Past [and] perfect – [Spill it Sundays Flashback edition II]

If you’ve been around for a while you know I like to share my favourite posts from all around the web every week. Needless to say I was all up for the idea when Arman announced we were allowed – or even encouraged?! – to give a shout-out to other bloggers in this week’s edition of Spill it Sundays. Get ready for the shortest post I’ve ever written – maybe a welcome break from my usual wordiness if you’re not a fan of that?? (: – because these posts can truly all stand for themselves. They’re a blast from the past and perfect.

I’ll see you tomorrow for the weekly round of good good links! Enoy the weekend!


These are in no particular order because I like all of them just as much for specific reasons each.

#1 Pseudo-Recovery via Better with Sprinkles

This post is one I keep going back to whenever I feel stuck in recovery and need either a) a kick in the butt or b) the reassurance that – no matter how long it takes – full recovery is possible. It takes time and the mindset plays a huge role


#2 You’re Allowed to Love Your Body via Snack Therapy

There are a million things I could say about this post but Carly does it best herself already.  Go read this post – and all others by her – and then spread the self-love.

#3 Guilt vs. Goal – this is MY style via Swiss Fit Chick

If you’ve ever been judged, accused of having an ED or not being on your way to recovery/ recovered this post will resonate with you. Choosing a healthy lifestyle isn’t necessarily a sign of a disorder and only you know why you live in a certain way. Live and let others live.


Happiness-inducing today: The country bumpkin in me coming out and needing to carress two horses in front of a wedding carriage standing in front of  a church. Some days I miss living in the countryside and riding horses a lot.

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Have you read any of the posts above? Did they resonate with you?

Are there any posts from the past you keep getting back to for advice or inspiration?

wedding carriage

5 thoughts on “Past [and] perfect – [Spill it Sundays Flashback edition II]

  1. Ms.J says:

    Your wordiness is -usually- enjoyed, but kudos to you putting the spotlight on other [thoroughly spectacular] words of wisdom. I clearly recall the impression Carly had on me with that post, as well as all her others 🙂 . Sam is just an incredible inspiration; I’ll be heading back to that one myself – seeing as I can’t entirely remember if I’ve been there or not.
    Whatever I came across by Lucie proved highly encouraging and motivating too, so I’ll be heading to that one. Aaahh.. such fabulous ladies 🙂 .

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