Dessert first?!

Say what?! For the first time in a while I found myself lacking food pictures to show off as part of the What I ate Wednesday and Vegan Wednesday parties. What to do? Start with a dish I ate a while back [think: sometime at the beginning of the month]. Really, though, with this post you’ll know why I was tempted to go with dessert first. But I’ll go the way my parents’ taught me: first the ‘real’ food, then play foods. One of my favourite play foods at that …


Time for a little bit of truth about my meals at my parents’ place before we get started on food: They’re a lot less exciting and creative than when at my place. Which is due to the fact that I reside in my parents’ guest apartment [they used to let it  to a woman but when she moved out and my siblings got older they moved out of the room we shared. And into ones of their own in said apartment]. The bad part is that the apartment isn’t stocked with any food – think no spices, flours, herbs, … – and borrowing them from my mum’s ktichen and running to and fro while cooking? Not so awesome.  Long story short: I’ve been using very basic ingredients. But nonetheless, I make sure to eat good food and plenty of produce. Hello, mum’s garden. Stuffed mushrooms on a bed of polenta were one of those easy creations.

Stuffed mushrooms


Breakfast? Same old, same old. I’m afraid to say goodbye to this after moving into my new apartment. No more grabbing my favourite from mum’s garden. Anyway, no need for a repeat picture here so we’ll skip right to yesterday’s lunch. Which has – thanks to above-mentioned lack of spices – been somewhat of a challenge these past days. Picture my excitement when I saw Davida’s recipe for Baked “Cheesy” Cauliflower requiring only a handful of ingredients. Plus featuring two of my all-time favourite foods: cauliflower and nutritional yeast.

On the mention of Davida: Happy birthday to everybody’s favourite maven! If you haven’t visited her blog and/ or tried any of her recipes yet I highly recommend you do. Stat. Why not start with this one?!

Davida's cheesy cauliflower

Davida will forgive me for adding garlic though it’s not listed in her recipe because, well, hardly a savoury dish is complete without garlic. And: heart-healthy. Which obviously isn’t the reason I’m obsessed with using it but I could always pretend in case of smelling 😉 ! Aside from this I subbed mashed chickpeas for the egg which obviously meant I didn’t get the same puffy texture Davida’s original had but I enjoyed it nonetheless. It’s similar to her cauliflower gratin I first tried way back but I think I like this dish even better.

If you – for non-understandable reasons – happen to dislike garlic [how can you??] I’m sure the sauce would be delicious even without it. You know I still think garlic makes it even better but yes. All of you will also forgive me for saying that while this was really good I was anticipating dessert all the while … Don’t worry. I’m not going to pull the old ‘I scream, you scream – we all scream for ice cream’ joke on you. I’m all for the bad puns at times but some are too old even for me 😀 .

Blueberry Swirl Ice Cream_spoon

What I’m going to say and do instead is give myself a pat on the back let you know I was all giddy while making this. See, I’ve had my ice cream maker for – [insert me trying to remember which Amazon account I used to buy it so I can track back the year] … a long time. Yet I only used it a few times back then – end of summer – and then moved out. The time in between is blurred [think ED and whatnot]. But now I’m reunited with this fine machine and will have it move with me. Homemade ice cream all year round? I’m not entirely opposed. For a start, I made up a Blueberry Swirl creation. No vanilla in there because my mum had run out. Major doozy. We ended up sprinkling it lightly [mum] respectively heavily [me] with cinnamon and that pulled it together. Given it was the first time I ever created ice cream not following a recipe I’m rather happy with how it turned out. Below hand-modelled by mum.

Blueberry swirl ice cream

Remember what I said about not eating dessert until after the ‘real’ meal? Blame my mum for me switching orders here. She came home from work asking for ice cream when I had just put Davida’s dish into the oven. But hey, who says you can’t have dessert first? This picture is solely for mum because ‘you should get one with the flowers!’. So there you go: mum’s flowers. Which yes, are pretty so we’ll ignore the fact the ice cream is more like blurred blueberry in the picture.


I hope you’re having a great Wednesday – maybe with a side of ice cream?!


Happiness-inducing today: Sitting outside in the sun with mum and dad chatting about everything.

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Have you ever made ice cream at home? Let me know of any awesome recipes or flavour creations!

What are your favourite few-ingredient dishes to make when you’re running low on groceries/ cooking in a not-so-well stocked kitchen?


8 thoughts on “Dessert first?!

  1. GiGi Eats Celebrities says:

    THAT ICE CREAM!!!! It makes me miss mint chocolate chip ice cream so much!!!! It’s not even funny, that was my favorite, hands down! And I am glad you got to sit in the sun and chat with your parents – if you can believe it, I haven’t seen my mom since January!!

  2. Ms.J says:

    I echo the garlic love. So much so that I fail to take note of when I add it – its just a anything and everything savoury. Which reminds that I didn’t even bother to mention its addition into my chickpea mushroom (stew) in today’s WIAW!
    Woah look at you woman; that ice cream looks amazing! Bluberry swirl…no chocolate, but it has such good creaminess going on it has me drooling 🙂 .

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