Everybody likes food – Part I

Life/ blog realisation #293494: the more is happening in my life, the less likely I am to take pictures of said happenings. So while I could technically post a recap of the time between my move on Wednesday and today there are zero photos to document it. How else to join the marvelousness over at Katie’s? Surveys to the rescue!


The perfect occasion for a no-brainer topic everybody considers marvelous and likes to talk about: food. I snagged this epic survey from Amanda – thanks! – and will also follow her lead in breaking it up into two servings parts. Expect the second part soon but first parts first so here it goes!


1) Flavour-wise, do you prefer white breads or whole wheat?
Growing up on whole grain breads from a local organic bakery these will forever be my favourite.  I’m picky, though: it has to be the kind laden with seeds.

2) What’s your favorite type of grain to eat (oatmeal, bread, wraps, etc)?:
Even though I usually struggle with naming favourites this one is clear: oats. They’re one of the most versatile grains ever: in various forms – rolled, steel-cut or [my favourite] oat bran – for breakfast,  rotis/ lolis as a side for curries and oat flour in gluten-free baked goods like these incredible brownies.


3) What’s your favorite sandwich filling?
I’ll have to pass on this one: no sandwiches for me.

4) What’s your favorite kind of bread?
Like I mentioned above: the delightfully doughy pumpkin/ sunflower/ flax seed-studded loaves my mum buys.

5) Around how many servings of grain do you consume daily?
This is tricky to answer. Not because I don’t eat grains – heck do I! – but as serving sizes confuse me. Adhering to pre-defined standard serving sizes doesn’t work for me. Some days I’ll need more than those, some days they fit my appetite. What I can say, though, is that grains are a key part of my daily meals.


6) What’s your favorite cracker-topping?
You’re supposed to top crackers?! We’ve never done that in my family.

7) What’s your favorite thing to do with rice?
Sweet: rice pudding.  At best prepared by my mum using the ‘in-bed method’. Does anybody else’s mum do the same? ?
Savoury: either burrito bowls or some kind of casserole.

8) What brand of bread do you usually buy?
I buy bread once in a blue moon and preferably from local organic bakeries. Once, though, I was lucky to get a taste of the famous life-changing loaf of bread my sister had baked. It really is amazing,

Life-changing bread_my new roots

9) What’s your favorite type of cereal?
Boring but the only one I regularly buy is unsweetened puffed amaranth. It’s delicious both plain and in place of bread crumbs in savoury dishes.  The scarce choice of ‘healthy’ cereals we get over here doesn’t even closely compare to all brands available overseas.

10) What was your favorite type of breakfast cereal as a child?
Crunchy granola with chocolate chunks.


1) Favorite fruit?
As with all those ‘favourites’: Tough question. I’ll go with most-eaten instead and say apples.

2) Least favorite type of fruit?
Papaya. It’s ridiculously expensive and tastes like nothing.  Not a fair trade.

3) Do you drink fruit juice often?
Hardly ever.

4) Do you consider tomatoes a fruit, or a vegetable?
I know it’s technically a fruit but in my mind it will always be a vegetable. And as long as supermarkets keep stocking it in the vegetable section I’ll feel proven right. (:

5) Do you think you eat enough fruit daily?:
Absolutely, yes. Maybe too much because moderation does -not- exist when it comes to fruit.


6) Do you consider fruit more important than vegetables?
Not more important but sweeter so I’m more likely to eat [lots of] it. Sweet tooth right here.

7) What’s your favorite citrus fruit?

8) Do you like pastries with fruit in them?
Hm, I’m trying to remember if I ever had a fruit pastry before. But if we’re talking crumbles than yes to those with fruit.

9) What’s your favorite flavour of jam?
Cherry -and- strawberry. At best made by my grandma but I’ve found a good brand as a replacement, too.

My Mum’s homemade strawberry jam – made with real sugar and can’t be  beaten.

10) When do you usually eat the most fruit (breakfast, snack, etc)?:.
I’m snacking on fruit all throughout the day.


1) When you were a kid, did you like vegetables?:
It was a tie. Neither was I the pickiest nor the most daring eater. Actually, I think I’ll ask my mum later to hear how she’d rated me there. Fingers crossed for an answer in my favour ;).

2) Do you think you eat enough vegetables now?:
Some days I could do better but for the most part: yes.

3) What’s your favorite raw vegetable?:
Carrots. But only organic ones that I’ve found to be naturally sweeter than their non-organic counterparts.

4) What’s your favorite cooked vegetable?:
Kabocha. Too bad it’s the vegetable with the shortest season over here. Just steamed and plain it’s perfection. No roasting or seasonings for me.


 5) What’s your least favorite raw vegetable?:
Kohlrabi. You will not see me eat that.  As a child I saw other kids snack on it and was so glad my mum never tucked it into my lunch box. Which means my children will probably be kohlrabi despisers, too.

6) What’s your least favorite cooked vegetable?:
Beets. Unfortunately because they’re super healthy and I really like their gorgeous colour but: no.

7) What’s your favorite kind of salad?
On the rare occasion I eat salad I’ll use spinach or a store-bought salad mix as a base. But you know I’m more partial to grain salads..

Taco Salad_

8) Do you buy spaghetti sauce, or do you make your own?
Always homemade. I can see how it might be handy to use store-bought when short on time but Germany most definitely doesn’t boast sketchy-ingredient-free varieties. When I was still living at home my mum would occasionally buy some organic vegan bolognese sauce at the health food store for me when the rest of the family had her homemade non-vegetarian meat sauce.

9) When/if you order a sub at subway or mr. sub, what vegetables do you get on it?:
Ironically, I used to work at Subway but never ate there. The town I grew up in didn’t have Subway so I never had it prior to going vegetarian, either.

10) Do you like vegetables more than fruit?
Generally no. Unless you asked me during kabocha season which happens to be right now…

Happiness-inducing today: Another very big hug from my grandpa. This one doesn’t get old.

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Tell me …

What’s your favourite grain?

Around how many servings of grain do you consume daily?

Favourite fruit? Least favourite fruit?

Do you like vegetables more than fruit?


17 thoughts on “Everybody likes food – Part I

  1. dpageteach00 says:

    What’s your favourite grain?
    I love all whole grains!! Hmmm hard to say!! oats prob top my list right now

    Around how many servings of grain do you consume daily?
    No idea! lol it varies

    Favourite fruit? Least favourite fruit?

    alone: cantaloupe or honeydew (apples are up there too!)
    with PB – banana
    with yogurt – blueberries and blackberries

    Least favorite:

    peaches…….im beginning to like them. I just don’t think i know how to pick/eat them correctly!

    Do you like vegetables more than fruit?

    I like them both equally!! Depends on my mood (and sweet tooth!)

  2. Ms.J says:

    Papayas taste like nothing 😯 .. I’m going to pretend I didn’t see that. Aaand I’m making a mental note not to serve cooked beets as a component to a meal when you come around 😉 .
    Since tomatoes count as part of my veggie intake for the day – I cannot consider it a fruit either! Regarding fruit; I have the most appalling history with my relationship – in general – toward fruit. I’m hoping to tap into it and understand how I feel about fruit one of these.
    A born granola human hey 😀 !?

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Same with the tomatoes here. If I didn’t count the handfuls of the sweetest tomatoes ever I’m snacking straight from my mum’s garden my vegetable intake would be shameful.
      I think I need to make you tell me more about your special relationship with fruit in your next mail. It sounds interesting.
      And yes, I’ll very much appreciate you steering clear of beets in any meal you cook for me. Feel free to serve up papaya, though, because rumor has it those we can find over here are sub-par.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      It’s odd – and don’t hate me – but cherries are one of those fruit I could do without. On their own. Not if we’re talking grandma’s jam, ice cream pretty much everything else.
      And I didn’t do myself a favour posting that old brownie picture, either. Guess what I’ve been craving all day?!

  3. katalysthealth says:

    LEGIT drooling over everything in this post. Nom nom nom!
    And I’m a bread MONGER, eat at least 2 slices everyday in same way, shape, or form 🙂 I like mine to have seeds in it too, but mostly I just want it hearty, which is why I love wheat breads. White breads are just too flimsy for me!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Flimsy – that’s what I don’t like about white breads, either. They just don’t have that ‘bite’ I’m looking for in bread. And well, seeds. I’m sure you’d be all over those hearty breads from our local bakery.

  4. KickAshMom says:

    I love veggies. But I also love fruit! Must I choose. I loved cooked veggies. zucchini will forever be my favorite well, besides onions. I really love whole grains as well. It really is true how your taste buds change with how you eat or what you grow up with.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      It’s true. I know I had a somewhat ‘rebelious’ phase when some of my meals were on the unhealthier side in my early teens. But that was short-lived and nowadays I’m naturally more drawn towards whole grains and healthier foods. Though I clearly inherited my dad’s huge sweet tooth, too.

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