Good good links #50

Just like the year in general I feel the weekends are passing by faster and faster every week. It might have to do with some big changes coming up for me [more on that in given time] but either way I wouldn’t mind pushing the slow-motion button some days. But you didn’t come here to listen to me rambling around but find out some good good posts you might have missed this week. Without further ado: Enjoy – the links and your Sunday!

Good good links

Good good [food for thought]

I Know The Secret To Skinny via The Healthy Maven

Only it’s not the one to health and happiness. Great post by a great lady who’s wise beyond her years.

Doing Your Best Without the Stress of Perfectionism via tiny Buddha

We might not be able to stop our perfectionism but we can turn it from destructive to constructive to ease our minds.


Good good [advice and inspiration]

10 Tips For Shopping at Farmers Markets via Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen

Farmers’ Markets are a foodie’s dream and these are some great tips on how to get the most of your visit. Make friends with farmers!

What Registered Dietitians Feed Their Kids via The Lean Green Bean

I obviously don’t have children yet but given we might all someday it’s interesting to sea RDs do’s and don’ts on child nutrition.

What Every Woman Needs to Know About Overeating and Weight Gain via well-intentioned

It’s good to remind ourselves to put things into perspective before we stress out about occasional overindulging.

Anyone Can Master This Genius Way To Cut A Watermelon Into Cubes via Huffington Post

I don’t usually buy whole watermelons but now I’m super curious to try this method

Mouth on Fire? The Best (and Worst) Ways to Soothe the Burn Fast via Greatist

Not just for hardcore spicy food fiends. Who hasn’t been in that situation before?


50 Habits For A Happy Life via Mind Body Green

Read this and then start including at least some of these in your life right away.

10 little ways to be happier at a job you don’t like via Jamie Mendell

Because sometimes you’re stuck in that job that pays the bills but doesn’t fulfill you. Here’s how to make the best of it.

30 Career Tips Every Young Woman Should Know by Lexi Herrick via HuffPost

Know-how for starting out and being successful in business. Making plans is a key point.

How to create a sanctuary for your success via Nisha Moodley

The way we keep our surroundings has huge influence on our well-being. Great tips on creating an environment to thrive in.


Being Okay With Being Single by Cassie via Nutty for Life

Great advice on how to use being single to get to know yourself and your preferences better and learn to feel good alone.

My 8 Steps For Feeling Confident via Cupcakes and Cashmere

Pushing yourself to try new things, being present and finding a schedule that works for you: great tips to be more ‘you’.

8 Simple Ways To Lead A More Blissful Life via Mind Body Green

Speaking to ourselves kindly, not judging others and giving away time, energy and passion among others.

23 Reasons You Should Go Hug Your Mom via Huffington Post

… and I bet we can all think of even more. Go and hug the best mom in the world because you’re the lucky one to have her in your life.

All The Ways Your Phone Is Messing Up Your Life, In One Chart via Huffington Post

Pretty shocking and also sad when presented in this way.




Signs Your Body Needs Rest ASAP via My Food ‘n’ Fitness Diaries

Are you more tired than usual, injury-prone and have no energy in daily life? It might be time for some more rest.


Good good [posts to make you smile]

 What Dessert Matches Your Personality? via BuzzFeed

Mine.. somehow surprised me. Because it wasn’t ice cream.



Good good [food]

 Cinnamon Bun Oatmeal Pudding via The Big Man’s World

Doesn’t this look like the best way to overdose on cinnamon start your morning and bring back childhood memories*?

Salted Caramel Overnight Oats via honey & figs

It’s a caramel kind of week. Starting with a breakfast that seems too good to be true. Want.

Sweet Potato Cinnamon Muffins with Out of This World Sweet Potato Caramel via The Vegan 8

We know how I feel about sweet potatoes – but caramel?! How could you go wrong there?

 Chocolate Chia Ice Cream via Top with Cinnamon

Date- and maple-sweetened creamy chocolate ice cream based on whipped chia pudding? Genius.

Homemade ice cream (no maker required + dairy free option!) via Wholeheartedly Healthy

Don’t have an ice cream maker but want a cool treat? Here’s how [and not the intricate ice cubes + salt method].

29 Genius Ways To Eat Greek Yogurt via BuzzFeed

Frozen yogurt bark? Mac and cheese? Cupcakes? 29 more reasons to be obsessed with Greek yogurt.

Homemade Roasted Red Pepper Hummus Oatmeal with Toasted Sesame Seeds via Oatgasm

Hummus. On oats. This might just convince me to finally try savoury oatmeal.

Cornbread Mini Loaves [Gluten-free and vegan] via The Breakfast Drama Queen

Just eight ingredients, no flour or refined sugar: these look both adorable and delicious.

 Grilled Lasagna via Greatist

A delicious [vegetarian, too] alternative for the next time I find myself with a craving for lasagna but no noodles at hand.

Vegan Lentil, Kale and Salsa Verde Enchiladas via Hummusapien

These have basically everything I could eat on a daily basis without getting bored. Perfect.


*Never mind that neither Cinnabons nor Cinnamon Raisin Toast were part of my childhood. I still want to try this.


Happiness-inducing today: An uber friendly cashier at the supermarket. That’s always a nice surprise among the many grumpy ones [understandly so in some cases, though].

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Which posts made you think, laugh or got you hungry this week?

8 thoughts on “Good good links #50

  1. Ms.J says:

    I love chatting to supermarket cashiers! And not to toot my own horn; buuuut – from my encounters I seem to have a very positive effect at leaving them smiling (if they weren’t to begin with) .
    I am so stokes for these changes coming up..yes I need to pour out my mind in a reply to the news soon.
    As always: these sound marvelous..I cannot wait to get stuck into the dessert quiz at Buzzfeed 😀 .

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