Once upon a time… [Spill it Sunday – Flashback edition]

Before I get to share my favourite posts from around the web tomorrow I’m joining Arman‘s quest to look through the archives for a Flashback edition of Spill it Sundays. Here are some of my favourites from the past almost two (!) years in the life of my blog.


It’s tough to pick three posts already but at least the first one is a no-brainer for me. A recent one but an opinion that matters a lot to me and many of you chimed in: You are not what you eat. There’s so much more to blogging than food and fitness – here’s to focusing on what really matters.

Now the difficult part was favourite recipe posts. Because yes, I have some up here that I like a lot [duh! why else post them??] but as I thought about it I realized that there were many recent favourites that I had yet to share. A blogging schedule… what exactly was that? I’ll look through the organized mess that is my recipe folder on the laptop some time soon and get up the Pumpkin Spinach Tortilla Lasagna [great, now I’m getting hungry just thinking about it]. Plus –  if I manage to find my notes for what I used in there – an as of yet unpictured on here vegan Macro Bowl soon. Okay but onto some already posted favourites.
It’s summer so ice cream is a necessity to keep cool. Or – if you’re ice cream maker-less like me: Faux PB & J Frozen Yogurt.Six ingredients, [less than] five minutes of active time [clean-up not included] and this delicious snack is yours.


Simple, quick and no refined sugar and did I mention it’s high in protein? There’s no reason you can’t have both this and real ice cream – win-win.

And if you’re not up for something sweet : Savoury Chickpea Crêpes with Spicy Tomato Filling and Vegan Cheese Sauce. Yes, the ingredient list is a little longer but these are fun to make and really don’t take as long as you might assume. Gluten-free, vegan, stuffed with lots of vegetables and topped with a quick cheesy sauce these make for a truly satisfying dish.


I hope you’re enjoying your weekends, had a great 4th of July if you celebrated and I’ll see you again for some good good links tomorrow!


Happiness-inducing today: A warm day with sunshine and warm drizzling rain [even if it’s usually annoying summer rain is special].

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How long have you been blogging? I can’t believe how fast these [almost] two years passed by.

Do you agree summer rain is special?? If you don’t know what I’m talking about you need to experience it yourself.


7 thoughts on “Once upon a time… [Spill it Sunday – Flashback edition]

  1. Aja says:

    That frozen yogurt sounds delicious!
    Oh, gosh, I’ve been blogging for four years now. Time goes by so fast!
    Any rain where I live is special. Haha. But summer rain definitely does have that special, kind of dreamlike quality to it.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Four years?! Wow, that’s amazing.
      I’m curious as to where you live. Rain – aside from the drizzly warm and yes, almost dreamy kind in summer – is not special at all where I live. The plants clearly need some but definitely not those downpours we experience at times.

      • Aja says:

        East of the mountains in Washington state. We get 20-40 mph winds almost daily but hardly ever any rain.

  2. Ms.J says:

    I’ve been missing you, so I thought I’d pop in to say Hi!..and what good timing; two years, wow!
    You know I adored your insightful post on looking deeper than a humans diet. I mean, if we maintain such a strict concept we would surely miss out on some fabulous personalities.
    Oh now that you mentioned it; despite my dislike for downpours, there is surely something magical about a warm -light- summer drizzle 🙂 .

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Awwr. You’re the sweetest. I have yet to reply to your mail but it was an awesome surprise. Almost two years, yes, and I agree I’d have missed out on many lovely people out there if I was just picking by diets.
      Honestly, if it hadn’t been for the vivid reminder of yesterday’s summery drizzle I’d have told you I despised all and any kind of rain, too. This, however, I can take.

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