Good good links #52

I’m tempted to repeat my usual astonisment of saying how fast time flew by – it really did! – again but you can say that only so often before it gets old. Instead, I’ll say that spending time with my family has taken priority these past days and felt so good after we hadn’t been around each other for quite some time. Blog reading hasn’t been happening too much this week.  That’s why today’s list of good good links is shorter than usual. But there still was no shortage of inspiring, interesting and intriguingly delicious posts all around the blog world.

Happy Sunday!

Good good links


Good good [food for thought]


{Blogging As A Business} The Cons of Blogging via The Healthy Maven

What it’s really like to run a blog as a full-time job – and some of these ring true for us hobby bloggers, too.

Ditch the Scale: 50+ Better Ways to Measure Health by Lauren Fowler [Mindful Meals] via Delicious Obsessions

Signs of true health that no number can ever tell you but that will make you a million times happier than stepping on a scale.

 10 Choices You Won’t Regret In 10 Years via Marc and Angel Hack Life

Doing what makes you feel good, spending time with people you love and being more present help to gain happiness.


Good good [advice and inspiration]

Standing in Your Own Way via The Lyons’ Share

Working on our goals becomes a lot easier when we empower rather than constantly doubt or sabotage ourselves.

How to Find an Accountabilibuddy via hello healthy

It’s much easier to follow through with any goals you set when you have others checking up on and motivating you.

How to Add More Steps to Your Day via Dr. Frank Lipman

10,000 are the recommended minimum – ways to step up your steps. Any guesses why drinking more might be one of them? (:

7 Reasons Why You’re Not Living The Life Of Your Dreams via Mind Body Green

It’s not because all of your goals were unattainable. Changing our thoughts and actions to make our dreams become reality.



 A Guide to Vitamins in Your Food via HuffPost

Where to get all those wonderful vitamins – aside from Vita Gummies ;).

How NOT to overdo the chocolate via The Mindful Foodie

Are you ‘guilty’ of eating with distractions, too? Some good tips to become more mindful and actually savour your food.

So… What Do You Eat Now? via The Balanced Blonde

Eating whatever you crave without restriction feels best. Label-free: the way to be.


9 Things Good Listeners Do Differently via Huffington Post

They’re emotionally intelligent, have an open mind and are present: Are you a good listener?



9 Ways to Write Attention-Grabbing Post Titles via Absurd, She Wrote

First impressions matter – and your post’s title is what makes or breaks your readers’ attention.


Good good [food]

 Chunky Monkey Cookies via The Sexy Veggie

Everybody likes bananas, chocolate and oats, right? And they’re just the base in these cookies packed with goodness.

Healthy Cookie Dough Recipes via Yeah… Imma eat that

Do I even need to give you any more reasons to click this link?? We’re talking cookie dough.

Raw Triple Chocolate Cookies [with homemade chocolate chips] via Coconut and Berries

Triple the chocolate action, triple deliciousness.

Stone Fruit Summer Guacamole via edible perspective

Regular guac doesn’t tickle my fancy too much but this one…

Healthy Texas Caviar via My Whole Food Life

Beans, peas and plenty of vegetables – this is my kind of salad. Who’s bringing the chips for scooping fun?

 Greek Yogurt Pasta Sauce via POPSUGAR

Quick and easy creamy pasta with an extra dose of protein thanks to the

 Hummus Gazpacho via Kitchen Treaty

Given I hardly ever have bread at hand for authentic gazpacho this version using chickpeas instead is genius.

Pesto Carrots and Chickpeas with Rice (+ my healthy lunches!) via Naturally Ella

A quick and easy dish plus more great ideas for anybody packing their lunches, too.


Happiness-inducing today: A big hug from my grandpa.

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4 thoughts on “Good good links #52

  1. Megan (The Lyons' Share) says:

    Clicking on so many of these – looks like a great collection, and thanks for sharing mine! I may be crazy, but I think some of the links aren’t working (I’m unable to click on them). But good ol’ Google comes to the rescue ;). Have a great Sunday!

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