The Sometimes – Always – Never Edition

Just a warning in advance: my mind has been all over the place lately and not in the cute scatterbrained way, either. Or maybe more like: simultaneously wishing time passed faster and wishing I could turn it back. Confusing much?! Today luckily is the right time and place for thinking out loud about whatever so I’ll share some random tidbits that would have appeared in past Thursday posts if they hadn’t been put on the back burner by some more serious thoughts I had. Luckily, Amanda is inviting any kind of thoughts – and today’s are randomness at its best.


1. Sometimes I forget how hard to understand humor can be when you’re not a native speaker. Just one example from yesterday: We all agree fruit flies are a plague, right? Because the situation has gotten almost unbearable in our kitchen I jokingly told my roommate we’d have to stop eating produce all the way if we wanted to get rid of the little beasts. She’s originally from Ecuador and while her German is pretty good she didn’t catch my drift and had a completely serious face when replying that, well, it really wasn’t possible. I promise I didn’t laugh – it’s cute.

2. Never will I do everything the same way everybody else does. In this case, though, I feel my makeshift-steaming basket was a pretty good idea. Because a) my kitchen is crowded enough already and b) I’m cheap. I need to save money where I can to keep up my supply of almond butter.


3. Just like I will always try to eat produce on its last legs unless it’s not edible anymore. And apparently I’m not alone there when it comes to broccoli… Or any produce. Campaigns like this one make me happy.

Not always but still a repeat offender in my Thursday posts is the mention of train travels. Last Tuesday happened to be one of those days again. And while I honestly would have enjoyed many other activities more I’ll admit I liked the forced unplugging. Because no, there was no option of charging my phone this time. Having one is still the lucky exception over here. Cautiously looked at my phone very sparingly only and can proudly say the battery was almost 70 per cent charged by the time I got home. I was just a smidgen proud of myself ;).

5. The time I didn’t spend looking at my phone gave me the chance to immerse myself into one of the books from the library. I recently saw the number of books I’m currently hoarding having at home. I will never stop laughing at myself there. Unless I spent every minute  of the next weeks with my nose hidden behind a book I wouldn’t be able to finish all of them before they’re due.

Random_end of July 018[for the non-Germans: this is the first book of the Dark Witch trilogy]

Sorry to any Nora Roberts fans out there but to say it with Shania Twain – does anybody remember that song?!: That don’t impress me much.* I still read a fair chunk of the book because I had no other option at hand. Somehow I’d expected it to be a regular love story but it there was too much of a fantasy character to it. I also didn’t find the story to make sense at times so this is a thumbs down from me.

* just like wrong grammar doesn’t impress me much

6. Sometimes I have a trend of picking up books that don’t lure me in from the library – lately being one oft those times. Can’t Chris Cleave please publish a new novel STAT?!

7. Whether you’re in a funk, bored or in need of ways to procrastinate the answer will always be: BuzzFeed. Apparently, this is where I’m supposed to spend a year abroad.

Well, I’ll keep it in mind as a closer second option because you already know my plans.

8. … and whichever mood you’re in: Disney has the right sound for that.

It feels odd posting this potpourri of randomness after the past weeks’ posts. But as – stealing this term from a blend – it’s a brain fudge day over here it was the best thing to do. Sometimes you’ve just got to trust there will always be an idea floating around so the Thinking out loud party never ends.

Happy Thursday!

Happiness inducing today: Planning a game night with my neighbours.

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 Tell me a sometimes – always – never from your life!

Have you read any good books lately? I’m not into crime or science fiction but after I’ve recently only found good more serious non-fiction I wouldn’t mind a fun but not too dumb summer read so share your recommendations!

Which of the Disney songs do you [need to] listen to right now?

20 thoughts on “The Sometimes – Always – Never Edition

  1. dpageteach00 says:

    sometimes I do not brush my teeth before bed …………

    I always like to get up early (even on the weekends, 6 – 630 tops!)

    i have never been on a “fancy” date

  2. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    I’ve actually been getting pretty lucky with books lately! I recently found two series that I really fell in love with, and you might want to give them a shot if you’re into more fantasy and adventure type books. The first is called Throne of Glass, and the second is Under the Never Sky. Pretty easy reads, but totally sucked me in. And have you tried an apple cider vinegar fly trap for those little suckers? I was skeptical, but it actually works like a charm — I haven’t seen a single fly in my home almost all summer.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Our commenting times apparently overlapped [see comment on your ToL post today], haha. Like I said there I’m unfortunately not into fantasy – Harry Potter aside – but I’ll still look up the books you mentioned. Who knows? Maybe the stories will convince me to read them anyway.
      Actually, I tried the vinegar trick for the first time this week but I’m not convinced yet. It might have to do with my old vinegar and unscented organic dish soap?

  3. Juli says:

    I am steaming broccoli the same way 😀
    And I also got the recommendation to spend my year abroad in London what isn’t too shocking considering the fact that I’ve already spend some time abroad in London. I’d love to go back once nevertheless.
    Sarcasm and irony are especially difficult in another language. I am a very sarcastic person and when I mean something to be sarcastic in written language I am often not sure if I really come across sarcastic 😛

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Maybe we should relocate our planned meet-up to London?! (:
      That’s why I’m very careful with any sarcastic or ironical statements on my blog: they might not come across that way. Especially because even in real life some of my friends have been ‘shocked’ by comments I made when I was actually just being funny. Woops.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Under the influence of banana bread :)?! I’ll admit I’m not a huge fan of eating bananas as is but if we’re talking softserve, whipped into oats, in baked goods, … – I’m all in. People who claim to dislike bananas in any form? Weird.

  4. Ms.J says:

    That makeshift steaming basket is a brilliant idea – one that I would have benefited from dreaming up before splashing out on fancy schmancy ones! I could have invested in extra Lindt!..aah well 😉 .
    Is Thinking Out Loud not the saving grace for brain-fudgy days!? And now I simply cannot wait for the office hours to tick by…I’ve got some thoughts to get out there 😀 .
    Hmm, Nora Roberts: I’ve never read her doings but I really want to..soon. I’m busy on a real-life novel right now – “One hundred and one horses” by Mandy Retzlaf, and it’s not doing much for me in terms of excitement.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      You and me both… I find myself comparing the prices of certain foods – like when I looked up Quest bars online – to their equivalent in Lindt bars, too 😀 . In most cases, Lindt wins.
      If you want to read a novel by Nora Roberts don’t let my critical review here deter you. I’ve heard others like ‘The Bride Quartet’ are better.

  5. katalysthealth says:

    Love the steaming basket!! I pretty much buy my broccoli in steamer bags already, so it gets rid of that process for me. OR I just throw it into stir fry with a bunch of other veggies 🙂
    And now you’ve got that song stuck in my head, so thanks for that!! I grew up on country, and you can bet I was the little red head girl with pink cowgirl boots dancing in the grocery store to that tune!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      We don’t get vegetables in steamer bags over here and while I go for stir-fries with any odds and ends in 95 % of the cases, too, I occasionally feel like steaming them. Very occasionally. (:
      Actually, the song reminds me of my grandpa. Whenever he’s in his workshop – he’s quite the talented craftsman – the radio is on. And when he likes a song he turns it louder – and that happened every time Shania Twain came on. So now I’ll think of him and you when I hear that song.

  6. GiGi Eats Celebrities says:

    Sometimes: I just need to take a nap… Sorry I am not sorry… OR GUILTY!
    Always: I need salmon skin! NEED IT. CRAVE IT. DROOL FOR IT. MUST EAT IT EVERY DAY! A day isn’t complete without it.
    Never: Will I sky dive. Sorry but yeah, the idea of FLINGING myself out of an airplane in nothingness does NOT sound the least bit appealing. I don’t care if the hottest man on the face of the planet that I was so in love with, told me that he would marry me if I jumped out of a plane, NO THANK YOU!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      [Overlooking the mention of salmon skin that left me shuddering – really?!]
      Meaning you wouldn’t jump out of a plane even if Adam Levine – or, wait, that was me, so Zac Efron for you even though I do not think he’s hot – was about to propose to you mid-jump? Ts, ts, ts…

      • Miss Polkadot says:

        I’m not sure if I should consider that romantic or question your taste in men. Then again I could let it pass this one time saying you’d been under the influence of balls 😉 .

  7. Jess says:

    I read “The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P” earlier this summer and really enjoyed it. It’s fiction but feels like reading about your friends.

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