Fulfilling blogger duties – with food

Some coincidences make me laugh. I never eat anything merely for the blog but looking at my meals from the past days I did pretty well at fullfilling blog world [food] duties with my meals. Good to know because I wouldn’t have rejoiced about being kicked out of this circle of awesome people soon. And while we’re on the topic of blog world duties I’m not missing out on everybody’s favourite mid-week party over at Jenn’s, either. Here’s to What I ate Wednesday featuring typical blogger fare.


First up let me introduce our special guest – or: get all giddy about what I found just yesterday. If anybody would understand my excitement upon spotting this little guy and his friends* at the store it’d be you – fellow bloggers and blog readers. So let’s raise our glasses to welcome kabocha back in season! Or at least over here because I know some of you lucky ones are able to find it all year round.

*and if anybody could understand me talking about vegetables like this – and yes, I know pumpkin is techincally a berry.


Oops, I did it again – and will over and over as long as I can find my favourite ! If you remember I confessed to my unusual breakfast of kabocha last year already. In fact,  I guess with that other habit in mind I’m probably an overall slightly unusual breakfast eater. Who’d be worried, though? All I care about is taste and satisfaction. And steamed kabocha with both hazelnut and almond butter –is my definition of satisfaction. If I ever was to write a [food] dictionary you’d find this combination right there.


The not-so-awesome part was that I only found kabocha two days before my move – which happens to be today. So no more stocking up. Crossed fingers for me surviving this nerve-wracking madness are appreciated.

Onto more good food for now. I’ve been trying new foods – or old rediscovered ones  – and quinoa of all choices made an appearance again. It must have been at least (!) a year since my last encounter. And would probably have been a lot longer because I didn’t enjoy it much before. Blogger fail?! Had it not been for everybody posting even more quinoa meals lately [or maybe that was just my subjective perception] I’m not sure I’d have picked up a bag. Okay, you won. It was good. My first try was unspectacular but then I decided to work the – for whichever reason – magical [pseudo-]grain + cheese trick. What followed was so SO good. Caprese baked Quinoa.

Quinoa caprese_II

Oh my. I’m still not sure what exactly my stomach thinks of cheese so I’m trying to be mindful of the amounts but I was tempted to add more here. Creamy, tomato-y quinoa with plenty of fresh basil, chickpeas,  tomatoes and two kinds of cheese. Drizzled with balsamic vinegar: Perfection on a plate. The recipe is simple but so good I need to add it to my personal online cookbook. Or in other words:  share with you if you prefer that version 😉 .

Quinoa caprese

Lately I’ve been finishing almost every lunch with this:


Not like I hadn’t eaten it pre-blogging but I honestly can’t remember buying any myself in past years. Amanda and Kat fuelled the longing with their pictures and samples at the organic grocery  had their impact, too. I’m not complaining and can now fully comprehend any mention of watermelon as cryptonite. It’s addictive. So much that actually taking a picture instead of mindlessly munching pieces once I’ve cut them up is hard. Hard enough so I didn’t have one to include in my currently post. #Bloggerfail??

Mini PB cheesecakes

Not a fail but not yet a recipe were these individual refined sugar-free peanut butter cheesecakes. I’m posting this first picture mostly to keep myself accountable or as a reminder to stick with testing. I just need to tweak them a bit more before I’m ready to share the details with you.

And to finally answer my question why so stereotypical: Because every blogger keen on quinoa, kissing kabocha, considering watermelon kryptonite or writing odes to a oatmeal/ whichever kind of nut butter/ you name it is so right.* For more typical and not-so-typical blogger fare head over to Jenn’s.

*[That does not ring true for green smoothies, though. Sorry.]

Happy Wednesday!

Happiness-inducing today: A chat about animal-shaped clouds, childhood and flying with three older ladies on a train – another wonderful case of talking to strangers .

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Quinoa: yay or nay? Tell me your favourite recipes!

What is your [fruit] cryptonite?

Can you find kabocha all-year round or is it a seasonal vegetable for you, too? Tell me I’m not the only one who has to spend almost six months without it.

10 thoughts on “Fulfilling blogger duties – with food

  1. Ms.J says:

    I would have continued living in blissful ignorance on the existence of kabocha squash if it wasn’t for the good mention (putting it mildly) it received in blog land. Followed the urgent search, because I NEEDED it of course..and then the lond period of depression at realizing that it’s apparent kabocha does not feature on my lands. Ahhh it just looks so good too! At least I’ve got my butternut squash; don’t burst my bubble by informing me it’s not nearly as good 😉 !? All the best with your move!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      I’m not one to purposefully tell lies so I’m sorry but: butternut squash doesn’t closely compare. Then again, I’ve heard people say kabocha was similar to sweet potatoes and I know you’ve been enjoying those. Plus, there are a million foods I can’t get and hear people rave about overseas, too. One day you’ll find a kabocha.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Stores and Farmers’ Markets need to get on board with kabocha. In fact, though, I once had an organic farmer order it specifically for me. He said he didn’t regularly offer it because people preferred orange kinds of squash. Maybe you can ask one of you local farmers, too?
      And that quinoa bowl looks good – so colourful and fresh.

  2. katalysthealth says:

    I CANNOT find that squash around here, which is sad since LA typically has such a wide variety. I mean, Ive been to 3 different farmers markets with no luck. Lameeeeee! Butternut squash is pretty much my go to 🙂

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