Good good links #54

This is somewhat embarrassing. I mixed up my numbers and actually rounded out my good good links #52 on August 17th already – not last week. In fact, I noticed my fault when sharing on Twitter already but didn’t want to embarrass myself. Which makes no sense given I’m doing it now but isn’t committing to your mistakes a strength?? (:

Even though by the time you read I’ll be without internet I still happened upon some share-worthy posts before moving. So today’s good good links might be quite some fewer than usual but no less amazing. Also, I got notice I might actually get a visit from my new cable company way sooner than expected and be back online by the end of next week already! Keep your fingers crossed for me and now: enjoy the reads!

Good good links

Good good [fo0d for thought]

I May Be Wrong, But … via Absurd, She Said

Saying what you want to say without caveats and hidden insecurity: Do you? I can relate to doing it – even though it’s annoying.

Do You Really Need to Cut Out Certain Foods? via Brittany Lesser

Dealing with stomach woes? Figure them out yourself the slow way instead of aimlessly cutting out any popular suspects.

My take on the Ice Bucket Challenge via Khushboo’s Blog

No matter what’s their individual stance on it: the challenge has gotten people talking about more than just one important issue.



Good good [adivice and inspiration]

Walking is a workout via the Real Life RD

“Miles are miles whether you’re walking or running or jogging or skipping” <- This. Don’t talk your walk down being no exercise.

Five Hacks To Boost Body Confidence via An Avocado a Day

Ways to forgeo self-critical thoughts or turn them around to a positive. Like turning the unhappiness you feel about your own ‘flaws’ into anger towards the media promoting an unachievable image of beauty.


from hobby to job – taking your blog to the next level via Running with Spoons

Awesome advice on how to groom and grow your blog to bring it a professional level.

26 Famous (And Free!) Fonts You’ll Want To Start Using Immediately via Huffington Post

Writing in Disney font?! Yes, please.


Good good [posts to make you smile]

How to Gain Weight and Marinate People via Commitness to Fitness

Want to gain weight? A five-step-program for guaranteed success. “Lesson 5: Bowls are for football”



Good good [food]

Strawberry Quinoa Oatmeal Bars via Hummusapien

Strawberry’s my [favourite] jam as would these bars be. All the deliciousness going on in there!

Coconut Butter Cups via Katalyst Health

We all know coconut and peanut butter are great on their own – and even better when they’re together.

Spaghetti with Spicy Lentil Sauce via vegelicacy

A great vegan spin on classic bolognese for the next pasta party.

Baked Spaghetti with Cashew Cheese via One Ingredient Chef

No words. Or: how can I get a plate of this to appear in front of me stat??


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