Bend it like [no]ham!

Okay… Wow. I wasn’t going to mention it but… That match. Insanity. If I was a fan I’d have cancelled talking about food today and bugged you with some [read: an insane lot of] Fußball [soccer] talk. Lucky for you, I have no idea of soccer rules, team constellations [aside from some handsome players] or else. But you know I like a good theme for my posts so my post-soccer rush [and sugar-fuelled] mind came up with a game plan of soccer-fying this post. So What I ate Wednesday is going for the [taste] goal this week.

WIAW GOES for the goal

The preliminary:  breakfast. While I still tried some recipes from my Pinterest boards I’d been slacking on making any of those from my Sunday posts . Never mind. I made up for that by creating a nice plate. The lineup: Hannah’s Chickpea Polenta Scramble with some bok choy added to it, a tomato [mostly for colour] …

Polenta chickpea scramble_cleaneatingveggiegirl

… and a surprise wing back in the form of cauliflower nuggets to save the meal from a red card by my hungry stomach. Not to say Hannah’s recipe wasn’t good because it’s a delicious alternative scramble. But didn’t hold its shape quite as well as in her pictures and I found the serving size to be on the smaller size [for me]. Likely to blame would be the fact we can’t buy premade polenta in stores so I had to cook and mold my own guesstimating amounts. And apparently it didn’t firm up as well as it looked like after plopping it out of the bowl.

Cauliflower nuggets_hand

While I don’t like tofu scrambles Hannah’s non-soy version made me  decide to allow them to step up into the second round. Tastes change after all so with an open package of silken tofu in the fridge I mashed some of it up with turmeric, smoked paprika and pepper to add to another breakfast. This was on a very snacky non-hungry morning and followed by almond butter.

Breakfast scramble_silken tofu

The leftover silken tofu mentioned was a remainder from one of the most random but delicious lunches in a while. Like ## mentioned before I’m not usually a fan of tofu or fake meats but recently picked up a few products merely out of curiosity. One were those slices of vegan deli meat. It’s no ham but bending the rules [like Beckham] tofu deli slices were a delicious substitute player – [soy] bean ham??

Tofu-Aufschnitt_vegan deli meat

Let’s move onto the semi-finals: Lunch. For whichever reason the idea of carbonara sauce plopped up in my head. On a Sunday with no option to get any special ingredients.  Wheatberries sounded good, a creamy non-tomato-based sauce and peas did so this dish was born: silken tofu cheesy sauce,  wheatberries, peas, the deli meat slices and some cherry tomatoes for a little fresh kick. It was oddly delicious for going about it with no real plan.

Wheatberry, Pea and vegan deli meat bake

Did I mention I really like wheatberries?  Plus, I have a box to use up and that’s why they’ve been my grain of choice lately. Hence also when I spontaneously decided to try this pasta bake for lunch yesterday.  Only it obviously wasn’t a pasta bake anymore.  Either way, the creamy vegan cheese sauce using corn and cauliflower – I have quite a lot of it on hand once more, remember? – was absolutely delicious. I added random vegetables and had to leave out the sprouts that I’m sure take this dish over the top but I had none at hand. Rain tripped a foul in the photography game so my pictures didn’t come out as well as I’d hoped.

Wheatberry casserole

Not a new sweet treat but a sweet[er] first worth mentioning: my matcha latte premiere. Matcha has been on my list of foods to try for months and it’s currently on offer at a whole foods supermarket chain so I jumped at the chance. My verdict after the first leg of this on-going matcha match: still open. I didn’t expect it to be -that- bitter – you can tell I’m generally a green tea newbie – so for now the soy milk foam was my favourite part. Sweetening the matcha right away was key for me. Life was meant to be sweet after all, right?!

Matcha Latte_soy

The finals were made up of chocolate and almond butter but it was a fast-paced game so went unpictured. If you’re wondering about the outcome of this exciting game: it was a tie. Which, yes, if you’re bending the rules like Beckham the ball, is a possible outcome for a final game. Just roll with it. But make sure to take a look at everybody else’s contenders and matches via Jenn’s and Vegan Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday!

Happiness inducing today: Oh, just a certain soccer game, you know. <- I make myself laugh.

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What are the most unique scrambles you tried so far? I’ve yet to try the sweet [banana] breakfast scrambles but I’m sure there are versions I haven’t even heard of yet out there.

Are you a fan of matcha? If so: what do you use it for? My initial idea was to try it in oatmeal or desserts so I’ll likely experiment soon.

And obviously: did you watch yesterday’s match??



15 thoughts on “Bend it like [no]ham!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      It was incredible, no?! I’m not a soccer fan at all but the game was mind-blowing – and mind-changing. There’s no way I’ll start singing fan hymns or wearing the team’s colours but you won’t hear me snark at others’ excitement anymore now.

  1. Marfigs says:

    😀 I’m so glad you tested it out – your version looks SO delicious with all those extra veggies – going to make it again with less pasta and more veg 😉 Yum! Also, matcha is a tricky ingredient – too much and one’s mouth ends up puckered from bitterness, but I’ve seen it used lots of times in desserts so there must be some magical in-between ratio.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Oh, I wouldn’t use less pasta. I subbed wheatberries for the amount of pasta used and added just a few vegetables. Not too many because my stomach would rebel if I did. (:
      I feel matcha and me simply need to give each other some time to warm up to each other. We’ll make it work 😉 .

      • Marfigs says:

        I’ve never seen wheatberries here by us – are they specific to a type of cuisine or should I be able to find it with a bit more of an eagle’s eye? 😀

  2. Ms.J says:

    I didn’t watch the match! Boooh! Thank you for a replay of sorts though 😀 how you dribbled the ball [your meals] through. Back to the match: I recall my friends all crying on behalf of Brazil..
    What -exactly- is matcha? I’ve seen it mentioned elsewhere before; yet failed to get to grips with it. Ooh that soy milk foam does look heavenly!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Well, I can’t go with the usual ‘oh, never mind, you didn’t miss anything’ regarding this particular match. It was – for lack of a better word – epic.
      I like how you’re taking up the pass and kicking on the ball/ theme. (:
      Matcha is – in my very simple non-tea connoisseur words – a certain kind of green tea. It’s the tips of the leaves only and very expensive but supposed to have lots of health benefits.

  3. Alison @ Daily Moves and Grooves says:

    That game. I was questioning whether it was real life.
    But this was so cute the way you incorporated soccer talk into your WIAW 🙂 All those tofu scrambles look so delicious! I’ve never tried a vegan scramble. And I’ve never tried wheat berries before, but it looks similar to farro, which I love.
    I really want to get some matcha tea powder, because I want to try something like that latte!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Same here. I’m hoping I won’t wake up and all of it was just a dream, haha. I finished the draft for this post right after the game and when I woke up hesitated to actually publish it – hello, endorphine rush (: – but then just rolled with it. Why not be a child again every once in a while?!
      Farro has been on my to-try list because yes, I believe it’s similar to wheatberries, but it’s hard – or impossible? – to find over here.
      Good luck with the matcha lattees! If you usually drink coffee you might have an easier time getting used to the bitter taste than I do.

  4. swissfitchick says:

    Gosh, that game – sorry, I was SHOCKED!! Poor Brazil….Tim is coming to visit me this weekend, I think we have to go and watch the game seperately 🙂
    Wheatberries?? What is THAT?

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Aaah. I want to join you!
      Wheatberries are one of the best grains ever. Have you seen ‘Ebly’ at stores before?
      I use a cheapo version of it called ‘Weizli’ and speltberries [‘Dinkel wie Reis’] interchangeably. They’re basically pre-cooked wheat-/ speltberries [Weizen- oder Dinkelkörner] that cook in 20 minutes whole regular berries would take twice as long.

  5. Leigha says:

    Okay that thing you made for lunch looks AMAZING! I’ve never tried a wheat berry but I think I’d like them! I haven’t tried a tofu scramble yet. I want to! I also want to try vegetarian deli meat. Haha!

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