Good good links #47

Summer, sunshine, soccer [and no, I don’t want to think/ talk about tonight’s game. At any point before or after.] It’s that day of the week where I stop talking and let posts from all around the web – and mostly: you – do just that. Enjoy and let me know your favourites and must-reads from the week in the comments.

Happy Sunday!

Good good links

 Good good [food for thought]

Exploring a Modern Fixation With Labels by Jackson Barret via HuffPost Teen

Vegetarian, runner, musician, … Why do we long so much for fitting into a certain box?

Pick your battles via Khushboo’s Blog

None of us are perfect: you don’t need to be the health overachiever but just live looking at the big picture of balance.

Let’s talk about „fat“ via Girl Gone Veggie

“Are we destined to spend our whole lives wishing for a body we never actually have?”

29 Things Women Avoid Doing Because We Fear For Our Safety via BuzzFeed

Sad but true and this list isn’t even the extent of it.

False advertising with blogger recipes via The Big Man’s World

Don’t claim your healthy oatmeal to taste like a decadent dessert when it just doesn’t.


 Good good [advice and inspiration]

10 Surprising Signs You’re Sleep-Deprived via HuffPost Healthy Living

Who knew relying on clichés or being impulsive could be signs you need to call it a night sooner?

Why I Stopped Counting Calories via The Almond Eater

 “remember that numbers do not define who you are and how you should feel about yourself. YOU get to define that.

My Struggle With Motivation via Smart Twenties

Some days you’re just not feeling it for whichever reason – that’s okay and you’re not alone.

12 Quiet Rituals of Enormously Successful Humans via Marc & Angel

It’s not the noise making the success but the silent inner workings and habits.

5 Ways Your Friends Make You Happier, Healthier And An All-Around Better Person via HuffPost Healthy Living

Scientific proof of why our friends are even more awesome than we already thought they were.

Live In The Moment! 10 Fun Tips To Be More Present via Mind Body Green

Are you always days ahead in your mind, too? Some ideas to focus on the here and now.


Is coconut oil good for you? via Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen

Good or bad: there are two opposing camps when it comes to coconut oil. Here’s a valid consideration of what it is and isn’t.



25 Unexpectedly Genius Household Hacks You’ll Wish You’d Thought Of First via BuzzFeed

Some serious hidden gems but the ponytail one has to be a joke. Right…?



My Top Ten Blogging Tools via Run Pretty

Tools [some non-technological ones you might not have thought of, too!] that make blogging easier and more fun.

What You Need to Know About Your Stats if You Want to Work With Brands on Your Blog via ProBlogger

Cooperating with brands is a great chance for bloggers. What you need to know to present yourself well.



Strength Training without the Gym via Runner’s World

The often neglected but important part of running and how to make it work outdoors.

How To Do Downward Dog (Cute Infographic!) via Mind Body Green

If you’ve – like me –  been meaning to try yoga for a while, too, this pose seems like a good starting point.


 Good good [posts to make you smile]

Food On Instagram Vs. Food In Reality via BuzzFeed

Never trust a picture you didn’t fake yourself.

 31 Struggles Kids Today Will Never Understand via BuzzFeed

Talk about nostalgia. Don’t tell me you didn’t feel old after reading this, too.


 Good good [food]

Banana Bread Mug Cake via Running with Spoons

For when you don’t want to share whip up a whole loaf but need banana bread in your life.

Vanilla Peach Pops via Love & Lemons

With only five ingredients these couldn’t be a more simple – or prettier – alternative to store-bought popsicles.

4 Ingredient Vegan Chocolate Fudgesicles via honey & figs

If these taste as amazing as they look I’m taking back anything I ever said against avocados.

 Homemade Veggie Dogs via Fatfree Vegan Kitchen

A tofu-less meatfree alternative sausage for your next summer BBQ.

Earth Bowl Salads with Smokey Candied Walnuts and Basil Dressing via Iowa Girl Eats

Roasted broccoli, corn, tomatoes, cheese, … The kind of loaded salad even I could get on board with.

Easy Blender Gazpacho via The Healthy Maven

The ultimate summer soup for those hot days and a dish I’ve been meaning to make again for ages and this recipe sounds perfect.

Sweet Potato Gouda Grits via Peas and Crayons

Hello, cheesy comfort food. Who says it wouldn’t work with squash instead of the potatoes, too?


Happiness inducing today: Seeing how much fun the neighbours’ children had playing soccer with one of the dads in front of our house in the afternoon. So cute.

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Which posts made you think, smile or got you hungry this week?

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