

What are three things in your kitchen that you couldn’t live without?

wire whisk
The infamous wire whisk, my immersion blender and a good knife.

Where do you get your news? Or do you not follow the news at all?
My preferred way are newspapers but I cancelled my subscription to cut costs. So it’s now websites of newspapers.

Do you have a particular food philosophy or special diet that you follow (gluten-free, paleo, vegan, etc.)?What is that one thing you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t?

Generally, I’m trying not to label my diet because it felt too restrictive in the past. I do eat a largely vegan diet, though, with dairy when I feel it. Eggs, meat, fish and the likes are foods I personally don’t need but I’m not judging others. To each their own.


My questions:

1. What is your favourite ice cream flavour?

2. How many languages do you speak?

3. Name three things always in your pocket/ purse/ bag.

4. Do you have any pets? If so: what are they called?

5. What is one thing everybody should know about you?

6. How would you describe yourself in three sentences?

7. If you had to pick one cuisine to eat for the rest of your life which one would it be?

8. What is your favourite movie of all times and why?

9. Stealing this one: What is your food philosophy?

10. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

11. Finish this sentence: My day wouldn’t be complete without…


Because I don’t like playing favourites I’ll pick just four people whose answers I want to hear and who I hope haven’t participated yet and then tag all of you others!

Ms. J @ Path of dicovery blog

Katherine @ The Peanut Butter Lover

 Juli @ foods & everything

 Jan @ Sprouts ‘n’ Squats


Happy Thursday! Make it a good one and in case you’re going to Blend: Enjoy it!


Happiness inducing today: Chatting with a good friend.


Stay in touch!

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Pick at least three of my questions and answer them!


Currently… June

Hello, hello and happy Monday!

Given I can’t deny the fact it’s already June any longer: why not chat a little about currents? It’s also been forever since I joined Katie’s Monday celebration and with some marvelous things in my life despite some hullabaloo I’m focussing on the happy happenings.



Current book: It’s another month of two- [or even three-] timing it because there are too many books and too little time. Generally, I’ve really been into non-fiction lately and after Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘Blink!’ [read it!] as recommended by Beth I’m now reading the German author Hans-Ulrich Grimm’s ‘Die Suppe lügt’ [‘The soup lies’]. Grimm is uncovering the [dirty] truths of the international food industry and the foods we eat. I wasn’t sure there’d be much I hadn’t heard of yet but trust me: there’s a lot more. Even just a few chapters in I already know this will be foundation for an extra blog post.

Current Music:  Stolen Dance – Milky Chance

If you’re German you might roll your eyes at this one but I’ve been recommending it to people overseas left and right so if that characteristic applies to you, too: Listen to it – and thank me later.


Current Guilty Pleasure: Giving unsolicited nutrition advice to my roommate. Not of the kind you might guess, though. Here’s the deal: my roommate is actually one of the best examples of intuitive eating I’ve seen so far and not caring about health claims and labels. However, she feels the constant need to apologize for and explain her eating habits thereby shunning her never-ending fondness of carbs. Really, this girl would never give up on her [white] pasta, potatoes or rice – it’s awesome. Maybe my current changing attitude towards food [see current triumph] is partly thanks to her? So I’ve been doing my best letting her know she’s perfectly fine and stopping the carb worries in track. Is that even a guilty pleasure???

Current Nail Color: Essie’s Madison Ave-hue.

Essie_Madison Ave-hue
It’s my latest by Essie and I’m really fond of this shade. Actually, it was my mum’s Easter gift to me. I saw it, needed it [obviously], bought it – and let her know she wanted to gift it to me. That’s what she gets for not buying me any Easter eggs.


Current Drink:  Bringing out mass mounts of the bubbly [read: mineral water]. Keeping it classy over here.


The colder months see my intake dimple but as soon as it gets warm I’m in.for more regular arm workouts carrying 1.5 litre-bottles to my apartment. I may or may not have ‘borrowed’ one of my roommate’s bottles recently because I didn’t feel like dragging those extra weights along when I returned from the store. At least I asked?!

Current Food:
Strawberries. Is anybody else particular about where they get theirs? Having Friday off for once last week I had the only chance to attend my favourite Farmers’ Market. While there are what seems to be like 293848 stalls offering the sweet berries I had my heart set on one without even trying a berry beforehand. And I was so so right.

Buckwheat honey. Another Farmers’ Market find and a first for me. After Amanda had been raving about it forever and I’d searched high and low in every store around I finally scored a jar. Unfortunately, the beekeeper I got it from told me it was a rare one and almost extinct over here. Say it isn’t so because it’s awesome and unlike any other honey I’ve tried before.

Last days of May 033

Current Wish List: Could time please stop flying by at lighting speed?! That’s all I can say for now. More on that to come once I have things sorted out a little more.

Current Needs: Another domicile – in the US. Or just a ticket to Blend. Does anybody still have room left in their suitcases?

Current Triumphs: Continuously getting better in my intuitive eating process and feeling freer when it comes to spontaneously cooking without needing to calculate all nutrients beforehand. More on that in upcoming WIAWs.

Current Bane of My Existence: Fruit flies and (!) ants. Nasty little beasts and one of the few downsides of warmer weather.

As if they looked that cute. On another note: does anybody remember the movie?

Current Blessing: Blends. Yes, it’s a repeat offender but some people deserve every extra mention.

Current Excitement:Warmer weather. No matter how often I ramble about German weather I’m not giving up hopes on summer yet. Because my roommate is a lying liar who lies.

And that would be a summer roll[-up] of my currents. Hmm, rolls … Sushi anyone ;)? It’s clearly time for me to go to bed.

Enjoy your Monday!

Happiness inducing today: A really delicious impromtu lunch reminiscent of an old favourite I haven’t had in forever.

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Tell me your current

a) book

b) food

c) triumph

d) wish list.



Good good links #41

… and there we are finishing up another week and another month. Sorry I’m not sorry for stating the obvious but: Where in the world did May go?! There’s something very wrong with the speed this year has decided to fly by with. Not so wrong, however, are the continuously great posts all around the blog world – and they’re what you really came for so all is well and  here we go.

Happy Sunday!

Good good links


Good good [food for thought]

Guilt vs. Goal – this is MY style via Fit Swiss Chick

Be you, do you – and don’t let others judgement let you get insecure about the way of living that feels right for you.

20 Things You Need to Accept About Your 20s via Huffington Post

Constantly having to prove yourself, falling on our faces often and adapting to lots of change: our 20s pack in many [hard] lessons we need to learn, deal with and get on with life.

Why I’ll Never Use a Food Journal Again by Robin Hilmantel via The Real Life RD

Don’t let calorie counts rule your life. Eat what you feel like – not what a tracking software ‘allows’ you.

Before We Use Certain Words, We Should All Look At These Pictures. They Might Make Us Think Twice. via Upworthy

Because words can be much more than  ‚just words‘.


Good good [advice and inspiration]

Hunger calling? The clock says ‘No’ via The Big Man’s World

Listen to your internal clock – not the one ticking away on the wall.

Don’t Let Anyone Tell You You Can’t via hello, veggy

Everything is possible as long as we believe in ourselves.

You’re Allowed to Love Your Body via Snack Therapy

The title says it all: do it. Now. No buts and ifs.

On nourishing your soul — for a healthy relationship with food via The Mindful Foodie

 “Never underestimate the importance of ‘feeding’ your innermost self; it affects everything”: Taking care of ourselves every day matters.

5 Tips for Honoring Your Hunger Cues via Breathe and Nourish

Eat when you’re hungry, not already starving and listen to your true cravings without labeling foods.

17 Reasons To Avoid Stress (Infographic) via Mind Body Green

Nobody enjoys being stressed and it can actually have more significant negative impacts on overall health.

19 Remarkably Simple Yet Effective Ways To Combat Anxiety via Serendipity and Creativity

For those moments [and days] where everything is just overwhelming and you need to calm your mind.

Look Up, It’s Good For You via CandyFit

We’re doing well mindfully disconnecting from technology and connecting with our real surroundings at times.

Expect to Offend Some People (be you anyway) via Danielle Dowling

It’s impossible to please everyone – and we shouldn’t.

Insta-cleansing & Insta-fasting via A Dash of Meg

Is Instagram still making you happy? If not it might be time for a cleanse.


Do it yourself

The 52 Easiest And Quickest DIY Projects Of All Time via BuzzFeed

And now I finally know why I’ve needed washi tape for years all along.


Good good [things to make you smile]

You’ve Got To Hear What This Groom Says At The Alter. via faithreel

Hearts bonded through love – and humor.


Good good [food]

Cream Cheese Frosting for Breakfast via Yeah, Imma Eat That

A socially acceptable reason to eat a bowl of frosting in the AM? Yes, please.

Raw Salted Caramel Cups via Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish

Move over, Reese’s. Hello salted (!) caramel!

5 Deliciously Healthy Ways to Use Overripe Bananas via Women’s Health Mag

Because there are never too many ways to incorporate bananas in one’s life.

Nut-Free Chocolate Chunk Cookies via Mangia

Better-for-you treats made with great ingredients like coconut butter, sunflower seed butter and sunflower seed flour (!).

Five Ingredient Chocolate-Covered Ice Cream Bars via Blissful Basil

Like your childhood treats – only with a much shorter and better ingredient list.

Double Chocolate Crispy Frozen Dessert Bars (Vegan, GF, No-bake) via Oh She Glows

Lots of chocolate, Do we even need to talk about these any further? I didn’t think so, either.

Butternut & Bean Enchiladas via The Smart Kitchen

Squash, beans, cheese and everything nice. Rumor has it these make good fuel if you watch The Bachelor. Or any day, really.

Roasted Cauliflower with Yellow Curry Sauce via Coffee & Quinoa

Curry coconut sauce, crispy fried shallots and roasted cauliflower. Boring? No way.


Happiness inducing today: My neighbours son’s happy smile when I’d helped me open the locked door of their flat because the key wouldn’t cooperate when he tried.

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What were some of your favourite posts this week?