Everything’s sweet about [my] food…

If there’s lessons to be learned – I’d rather get my jamming eats in first so … [I’m still doing it]

It’s been a while since I gave you a whole half a day of food in my life*. Why not make today that day?! And that’s where the sweet part sets in. Granted, I actually started on a savoury pre-breakfast note with some mushrooms dipped in salsa but they didn’t make the picture. Long intros are only sidetracking from the actual posts, though, so I’ll get started with the food already. Thanks to Jenn as well as the Vegan Wednesday hosts!

*not to be confused with an actual full day because I still doubt I’d ever remember or want to snap pictures of every morsel that makes its way into my mouth. Sorry.


If you – like me – have a slight overbuying tendency combined with a mum coming for a visit and surprising you with a huge punnet of blueberries you might suddenly find yourself with a few pounds* of berries. A few more than I could possibly eat all by themselves soon enough. For whichever reason cooked fruit seems to go down easier than raw so I decided to bake some of it. Starting your day with fresh local strawberries? Not the worst idea. I didn’t mention it yet but polenta – yes, the ingredient I used to snark at – has been making frequent appearances. Either my tastebuds changed a lot since last year or getting more relaxed around food and preparing it the right way [think: cooked in soy milk not water and with coconut butter/ oil stirred in]. While this wasn’t bad and in fact reminiscent of the semolina pudding I was fond of during my childhood I still prefer polenta the savoury way and oat bran for my first [sweet] meal of the day.

*German [500 g] not American [454 g] pounds which does make a difference when we’re talking about  not one but a few 😉


In an attempt to clean out my cupboards I took care of an old favourite: frozen Alpro dark chocolate dessert. Seriously, if you haven’t tried freezing these: do yourself a favour! And here’s where things got [in] explicably #strangebutgood. Why, yes, mid-way through eating I remembered a store-bought ice cream favourite from years ago – Dark Chocolate Chili – and decided to spice up my snack. Anybody who’s been reading for a while and knows my fondness of  a certain bar of chocolate actually shouldn’t be too surprised. Chocolate and chili were meant to meet.

Chili_Alpro Pudding

[and I’m apparently five years old still making a mess when eating pudding – some things don’t change]

Lunch was a case of lacking creativity but I decided to pick up some phyllo dough at the store to see if what it’d inspire me to. Because everything tastes good wrapped in crispy buttery pastry. The result was a mix of sauteed bok choy,  mushrooms, tomatoes and – big surprise! – chickpeas covered in the cheesy pumpkin sauce I used in my  tortilla bake before. It was a good and delicious decision.  Phyllo, you can do no wrong.


You know my preference to end on a sweet note and oh do I have a recipe recommendation for you! Ever since Amanda posted her Banana Bread Mug Cake last week I’ve had at least one per day. Addicted?  Quite possibly. I’ve only been introduced to banana bread through the blog world because it’s not a classic over here. The first recipe I tried was Jenn’s browned butter [veganized in my case] chocolate chip version quite a while ago. So maybe I’m not the most trustworthy judge for banana bread authenticity. What I know, though,  is that this is a pretty awesome mug cake and I have no plans on ending the obsession soon.

 Banana bread mug cake

There you have it: the first half of my day in meals and sweet snacks. More chocolate in the form of several squares of Lindt followed so my salty tooth wasn’t beckoning overly in the second half of the day, either, which is unusual so I’m curious about tomorrow’s cravings…

Happiness-inducing today: the baby on its mum’s shoulder flashing me the cutest smile when I was walking behind the two for a few metres. Adorable.

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Are there days where you’re predominantly going for either sweet or savoury food?

What are your favourite mug cake recipes?

Do you have a go-to no-fail recipe you turn to when not feeling creative? Wrapping whatever I need to use up in phyllo dough has yet to disappoint me.

Chocolate and chili: yay or nay?



21 thoughts on “Everything’s sweet about [my] food…

  1. Aja says:

    Everything looks so good! I’m currently in a food rut because it’s so hot I don’t want to cook anything, but feel like salads and sandwiches are too boring. Thankfully it’s going to cool down here in the next few days.
    Most days I have a terrible sweet tooth. I’m not much of a savory person, not so say I don’t like it, I just don’t crave it.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Hot days are the worst in terms of food indecisiveness. I never know what to cook though I agree cold options aren’t all that exciting. It’s actually supposed to get hot again over here soon so that’ll be challenging again. What have you been opting for during the last days?
      My sweet tooth is ever-present, too. Only I’ve recently found myself going for savoury breakfasts more often and yesterday was more sweet on sweet on sweet. I’m not complaining, though. Just living the sweet life.

  2. dpageteach00 says:

    i prefer sweet over savory for breakfast
    sweet for lunch
    savory for dinner

    Im a complicated chick! 🙂

    i am currently in LOVE with nut butters, all kids, on everything LOL

    i have only made 2 mug cakes. The first one i absolutely LOVED (forget which recipe) The second (recent) was the banana bread mug cake. I was not a fan. I am going to have to give it another try bc i think i may have messed it up

    My easy go to recipes: egg omelettes or frittatas, pb & j, or salad with a bunch of delicious fixings crock pot chicken……..easy stuff 🙂

    i am sure chocolate and chili is fabulous but just not appealing to me! I want eithe rsweet or savory , not both,

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      It’s interesting you’re using the term ‘savoury’ to describe why you don’t like the combination of chocolate and chili. Actually, I never thought of chili as savoury more like… just an add-in like nuts or raisins. But I know there’s quite a number of people who can’t warm up to the idea.
      Give the banana bread mug cake another try. Maybe I can help you trouble-shoot if you tell me what went wrong?

  3. Khushboo Thadani (@KhushbooThadani) says:

    Mmm that banana mug cake looks super- I still need to try making a mug cake of my own..I think owning a microwave would help ;)! As much as I want to love the chocolate/chili combo, i just couldn’t get on board with it- too many conflicting flavors. Lately my go-to meal for when creativity lacks is DIY burrito bowls…recipe will be up tomorrow!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Whatever some people say about microwaves: I wouldn’t want to miss mine – and if only for mug cakes. I’d mail you one of those banana bread minis if I could.
      Burrito bowls are great but I only ever make them when I’m cooking for a crowd because they seem too work-intensive for one. I’ll need to check you recipe.

  4. Ms.J says:

    Yay chocolate and chilli! Not too long ago I would have disagreed; sad days indeed 😉 . How creative of you to amp up your chocolate pudding in that manner – bold.
    You’ve heard about my mind-boggling sweet situation..I guess it isn’t too extreme, seeing that sweet breakfasts are still a staple! A SAVOURY pre-breakfast appetizer? Now that’s something!
    Oh yes, buttery pastry is up there on my ultimate “comfort foods” list. As off recently I’ve been smitten with homemade baked white rolls and breads, encasing a spicy savoury filling. Mmmhm makes my tummy sing 😀 .

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      I’m glad I could lure you over to the sweet & spicy side of life. Or at least chocolate. (:
      The breakfast appetizer has become a habit on those days I can’t decide if I want a sweet or savoury breakfast.
      I have a feeling you’d like phyllo pastries so if you should ever happen upon a package: go for it.

  5. sprint2thetable says:

    Yummmm! I love Mexican chocolate. I started adding cayenne and a sprinkle of salt to ice cream at a Mexican place recently and everyone thought I was nuts… til the took a bite. 😉

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      It’s ever-changing for me, too. Generally, I have a sweet tooth and that I’ll have chocolate every day but when it’s really hot outside my breakfasts and snacks tend to err on the savoury side.

  6. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    Guess where my single remaining pot of dark chocolate pudding is going?!?!? Into the freezer! Omg brilliant… I can’t even wait to dig into it tomorrow. Chocolate for breakfast is perfectly acceptable, right? 😉 And today was very much a sweet day for me. I had oatmeal for lunch and cereal for dinner… There are just days where veggies won’t do, and honestly… my stomach sometimes loves me for it.

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