It’s a thingamabob Thursday! [Thinking out loud]

Oh hey, it’s Thursday – and yes, I’m actually surprised by that. I feel we just started this week which might have to do with my to-do list not getting any shorter – quite the contrary. I’d better keep the intro short and get started on that. Don’t forget to stop by our host Amanda’s blog and wish her a [belated] happy second blog anniversary!

Edited to add: Exciting news [to me at least and you can pretend to agree ;)]: I just got notice the internet should be installed in my new apartment next week already. So no long blogging break – fingers crossed!


1. Maybe I need to make ice cream more often. Why? It had been cold at the beginning of the week [see #3!] but the day I decided to finally get serious about ice cream creating the sun came out in full peak again. Hello, back to 75 °F after days of wind and somewhere around the 60’s.

2. Speaking of that ice cream: Would you like to see the recipe? Like I said I’ll be gone from the blog world for a while but I’d probably manage to find some time to get that post up before we leave tomorrow still.

2. Fashion and me: If tone-in-tone was the worst of all fashion sins I’d have committed a major crime recently:


Will you believe me when I say I didn’t put this together intentionally? The lowdown on the outfit:

  • Rosé-coloured shoes because they’re the only ones I have at my parents that my inlays fit into.
  • Red tights because their colour makes me happy and they’re super comfortable [you ladies will know not all tights are created equal!].
  • Red coat because it’s light enough for the current weather plus the only water-resistant one I have around here.
  • Madison Ave-hue on my nails … Because I felt like it?? Okay, I have no explanation for that one but all of my nail polishes are shades of red/ pink/ coral.
  • And my phone cover because …  it’s always that colour.


3. Did you and your parents leave notes for each other back in time? Or maybe you and your roommate/ significant other/ cat/ dog still do?? I vividly remember those exchanges and more often than not they were of the demanding to-do list nature. In hindsight, I think I was actually likelier to follow those than the lists I’d written for myself. Hm … Maybe I need to pay others to write my to-do lists …? Anyway, the note I found on Monday was a lot better:

August 26th and 27th 009

Translation: “The radiator is on.”

Written on the back of an empty Lindt wrapper from the bar I’d finished the night before and had left on the table no less. Can you tell we’re avid paper savers over here? Or probably just not feeling like looking for a proper piece of paper when in a hurry.

4. If you remember my post from last week you’ll know I’ve been enjoying the bounty of my mum’s garden. Can we agree that yellow raspberries > red raspberries?! By lengths. Even if that means I need to fight for them. Or just be the first in the raspberry bushes every day. Good thing I got that covered for today already heading there right after my morning walk.

yellow raspberries_mums garden

5. Not one of my favourite parts about the countryside: happenings like the one I experienced the other day. When buying a handful of ingredients – some bananas among them – the corny old man in front of me at the check-out put a goods divider in between our purchases. Only to then say: “Or else you’d have had to eat your bananas at my house tonight.” Insert me giving him an unimpressed look which he apparently took as an invitation to add: “Which – I’ll be honest – I wouldn’t even have minded.” Ugh. And yes, I let him know in bored voice I would have minded, thankyouverymuch. Oh, the random people … Sure, you can find those guys in cities, too, but around here the likeliness to meet them again is that much higher. Fingers crossed it won’t happen because the cashier gave me a knowing look and told me he was a regular.

6. On the note of that goods divider: I had to look the word up because it’s not one I’d use in daily life. Do you know when you’re looking for the name of an item to tell somebody else but you realize you can’t for the sake of it? Like that stick you use to divide your purchases and the ones of the person in front or behind of you. Or that thingamabob used to clean blocked drains? Do you know what I’m talking about??

7. Thingamabob might also be one of my mum’s favourite words. Hardly a single day she doesn’t suddenly throw it into a conversation. I wonder if that’s inheritable. In that case don’t be surprised by me talking  about various thingamabobs in future posts. You know what I actually mean, right??!

P.S: Autocorrect knew the word thingamabob but not words like ‘favourite’ written the English way. What does that tell me [aside from the fact my laptop’s apparently running an American dictionary]?

8. It’s bittersweet to end this post not knowing when we’ll talk again – we will for sure, hopefully rather sooner than later – but it has to be done so: Have a great Thursday! Talk to you soon[ish].

Happiness-inducing today: Getting to do some editing work for my dad.

Stay in touch!

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Tell me whatever comes to your mind and something that made you happy today!



2 thoughts on “It’s a thingamabob Thursday! [Thinking out loud]

  1. Charlotte says:

    hello old friend! Ah just as im getting back into the groove, you have to deal with 4-6 weeks of no internet?! hopefully it wont be that long- congrats on the new job and new apt! (I guess this comment is responding to a couple posts in one:) ) Also im obsessed with your monochrome(ish) outfit. and lastly, yellow raspberries?! what is this sorcery? Ive never had one and now i want one!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      I just got news the internet will be set up next week already – if everything goes according to plan.
      Thanks for the congrats! I’m still trying to wrap my head about all of those changes ahead.
      And yellow raspberries are plain magical. Think a lot sweeter and – probably making that one up – juicier than regular ones. I’ve never seen them in stores over here but remember a US blogger once posting a clamshell she bought. So maybe you can find them with a little luck??

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