Cute, creepy and charming [Thinking out loud]

Don’t you just like how the day of talking about food is followed up by a day of [for the most part] fun thoughts? Let’s set the sails for thinking out loud with Amanda.


If you saw my post yesterday you’ll remember I talked about my first matcha experience. Say hello to Mr. Matcha Elephant. I swear the cute packaging had absolutely nothing to do with my decison to buy it. Not that it hurt to have a more unique one than the usual tea boxes, though…

Matcha_bei denns gekauft

2. Amanda posted this test a while ago and here’s my result:

You got: Alice in Wonderland

You have no clue what you’re doing and as a result, you’re horrible with money, totally disorganized, and basically undatable. Sorry.

Wow. Thanks. Only not. Does it count if I take the test again and modify my answers to get a better result? Second chances and all in mind? Either way, I’ll still wait for my Prince Charming to stop by on a horse and pick me up.

3. Speaking of – or:  linking to – BuzzFeed: Does anybody else feel working there would be awesome? Who doesn’t regularly spend free time browsing the website and laughing like there was no tomorrow? And then being in the position of writing those articles?! Where am I supposed to mail my application?

4. There are moments where I wonder who’s the more grown up between my roommate [30] and me [23]. One such incident a few days ago: A spider – and no, not one of those tiny ones you hardly see but one of those creepy chubby black ones*  – had managed to sneak into our bathroom and was sitting on top of the toilet. Right when I was walking into the bathroom in my towel meaning to take a shower. So I called my roommate to help me figure out how to remove it. She was too afraid to even walk into the room and take a look. So guess who had to grab a jar and piece of paper to set the eight-legged intruder outside?!

*I don’t care what you say about Germany not having those really huge ones – it was big enough for me

That is me when dealing with spiders. Minus the killing part. But it’d better not move when I transport the jar…

5. About that sudden burst of a heatwave we experienced a few days ago [it’s all gone now]: Here’s some unsual proof I snapped.

Coconut oil_melting

That would be a newly opened jar of coconut oil that had a little puddle of already melted content. Clearly neither me nor my cooking ingredients can stand heat.

6. If you – like me – ever have a hard time making a decision: why not flip a coin?! Just like with anything in our time and age there’s a virtual way to do so: there you go.  I wonder if there’s a money back guarantee for bad decisions you make under the influence…

7. One decions I don’t have to make anymore because it’s a given is my TV program on Sunday.

8. With that I’m finished thinking – or at least out loud. Happy Thursday!


Happiness inducing today: Picking up a book I’d preordered at the library.

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What’s your go-to way of getting rid of spiders?

Take the test and let me know your result!



12 thoughts on “Cute, creepy and charming [Thinking out loud]

  1. Ms.J says:

    Spiders I can still keep an inch of “coolness” toward..after all they do eat(?) the roaches that resolve me into a screaming disaster, thus stirring every soul in the house into panic mode!? Can I just say how well you handled the situation (involving a chubby blighter too)!
    You most assuredly do not come close to the scatter brained Alice. I got Rapunzel..yes I was thrilled – partly because I may or may not be harbouring a crush on Flynn Rider 😉 .

  2. Juli says:

    I don’t have a problem with spiders until it’s one of the long legged, hairy kind. Those give me the creeps. Though I’d never kill them, too. I’d go hunt down a huge glass on throw them out.
    I think being like Alice is a wonderful thing. They just got the message wrong! Alice is a very wise and definitely kind hearted character. You should definitely apply there and put her reputation right. Buzzfeed must be a phantastic place to work.
    By the way my life apparently resembles The Beauty and the Beast (again!) “Your life is controlled by passion, both in the ups and downs of your relationship, and in your pursuit to change the world. Or be Internet famous.” Okay, alrighty 😉
    I am still thinking about a meeting point and time. Maybe there’s something coming up soon. I’ll keep you posted! Have a lovely Thursday 🙂

  3. caileejoy says:

    Haha! Great post! And I actually don’t really mind killing spiders… a few years ago, I decided I was going to learn how to kill them so that I didn’t have to make my dad come upstairs every time I saw one! haha… It still grosses me out, but not as bad as they used to!

  4. veggiedancer says:

    I would actually argue that Buzzfeed’s analysis of Alice is incorrect–in the book, she DOES have a clue about what she is doing, and manages to get herself out of many sticky situations with the Queen of Hearts and other characters. Not that the quiz is meant to be taken seriously, of course, but I just wanted to point that out. After all, out of all the characters in that book, Alice has perhaps the most common sense and courage. I am almost always the person who will painstakingly capture insects and spiders in our house, putting them outside before they can be smashed by my siblings or parents. Let’s just say that I despise killing any animal, regardless of how small they are. Just the thought of squishing a spider or an ant makes me feel both guilty and ashamed.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      I’m right there with you. No matter how scared or grossed out I am by spiders I don’t want to kill them or have anybody else do that. My roommate would have happily seen it smashed with a shoe. But not only does it feel wrong to me as a vegetarian. I also grew up learning the ‘catch alive and set free outside’ method from my parents.
      BuzzFeed’s overall voice is clearly to be taken with a grain of salt but thanks for making me feel better about being Alice. (:

  5. Aja says:

    All my coconut oil is completely melted in the jar. It’s all in oil form now.
    I got Cinderella. Apparently everything is a struggle for me, which I guess isn’t that far from the truth.
    And as for spiders I yell at my husband to go get take care of them while I hide in a corner.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      If I had a husband or boyfriend living with me I’d never get close to any spiders, either. (:
      And Germany rarely ever gets coconut oil-melting hot so that was an unusual sight.

  6. Katherine says:

    I must confess that I read Buzzfeed religiously. Working there would be an idea job. It’s like getting paid for writing your stupid thoughts or funny posts. Oh wait, Blogging is sometimes like that. Woops. Anyways, I’ve taken my fair share of Buzzfeed quizzes this summer. While I haven’t taken that particular one, I have found out which Harry Potter character I am and if I know all there is to know about One Direction. Clearly I have my priorities in order. Or way to much time on my hands. Or no life. Probably all of the above. ANYWAYS, the joke in my family is that I could move out and live on my own in a heartbeat if it wasn’t for spiders/other various animals that get into your home. I found a spider in my room last week and might’ve made my mom take care of it when she got home. No shame. (Okay, maybe a little, but I didn’t want to kill it, but I also didn’t want to pick it up. It was a big moral dilemma. Luckily my mom was willing to catch it and put it outside).

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