Fear not and sweet goodbyes

We made it! If you read yesterday’s post you know what my day looked like. While sad to have packed up the last four years of my life I’m also glad to be done. Half-way at least. The actual move to my new place isn’t until the end of next week. For now I’ll be staying with my parents and it feels good to be ‘home’ after quite a while. But today’s not about moving marvelings -though it was quite an interesting day to say the least … – but for Thinking out loud. Thanks to Amanda who also gave me inspiration for some thoughts here…


1. In the intro of her post presenting what has to be one of the best foods  food groups invented by humankind – read: cookie dough which yes, it is a food group in its own right – Amanda talked about her [irrational or not so much] fears.  I skipped answering the question about mine in the comments because I had cookie dough on my mind. Or maybe my mind had momentarily turned into cookie dough?! Either way: irrational fears. As a child I was terrified by the dark and checked for monsters under my bed. I may or may not still do to this day…

2. Another one: elevators. It’s a legit one. When in university I pretended to enjoy taking the stairs. If you knew me you’d laugh at that because I’m SO glad to live on the first floor. And taking up those seemingly endless flights up to the fourth floor every time I needed to contact a professor up there? Woof.  Friends are usually surprised by this given I like running.  But running doesn’t require me to climb stairs.  Unless we talked tower runs and those are insanity to me. But taking the elevator instead?  No way.  At least not alone. If I’m with others who want to take it I’ll pretend to be cool with it on the outside but internally send a prayer. The one time me and a group of others got stuck for just a minute or so made me closely panic and leave once the elevator reached the next floor though we weren’t at the right one yet.

3. Do you ever have those days where you feel haunted by a certain topic? Either one you’ve been trying to avoid OR one that’s been on your mind forever?  If you’ve ever been on a diet I’m pretty sure you’ll have noticed the whole world talking about the most indulgent foods or when you were unsure about buying a certain item suddenly everybody seemed to talk about it. This ‘hypersensitivity’ made me unable to decide if the universe qas trying to tell me something the other day again. I was at my gym for the last time before my move on Tuesday. Usually people aren’t super talkative – unless I take the initiative – but that day every girl leaving the locker room said goodbye. Thank you, universe, for letting me leave with a good memory of the people in this studio.

Lindor-filled cookie

4. And to leave a good impression of myself in my neighbours’ memory I baked some cookies for them before I left. Granted, part of it had to do with trying to use up ingredients I had on hand if that isn’t a sweet way of killing two birds with one stone I don’t know. I’m showing you the bottom of these so you can see just how much chocolate action is going on there. These are Lindor-filled Chocolate Chip Cookies.  The only changes I made were to halve the recipe, sub white sugar for brown since that’s what I had on hand and use one flax egg instead of a real one [I don’t eat eggs]. It worked a charm. Happy neighbours, happy me.

And: Happy Thursday to you! Which sounds a lot like Happy Birthday -> which probably means you should bake some cookies. Or cake. Just saying.

Happiness-inducing today: Joking around with my mum in between the nerve-wracking stress of moving.

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What are some of your random fears?

Have you ever gotten stuck in an elevator?

Anybody else who checked below their bads for monsters as a child? I’m convinced I wasn’t the only one.

17 thoughts on “Fear not and sweet goodbyes

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Absolutely. That’s probably the only reason I’m glad I dont have a walk-in closet. Those are way too attractive for monsters.
      The law of attraction is powerful and some days I really like it. Some not so much.

  1. Ms.J says:

    Fabulous that you’re savouring your time at home 🙂 …if there’s anyone who can talk me happier – its Mum.
    At least you only had cookie dough on your mind after Amanda’s post; my brain was exhausted from bouncing back and forth between “monsters lurking in the dark abyss” and glorious cookie dough. Needless to say, I very much wanted a big bowl of cookie dough to replenish my sapped self after that… I think it’s all part of the plan though 😀 !?
    Elevator fears? Woah, really? I guess it would sound unbelievable -to me- having never gotten stuck in one.
    Other than a cockroach fear *shudder* from the day I was born [most likely], I cannot pinpoint anything else.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Isn’t this post proof there were a lot of things different than cookie dough on my mind afterwards? (:
      Monsters lurking under beds. Elevators. I didn’t even include spiders or the likes. I’m glad we don’t have cockroaches over here because those would definitely make it on my list.
      And yes, elevator fears are real. Becoming even more pronounced by the number of floors in between me and my destination.

  2. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    I never checked for monsters under my bed, but I -would- always jump out of my bed and land a few feet away so that nothing could grab my leg and pull me under 😆 And you know my thoughts on dark water, snakes, backless stairs, and horror movies 😯

    As for elevators, I’ve never gotten stuck, but I was once took this oooooold elevator in a library that was only big enough to fit two people, and I swear it took forever just to go up a few floors. Freaky as hell.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Small and slow – that elevator would have given me nightmares.
      And ooh, good call on jumping out of bed. I never thought of that before but you’re making a point there 😀 .

  3. Khushboo Thadani (@KhushbooThadani) says:

    Ohhh em geee- using lindor balls in chocolate chip cookies might be the most genius idea yet…your lucky neighbors! I can definitely understand your elevator fear- hope neither of us are ever stuck in one! I have an irrational fear of falling whenever I’m going down stairs- not sure where exactly it stems from!

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