Good good links #54

This is somewhat embarrassing. I mixed up my numbers and actually rounded out my good good links #52 on August 17th already – not last week. In fact, I noticed my fault when sharing on Twitter already but didn’t want to embarrass myself. Which makes no sense given I’m doing it now but isn’t committing to your mistakes a strength?? (:

Even though by the time you read I’ll be without internet I still happened upon some share-worthy posts before moving. So today’s good good links might be quite some fewer than usual but no less amazing. Also, I got notice I might actually get a visit from my new cable company way sooner than expected and be back online by the end of next week already! Keep your fingers crossed for me and now: enjoy the reads!

Good good links

Good good [fo0d for thought]

I May Be Wrong, But … via Absurd, She Said

Saying what you want to say without caveats and hidden insecurity: Do you? I can relate to doing it – even though it’s annoying.

Do You Really Need to Cut Out Certain Foods? via Brittany Lesser

Dealing with stomach woes? Figure them out yourself the slow way instead of aimlessly cutting out any popular suspects.

My take on the Ice Bucket Challenge via Khushboo’s Blog

No matter what’s their individual stance on it: the challenge has gotten people talking about more than just one important issue.



Good good [adivice and inspiration]

Walking is a workout via the Real Life RD

“Miles are miles whether you’re walking or running or jogging or skipping” <- This. Don’t talk your walk down being no exercise.

Five Hacks To Boost Body Confidence via An Avocado a Day

Ways to forgeo self-critical thoughts or turn them around to a positive. Like turning the unhappiness you feel about your own ‘flaws’ into anger towards the media promoting an unachievable image of beauty.


from hobby to job – taking your blog to the next level via Running with Spoons

Awesome advice on how to groom and grow your blog to bring it a professional level.

26 Famous (And Free!) Fonts You’ll Want To Start Using Immediately via Huffington Post

Writing in Disney font?! Yes, please.


Good good [posts to make you smile]

How to Gain Weight and Marinate People via Commitness to Fitness

Want to gain weight? A five-step-program for guaranteed success. “Lesson 5: Bowls are for football”



Good good [food]

Strawberry Quinoa Oatmeal Bars via Hummusapien

Strawberry’s my [favourite] jam as would these bars be. All the deliciousness going on in there!

Coconut Butter Cups via Katalyst Health

We all know coconut and peanut butter are great on their own – and even better when they’re together.

Spaghetti with Spicy Lentil Sauce via vegelicacy

A great vegan spin on classic bolognese for the next pasta party.

Baked Spaghetti with Cashew Cheese via One Ingredient Chef

No words. Or: how can I get a plate of this to appear in front of me stat??


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It’s a thingamabob Thursday! [Thinking out loud]

Oh hey, it’s Thursday – and yes, I’m actually surprised by that. I feel we just started this week which might have to do with my to-do list not getting any shorter – quite the contrary. I’d better keep the intro short and get started on that. Don’t forget to stop by our host Amanda’s blog and wish her a [belated] happy second blog anniversary!

Edited to add: Exciting news [to me at least and you can pretend to agree ;)]: I just got notice the internet should be installed in my new apartment next week already. So no long blogging break – fingers crossed!


1. Maybe I need to make ice cream more often. Why? It had been cold at the beginning of the week [see #3!] but the day I decided to finally get serious about ice cream creating the sun came out in full peak again. Hello, back to 75 °F after days of wind and somewhere around the 60’s.

2. Speaking of that ice cream: Would you like to see the recipe? Like I said I’ll be gone from the blog world for a while but I’d probably manage to find some time to get that post up before we leave tomorrow still.

2. Fashion and me: If tone-in-tone was the worst of all fashion sins I’d have committed a major crime recently:


Will you believe me when I say I didn’t put this together intentionally? The lowdown on the outfit:

  • Rosé-coloured shoes because they’re the only ones I have at my parents that my inlays fit into.
  • Red tights because their colour makes me happy and they’re super comfortable [you ladies will know not all tights are created equal!].
  • Red coat because it’s light enough for the current weather plus the only water-resistant one I have around here.
  • Madison Ave-hue on my nails … Because I felt like it?? Okay, I have no explanation for that one but all of my nail polishes are shades of red/ pink/ coral.
  • And my phone cover because …  it’s always that colour.


3. Did you and your parents leave notes for each other back in time? Or maybe you and your roommate/ significant other/ cat/ dog still do?? I vividly remember those exchanges and more often than not they were of the demanding to-do list nature. In hindsight, I think I was actually likelier to follow those than the lists I’d written for myself. Hm … Maybe I need to pay others to write my to-do lists …? Anyway, the note I found on Monday was a lot better:

August 26th and 27th 009

Translation: “The radiator is on.”

Written on the back of an empty Lindt wrapper from the bar I’d finished the night before and had left on the table no less. Can you tell we’re avid paper savers over here? Or probably just not feeling like looking for a proper piece of paper when in a hurry.

4. If you remember my post from last week you’ll know I’ve been enjoying the bounty of my mum’s garden. Can we agree that yellow raspberries > red raspberries?! By lengths. Even if that means I need to fight for them. Or just be the first in the raspberry bushes every day. Good thing I got that covered for today already heading there right after my morning walk.

yellow raspberries_mums garden

5. Not one of my favourite parts about the countryside: happenings like the one I experienced the other day. When buying a handful of ingredients – some bananas among them – the corny old man in front of me at the check-out put a goods divider in between our purchases. Only to then say: “Or else you’d have had to eat your bananas at my house tonight.” Insert me giving him an unimpressed look which he apparently took as an invitation to add: “Which – I’ll be honest – I wouldn’t even have minded.” Ugh. And yes, I let him know in bored voice I would have minded, thankyouverymuch. Oh, the random people … Sure, you can find those guys in cities, too, but around here the likeliness to meet them again is that much higher. Fingers crossed it won’t happen because the cashier gave me a knowing look and told me he was a regular.

6. On the note of that goods divider: I had to look the word up because it’s not one I’d use in daily life. Do you know when you’re looking for the name of an item to tell somebody else but you realize you can’t for the sake of it? Like that stick you use to divide your purchases and the ones of the person in front or behind of you. Or that thingamabob used to clean blocked drains? Do you know what I’m talking about??

7. Thingamabob might also be one of my mum’s favourite words. Hardly a single day she doesn’t suddenly throw it into a conversation. I wonder if that’s inheritable. In that case don’t be surprised by me talking  about various thingamabobs in future posts. You know what I actually mean, right??!

P.S: Autocorrect knew the word thingamabob but not words like ‘favourite’ written the English way. What does that tell me [aside from the fact my laptop’s apparently running an American dictionary]?

8. It’s bittersweet to end this post not knowing when we’ll talk again – we will for sure, hopefully rather sooner than later – but it has to be done so: Have a great Thursday! Talk to you soon[ish].

Happiness-inducing today: Getting to do some editing work for my dad.

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Tell me whatever comes to your mind and something that made you happy today!



Dessert first?!

Say what?! For the first time in a while I found myself lacking food pictures to show off as part of the What I ate Wednesday and Vegan Wednesday parties. What to do? Start with a dish I ate a while back [think: sometime at the beginning of the month]. Really, though, with this post you’ll know why I was tempted to go with dessert first. But I’ll go the way my parents’ taught me: first the ‘real’ food, then play foods. One of my favourite play foods at that …


Time for a little bit of truth about my meals at my parents’ place before we get started on food: They’re a lot less exciting and creative than when at my place. Which is due to the fact that I reside in my parents’ guest apartment [they used to let it  to a woman but when she moved out and my siblings got older they moved out of the room we shared. And into ones of their own in said apartment]. The bad part is that the apartment isn’t stocked with any food – think no spices, flours, herbs, … – and borrowing them from my mum’s ktichen and running to and fro while cooking? Not so awesome.  Long story short: I’ve been using very basic ingredients. But nonetheless, I make sure to eat good food and plenty of produce. Hello, mum’s garden. Stuffed mushrooms on a bed of polenta were one of those easy creations.

Stuffed mushrooms


Breakfast? Same old, same old. I’m afraid to say goodbye to this after moving into my new apartment. No more grabbing my favourite from mum’s garden. Anyway, no need for a repeat picture here so we’ll skip right to yesterday’s lunch. Which has – thanks to above-mentioned lack of spices – been somewhat of a challenge these past days. Picture my excitement when I saw Davida’s recipe for Baked “Cheesy” Cauliflower requiring only a handful of ingredients. Plus featuring two of my all-time favourite foods: cauliflower and nutritional yeast.

On the mention of Davida: Happy birthday to everybody’s favourite maven! If you haven’t visited her blog and/ or tried any of her recipes yet I highly recommend you do. Stat. Why not start with this one?!

Davida's cheesy cauliflower

Davida will forgive me for adding garlic though it’s not listed in her recipe because, well, hardly a savoury dish is complete without garlic. And: heart-healthy. Which obviously isn’t the reason I’m obsessed with using it but I could always pretend in case of smelling 😉 ! Aside from this I subbed mashed chickpeas for the egg which obviously meant I didn’t get the same puffy texture Davida’s original had but I enjoyed it nonetheless. It’s similar to her cauliflower gratin I first tried way back but I think I like this dish even better.

If you – for non-understandable reasons – happen to dislike garlic [how can you??] I’m sure the sauce would be delicious even without it. You know I still think garlic makes it even better but yes. All of you will also forgive me for saying that while this was really good I was anticipating dessert all the while … Don’t worry. I’m not going to pull the old ‘I scream, you scream – we all scream for ice cream’ joke on you. I’m all for the bad puns at times but some are too old even for me 😀 .

Blueberry Swirl Ice Cream_spoon

What I’m going to say and do instead is give myself a pat on the back let you know I was all giddy while making this. See, I’ve had my ice cream maker for – [insert me trying to remember which Amazon account I used to buy it so I can track back the year] … a long time. Yet I only used it a few times back then – end of summer – and then moved out. The time in between is blurred [think ED and whatnot]. But now I’m reunited with this fine machine and will have it move with me. Homemade ice cream all year round? I’m not entirely opposed. For a start, I made up a Blueberry Swirl creation. No vanilla in there because my mum had run out. Major doozy. We ended up sprinkling it lightly [mum] respectively heavily [me] with cinnamon and that pulled it together. Given it was the first time I ever created ice cream not following a recipe I’m rather happy with how it turned out. Below hand-modelled by mum.

Blueberry swirl ice cream

Remember what I said about not eating dessert until after the ‘real’ meal? Blame my mum for me switching orders here. She came home from work asking for ice cream when I had just put Davida’s dish into the oven. But hey, who says you can’t have dessert first? This picture is solely for mum because ‘you should get one with the flowers!’. So there you go: mum’s flowers. Which yes, are pretty so we’ll ignore the fact the ice cream is more like blurred blueberry in the picture.


I hope you’re having a great Wednesday – maybe with a side of ice cream?!


Happiness-inducing today: Sitting outside in the sun with mum and dad chatting about everything.

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Have you ever made ice cream at home? Let me know of any awesome recipes or flavour creations!

What are your favourite few-ingredient dishes to make when you’re running low on groceries/ cooking in a not-so-well stocked kitchen?


Everybody likes food – Part II

Everything starting with part one signal a follow-up so here’s the second slice of the epic food survey I got rolling last week. And just like last week I hope you’ll agree food has the abilty to make our days marvelous and – on grumpy days – bring a little oomph and happiness to them. So rather than telling you about the second part of my move – nobody ask me about the number of boxes needed to stash all of my belongings, okay?! – I’ll talk about food. Let’s get rolling!


Nut butter

1) What’s your favorite type of nut?
I like pretty much all nuts. Aside from..

2) What’s your least favorite type of nut?
Sorry to all pecan fiends but I don’t like those. And walnuts are similar so I usually pass on those,  too.

3) What’s your favorite type of nut-butter?
It changes but I always need to have white almond butter on hand for all the tasty sweet treats and savoury recipes I can use it in.

4) Are you good with portion control when it comes to nuts or nut-butters?
Is anybody? I’m kind of glad I’m not anymore. Gone are the days of cutting up a huge apple with a meticulously measured teaspoon of cashew butter.

5) What’s your favorite recipe that involves nuts or nut-butters?
Amanda’s crispy cereal bars are a standby for me and I’ve been meaning to prepare another batch of my Chocolate Almond  Caramel  Bars again soon, too. For savoury fare I still enjoy my spaghetti squash bake a lot. The almond butter sauce adds great creaminess – no need of whipping up a more involved topping with dozens of ingredients.

Almond butter Collage

6) Have you ever tried pea-butter or soynut butter?
We don’t have either of those over here but should I ever happen upon one of them I wouldn’t be opposed.

7) When was the last time you ate nuts?
Not actual nuts but nut butter: I’m sitting here with a jar of almond butter and a spoon right now that I’m composing this post. Talking about food makes me hungry.

8) Is anybody close to you allergic to nuts?
Not to hurt any allergics but fortunately not. I’d be super anxious to accidentially serve cross-contaminated food or eat nuts around them.

9) What’s your favorite way to use nut-butters?
Eat straight from a spoon. The perks of living on my own and not giving a second thought to double-dipping!


10) Do you think nuts are worth the calories?
Yes!!! Years ago my answer would likely have been less decided though I remember lugging around bags of trail mix even throughout my ED. Nutty girl.


1) Do you prefer chocolate or white milk?
White [unsweetened] non-dairy milk for me. When I first got into veganism I had a serious obsession with Alpro’s chocolate soy milk though I’ve never had store-bought dairy chocolate milk. Maybe because it wasn’t popular over here when I was a child?

2) What’s your favorite brand of yogurt?
Vegan: Alpro plain Yofu.
Dairy: Berchtesgadener Land Quark [our kind-of Greek yogurt].

Greek yogurt

3) Do you think you get enough calcium?
In between the amounts of fortified non-dairy milk and Greek or soy yogurt I eat I’d assume yes.

4) Where do you get the most calcium from (yogurt, cheese, milk, etc)?
Yogurt. Whether fortified soy or Greek – I consume a lot of both.

5) What’s your favorite type of cheese?
A newfound fondness is for Romadur.  Soft brie-like cheese it is for me. Its creamy meltiness even when cold wins me over.


6) What’s your favorite way to eat cheese?
Not the biggest surprise if you’ve been reading for a while: in casseroles. If it wasn’t for those I wouldn’t miss cheese all that much.

7) What’s your favorite flavour of ice cream?:
No. I can’t ever choose one. I tried before and will go with mango as my current favourite fruity flavour still.  The creamy flavour always depends on the offer I’m presented. I recently tried peanut caramel ice cream by a local creamery and wow, that was good.

8) When you eat oatmeal, do you make it with milk, or water?
Usually water. It’s not an ED issue though I’d been wondering about that,  too.  But there’s something about banana-sweetened oats cooked in milk that makes them too sweet (?) for me. The exception are banana-less oatmeal puddings. I always use milk for extra creaminess when preparing them.


9) What kind of milk do you drink?
Coconut is my favourite and in fact the only one I drink plain. I’m not a milk drinker. Again maybe because I didn’t grow up drinking it other than when my mum made her hot chocolate from scratch as a special treat on the weekends?

10) What’s your favorite thing to do with cottage cheese?
Eat plain when I feel like having a savoury snack or use it for frozen yogurt.

Faux_frozen yogurt_froyo


1) Are you vegetarian or vegan?

I’m lacto-vegetarian, largely vegan,  so I decided to skip the remaining questions from this category. You don’t want me to answer every question with “I don’t eat meat”, right?


1) What do you put in your coffee?
I don’t drink coffee [yet?].

2) What do you put in your tea?
Nothing.  My favourite is Yogi tea which is flavourful enough on its own.

3) Do you like the taste of water?:
If we’re talking sparkling water: yes.  Water straight from the tap isn’t my favourite.

4) Do you drink enough water everyday?
Absolutely.  In between sparkling water and tea my water intake is high. Insert running to the toilet … often. At least that means getting more breaks at work, right?!


5) What’s your favorite flavour of diet soda?
Orange-flavoured cola.

6) Do you think you drink too much diet soda?
Guilty.  It’s a bad habit I’ve been trying to kick multiple times before.

7) Do you prefer to eat or drink your calories?:
Eat.  I need something to chew on to be satisfied. That’s why smoothies – unless laden with toppings – don’t appeal to me.


8) Do you drink energy drinks?
A loud no. Just the smell of Red Bull makes me gag.

9) What’s your favorite smoothie recipe?
Does ‘Thin Mint’ banana softserve with peppermint extract and cocoa count?? Because that’s the closest I’ve gotten with smoothies by now.

10) Do you flavour your water (lemon, crystal lite, etc)?


1) How often do you eat something unhealthy?
Labels are for grandma’s jam jars [though, thinking about it, mine doesn’t actually label hers]. Don’t label food.
For the past months I’ve been making a conscious effort to let go of labeling foods. It has no positive impact on our eating experience and if anything will lower our enjoyment and increase feelings of guilt. So if we’re talking about how often I eat refined sugar/ sweets/ storebought savoury snacks: daily.  Some days more, some days less. I still choose mindfully and won’t buy anything laden with E numbers,  two dozen kinds of sugar or lots of ingredients I can’t pronounce. Long story short: I’d say I eat nutritious food for the most part with some ‘play food‘ [borrowing this term from Intuitive Eating] thrown in.

2) Do you prefer a sweet or a salty treat?
Generally sweet but it really depends on the situation. I’m more likely to stock bars of chocolate than bags of chips, though.

3) What’s your favorite salty treat?
Erdnussflips, tortilla chips or pretzel sticks.

4) What’s your favorite sweet treat?
Chocolate on a daily basis. Ice cream when I’m out with friends because I enjoy it much more with others around.

Ice cream

5) What’s your favorite brand of chocolate bar?
I think this one is obvious to any regular reader: my heart money belongs to Lindt. My grandma on my dad’s side is to blame for that obsession instilled in childhood already. See, I didn’t even have a choice.

6) When was the last time you went out to eat?
My mum and I ate at an all-vegan restaurant around the corner of where I lived on the day of my move.

7) What did you order?

Lunch out_vegan_buffet_July 2014

They serve all food buffet-style so I got a nice plate with a bit of almost everything. Vegetable curry, vegan goulash, a quinoa dish,  red rice, … It was awesome and the first time in ages I ate the whole plate without an ounce of guilt. It’s a pity I won’t be able to go back [or at least not in a long time].

8) Do you tend to binge on unhealthy foods around your house?
Rarely. I wouldn’t consider these once-in-a-blue-moon happenings binges but satisfying cravings I [un]intentionally ignored for too long before. It still happens at times.

9) Chips or popcorn?
Tortilla chips [to keep up with the corn theme].

10) What’s your favorite flavour/brand of chips?
Lorenz. Which I’m sure all of you will know. Not. 😉

Happiness-inducing today: Talking to my grandma on the phone. It had been a long while since we last talked and we ended up chatting forever. All while walking in the evening sunshine.

Stay in touch!

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Tell me …

What’s your favorite recipe using nuts or nut butters?

Do you prefer oatmeal prepared with milk or water? If milk: which kind is your favourite?

How often do you eat ‘play foods’?

What are your favourite treats?

Good good links #52

365 days. 52 weeks. 525 948.766 minutes. Countless thought-provoking, inspiring, delicious and downright awesome posts.

That’s what this week marks: the one-year-anniversary of my Good good links. It’s a bittersweet day, though, because this might be the last episode for a while. Not only will starting my new job leave me with less blog reading time. Apparently, getting internet [and a telephone landline] set up in my new apartment is going to take four to six weeks 😯 . Yes, four to six weeks of no internet. I’m still trying to wrap my head around that and while I approve of some unplugging every now and then that’s entirely too much. Anyway, if I don’t make much of an appearance on here or commenting on your posts: that’s why. For now, I hope you’ll enjoy the posts below as much as I did and are having a great weekend.

Good good links

Good good [food for thought]

“Treats” and “Cheats”: Examining  Negative Language About Food via Bagels to Broccoli

Reconsidering the way we talk about food and reducing comparison and feelings of guilt and shame.

 Ditching the Diet Mentality via Clean Eats, Fast Feets

 “If you’re […] whatever food fits for you simply because you like the caloric makeup better than the actual flavor, that’s being on a diet. And in the end, it’s going to bite you in the ass”.  Awesome post – not just because I adore Meghan’s writing.

Healthy Living Bloggers’ Definition of Vacation via The Big Man’s World

It’s called vacation for a reason: take a break from your routine. There’s enough of life sticking to the same daily grind left.

Want to lose weight more than anything? via Sarah Jenks

Do you really? Think twice.

Health Judgements Based on Weight via Breathe and Nourish

Somebody’s weight doesn’t tell you anything about their story. Don’t judge hastily from looks alone.


Good good [advice and inspiration]

WTF Does It Really Mean to “Listen to Your Body?” via Greatist

Can you identify the signals your inner voice is sending you?

 6 Easy Ways to Be Healthier via I heart Vegetables

It’s the little things making an impact on overall well-being – and staying motivated [workout playlist].

When to Lower Your Standards via Delights & Delectables

 We can be hard on ourselves setting high expectations. “Lowering standards of ourselves and others will increase quality of life, contentment, and greatly decrease stress.”

How to create nutritionally balanced meals via The Mindful Foodie

The formula for delicious and nutritious dishes that leave you feeling satisfied and saturated.

Five Healthy Lunchbox Ideas via Hummusapien

Tips on how and what to pack a lunch that helps you get through your work or school day.

7 Ways to Stop Overating At Night via Hunger for Happiness

Being lonely, a lack of nutrients or pleasure can make us go for endless snacks after dark.

11 Brilliant Kitchen Hacks to Reduce Waste via Care2

Making the most of the remnants of in a jar of jam and how to keep potatoes from sprouting and why to save butter wrappers.


7 No-Fail Natural Stain Removers for Summer Spills via Hello Natural

Coffee, grass or ketchup: you don’t need chemicals to clean up little blemishes on your clothes.

When not getting what you want is exactly what you need via the daily love

Slightly confusing to read but a spark of hope if you feel like life wasn’t playing in your favour.



9 Ways to Use Vingear For Beautiful Hair and Skin via Women’s Health Mag

Bug bite treatment, hair rinse and sunburn relief: good reasons to keep vinegar around even for the non-salad eaters among us [read: me].

Are You TOO Clean? via Care2

Showering every day and washing your hands countless times? You might want to be a little ‘dirtier’ for the sake of your health.



14 Simple Food Photography Tips via Clean Eating Veggie Girl

Improving food photos doesn’t have to cost the world or require fancy tools.

How to Start a Blog in Less Than 30 Minutes via Fit Foodie Finds

How to set up a self-hosted blog and customize it in no time.


Do it yourself

My Favourite Things to Make This Summer via Oh joy!

Striped ice cubes, a  truly rad pop-up card and rainbow pancakes: fun little projects to try before summer’s over.

17 Ways to Make a Cheap Apartment a Chic Apartment via Serendipity and Creativity

Because living on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t turn your apartment into a cozy home.


Good good [food]

 Chewy Coconut Oat Granola Bars Stuffed with Chocolate Date Caramel via Yeah… Imma Eat That

Date caramel is one of the best indulgent-yet-not foods that ever happened – these bars have lots of it plus other great ingredients.

Gluten-Free Homemade Ding-Dongs via Fork and Beans

Never mind that I hadn’t heard of ding-dongs before but these sound heavenly.

7 Vegan Ice Cream Recipes You Should Make Right Now via Girl Makes Food

Samoa, Zucchini Bread, Peanut Butter Chocolate Swirls: homemade ice cream that lets store-bought look old.

‘Mississippi Mud’ Chocolate Frozen Yogurt via Keepin’ It Kind

I’m all about the frozen treats lately and this vegan froyo is no exception in terms of deliciousness.

15 Mason Jar Recipes via YumSugar

All the things you can serve in mason jars – more than just overnight oats.

31 Healthy and Portable High-Protein Snacks via Greatist

Ideas for on-the-go snackage aside from bars or plain cut-up vegetables.

Three Bean Chili Polenta Pot Pie by Girl versus Dough via Bob’s Red Mill

Polenta and chili were meant to be and this looks like perfect comfort food for upcoming colder months. Or any day if you’re like me.

Chickpea Flour Scramble with Avocado and Chives via Coconut and Berries

I’ve had chickpea scramble before and this new variation sounds great for when you have no canned ones at hand.



Happiness-inducing today: My mum’s endless patience and help [we’ve been doing my move in parts and today was another one].

Stay in touch!

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What were some of your favourite posts this week?


The Perks of Being a Country Bumpkin [Thinking out loud]

Home is where the heart is.

Just one of those cliché sayings you’re rolling your eyes at? I probably did years ago, too. These past days, though, I found this to be so true again and it gave me some sense of relief. Like I mentioned before I’m moving and currently living in between two apartments spending time at my parents’. I was – and, yes, still am – sad to leave the city I spend four years in. Four years of becoming more independent. Four years of good and bad memories. Four years of learning and laughing. Four years of making mistakes and new friends. Leaving the city that holds all of these memories behind is hard. But these past days at my parents’ I – unlike when I’d visited them since moving to said city before – didn’t miss anything. Because right here, in the countryside and with my family is where home still is and always will be. It’s a relief to notice that this is the one home I will never leave behind and be able to resort to anytime. Today’s Thinking out loud is a little hommage to the place I love the most and that will always be my home. Thanks to Amanda for hosting a party where even the most random posts are welcome [I hope ;)].


And while I try not to label myself there’s one I’ll bear forever: I’m a country bumpkin and I like it. Not that my parents were farmers [far from it] or I grew up on a farm – unless you count living in an old farmhouse. Yet I’m still a countryside girl. Because it means home is where …


… you can start your day steps from the house with a walk through silence. No cars, no traffic.

August 20th 021

or a silence only disturbed by the mooing of a curious flock of cows that love running along and playing chase when you run along or come closer to beg for food when you walk. Only not that day you’re bringing your camera so here’s a picture when I had already passed them.


… bikes are the preferred means of transport and cars respect you. Cycling in the city still scarces me. Plus, only in the countryside you can drive through endless fields, forests and get your thoughts sorted out along the ride. Aside from running I find my best ideas and calmth while mindlessly cycling around.

August 20th 016

… your mum grows you vegetables in her garden. The one you’ve been crawling about in when you were still a wee little one but sadly never acctually grew anything in. Mostly because you lack a green thumb.

Kabocha_mum's garden

… raspberries come straight from said garden and don’t require a trip to the store [and paying half a fortune for a small clamshell].

August 20th 014

And home is where you’re enjoying life with the pe0ple you love most. We’re not a perfect family – what is that even? – but every argument is always followed by hugs and reconciliation. It might take some time because all of us are stubborn but isn’t that what we love our familes for? Even if they don’t want to see their pictures on your blog. (:

Autumn walk

Happiness-inducing today: Sewing the first ever pants of my life [pictures to come!]. I might not become a seamstress like my mum but I didn’t do too bad.

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Did you grow up in the countryside or the city? While I obviously enjoyed life in the countryside I’m not saying city life was bad. Both have their perks.

Where or what is ‘home’ for you? The place you grew up? The first city or town you lived in on your own? Or … ?