With a little help from mum [Mum-ables]

If you’re like me you grew up never or hardly ever  – in my case: that one exception when we traveled to England in 2000 – eating the once popular Lunchables. Is anybody else surprised those still exist?? Just me? They apparently got an upgrade because my box looked somewhat like this – and was yet more proof some things seem [way] more exciting than they are. More often than not it was mum-ables for me growing up: school lunches packed by my mum. Sandwiches on local whole-wheat bread with cheese or deli meats, some fruit, the occasional chocolate croissant and water or juice in my Emil bottle. Oh, the memories … but I digress.

The mum-ables for today’s What I ate Wednesday and Vegan Wednesday are different from that: meals my mum [and her well-stocked freezer] enabled me to create. Ergo: mum-ables. Unfortunately most of the meals prepared by my mum for a belated birthday feast on Saturday escaped my camera. But every one the dishes and snacks in today’s post came – in one way or the other  – about thanks to my mum. And her garden and fridge but you’ll see what I mean.


Breakfast with a little help by my mum means … kabocha again. But not any. We’re talking homegrown kabocha from my mum’s huge vegetable garden. No matter how good – and aside from the very bad ones I’ve found – some of the squash at stores it nothing beats homegrown. It’s about ten dozen times creamier with that coveted ‘dry’ texture. Not clearly visible in the picture but I’m not patient when it comes to eating so you’ll have to trust my word on that one here.


As a fun fact the very first kabocha I ate actually was an accident. Or in the growing state at least. About five years ago my mum attempted to grow pumpkin for the first time. Just for me because the remainder of the family doesn’t care much for it. Since I’d only know Red Kuri squash until then that was our choice from the seed catalogue. But when the first little pumpkins started to grow they were … green. I’d only heard of kabocha on Katie’s blog before but actually didn’t make the connection in the first place. Fast forward to today I couldn’t be happier the people at the gardening shop mailed us the ‘wrong’ seeds.

Dad's birthday

From left to right: Peperonata – Whole Grain Couscous Salad – dried apricots soaked in apple juice

This up there would be the only pictures I got of everything my mum prepared on Saturday.  She made sure to keep the spread centered around vegetarian or even vegan dishes with only some meat on the side. The dried apricots actually were meant to go in a cream cheese dip my mum had planned to make but didn’t end up. So I’ve been snacking on them for the past few days whenever a craving for something sweet hit. And when I wasn’t raiding the snack cabinets or the garden for a sweet and savoury snack. Tomatoes from my mum’s garden are proof that sometimes it’s hard to tell if they are a fruit or vegetable. Sweet like candy. Almost.

tomatoes_Mamas Garten

“It’s difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato.” – Lewis Grizzard

Another lunch was inspired by digging deep in the freezer. You will not ask me for the age of this gem right here: Gardein Chick’n Scallopini. I know it but ignorance is bliss and given I ate it earlier today [Tuesday] and went stomach ache-free afterwards I’ll proclaim having an iron stomach once again. Plus, it was delicious though I’ll admit the very meat-like texture is a tad weird still.

August 116

… and went into a dish that is falling into the ‘looks disgusting and tastes amazing’ category. The base was made up of easy creamed spinach [an onion sautéd in coconut oil, frozen chopped spinach, almond milk, nutmeg, salt + pepper plus garden-fresh tomato and some chickpeas], topped with one of the Gardein chick’n breast sautéd in coconut oil, some mushrooms and topped with kabocha puree. Yes, I realize it looks nasty but if you’ve ever blended kabocha you know the nice green makes-Hulk-jealous shade it turns out to be. Looks aside: File this in the ‘I could eat this over and over again’ category.

Kabocha_creamed spinach_Gardein

Dessert also courtesy of my mum’s immense freezer [not even a close comparison with the shoe-box-sized freezer compartment of my fridge]: lemon sorbet. Not homemade but she keeps it there for spontaneous visits by guests or for me to eat when the remainder of the family dines on tiramisu made from scratch. And I’m not lying: while this sorbet was nice it’s dishes like my mum’s homemade tiramisu that make it hard for me to stick with not eating eggs. As a vegan dessert option, though, this sorbet is good enough in a pinch.

Lemon sorbet_ice

Plans for the next days or at latest the weekend include homemade ice cream because I’m finally reunited with my ice cream maker. We’ll see how that goes but if you know any good vegan recipes let me know! Our preferences are of the rich and creamy non-fruit kind.

Until then: Happy eating and happy Wednesday!


Happiness-inducing today: The summer sunshine reappearing after heavy rain.


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When at your parents’ place are there any foods you’re always making good use of? Assuming most of us are living on their own and only visit their parents on occasion.

Do you grow any fruit or vegetables in your garden? I wish I had one. Then again, I didn’t inherit my mum’s green thumb so I figure I’m better off without one.

Do you know any great vegan tiramisu recipes? I’ve only ever once followed one that was a far cry from the original so I’ve been discouraged since.


Everybody likes food – Part I

Life/ blog realisation #293494: the more is happening in my life, the less likely I am to take pictures of said happenings. So while I could technically post a recap of the time between my move on Wednesday and today there are zero photos to document it. How else to join the marvelousness over at Katie’s? Surveys to the rescue!


The perfect occasion for a no-brainer topic everybody considers marvelous and likes to talk about: food. I snagged this epic survey from Amanda – thanks! – and will also follow her lead in breaking it up into two servings parts. Expect the second part soon but first parts first so here it goes!


1) Flavour-wise, do you prefer white breads or whole wheat?
Growing up on whole grain breads from a local organic bakery these will forever be my favourite.  I’m picky, though: it has to be the kind laden with seeds.

2) What’s your favorite type of grain to eat (oatmeal, bread, wraps, etc)?:
Even though I usually struggle with naming favourites this one is clear: oats. They’re one of the most versatile grains ever: in various forms – rolled, steel-cut or [my favourite] oat bran – for breakfast,  rotis/ lolis as a side for curries and oat flour in gluten-free baked goods like these incredible brownies.


3) What’s your favorite sandwich filling?
I’ll have to pass on this one: no sandwiches for me.

4) What’s your favorite kind of bread?
Like I mentioned above: the delightfully doughy pumpkin/ sunflower/ flax seed-studded loaves my mum buys.

5) Around how many servings of grain do you consume daily?
This is tricky to answer. Not because I don’t eat grains – heck do I! – but as serving sizes confuse me. Adhering to pre-defined standard serving sizes doesn’t work for me. Some days I’ll need more than those, some days they fit my appetite. What I can say, though, is that grains are a key part of my daily meals.


6) What’s your favorite cracker-topping?
You’re supposed to top crackers?! We’ve never done that in my family.

7) What’s your favorite thing to do with rice?
Sweet: rice pudding.  At best prepared by my mum using the ‘in-bed method’. Does anybody else’s mum do the same? ?
Savoury: either burrito bowls or some kind of casserole.

8) What brand of bread do you usually buy?
I buy bread once in a blue moon and preferably from local organic bakeries. Once, though, I was lucky to get a taste of the famous life-changing loaf of bread my sister had baked. It really is amazing,

Life-changing bread_my new roots

9) What’s your favorite type of cereal?
Boring but the only one I regularly buy is unsweetened puffed amaranth. It’s delicious both plain and in place of bread crumbs in savoury dishes.  The scarce choice of ‘healthy’ cereals we get over here doesn’t even closely compare to all brands available overseas.

10) What was your favorite type of breakfast cereal as a child?
Crunchy granola with chocolate chunks.


1) Favorite fruit?
As with all those ‘favourites’: Tough question. I’ll go with most-eaten instead and say apples.

2) Least favorite type of fruit?
Papaya. It’s ridiculously expensive and tastes like nothing.  Not a fair trade.

3) Do you drink fruit juice often?
Hardly ever.

4) Do you consider tomatoes a fruit, or a vegetable?
I know it’s technically a fruit but in my mind it will always be a vegetable. And as long as supermarkets keep stocking it in the vegetable section I’ll feel proven right. (:

5) Do you think you eat enough fruit daily?:
Absolutely, yes. Maybe too much because moderation does -not- exist when it comes to fruit.


6) Do you consider fruit more important than vegetables?
Not more important but sweeter so I’m more likely to eat [lots of] it. Sweet tooth right here.

7) What’s your favorite citrus fruit?

8) Do you like pastries with fruit in them?
Hm, I’m trying to remember if I ever had a fruit pastry before. But if we’re talking crumbles than yes to those with fruit.

9) What’s your favorite flavour of jam?
Cherry -and- strawberry. At best made by my grandma but I’ve found a good brand as a replacement, too.

My Mum’s homemade strawberry jam – made with real sugar and can’t be  beaten.

10) When do you usually eat the most fruit (breakfast, snack, etc)?:.
I’m snacking on fruit all throughout the day.


1) When you were a kid, did you like vegetables?:
It was a tie. Neither was I the pickiest nor the most daring eater. Actually, I think I’ll ask my mum later to hear how she’d rated me there. Fingers crossed for an answer in my favour ;).

2) Do you think you eat enough vegetables now?:
Some days I could do better but for the most part: yes.

3) What’s your favorite raw vegetable?:
Carrots. But only organic ones that I’ve found to be naturally sweeter than their non-organic counterparts.

4) What’s your favorite cooked vegetable?:
Kabocha. Too bad it’s the vegetable with the shortest season over here. Just steamed and plain it’s perfection. No roasting or seasonings for me.


 5) What’s your least favorite raw vegetable?:
Kohlrabi. You will not see me eat that.  As a child I saw other kids snack on it and was so glad my mum never tucked it into my lunch box. Which means my children will probably be kohlrabi despisers, too.

6) What’s your least favorite cooked vegetable?:
Beets. Unfortunately because they’re super healthy and I really like their gorgeous colour but: no.

7) What’s your favorite kind of salad?
On the rare occasion I eat salad I’ll use spinach or a store-bought salad mix as a base. But you know I’m more partial to grain salads..

Taco Salad_

8) Do you buy spaghetti sauce, or do you make your own?
Always homemade. I can see how it might be handy to use store-bought when short on time but Germany most definitely doesn’t boast sketchy-ingredient-free varieties. When I was still living at home my mum would occasionally buy some organic vegan bolognese sauce at the health food store for me when the rest of the family had her homemade non-vegetarian meat sauce.

9) When/if you order a sub at subway or mr. sub, what vegetables do you get on it?:
Ironically, I used to work at Subway but never ate there. The town I grew up in didn’t have Subway so I never had it prior to going vegetarian, either.

10) Do you like vegetables more than fruit?
Generally no. Unless you asked me during kabocha season which happens to be right now…

Happiness-inducing today: Another very big hug from my grandpa. This one doesn’t get old.

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Tell me …

What’s your favourite grain?

Around how many servings of grain do you consume daily?

Favourite fruit? Least favourite fruit?

Do you like vegetables more than fruit?


Good good links #52

I’m tempted to repeat my usual astonisment of saying how fast time flew by – it really did! – again but you can say that only so often before it gets old. Instead, I’ll say that spending time with my family has taken priority these past days and felt so good after we hadn’t been around each other for quite some time. Blog reading hasn’t been happening too much this week.  That’s why today’s list of good good links is shorter than usual. But there still was no shortage of inspiring, interesting and intriguingly delicious posts all around the blog world.

Happy Sunday!

Good good links


Good good [food for thought]


{Blogging As A Business} The Cons of Blogging via The Healthy Maven

What it’s really like to run a blog as a full-time job – and some of these ring true for us hobby bloggers, too.

Ditch the Scale: 50+ Better Ways to Measure Health by Lauren Fowler [Mindful Meals] via Delicious Obsessions

Signs of true health that no number can ever tell you but that will make you a million times happier than stepping on a scale.

 10 Choices You Won’t Regret In 10 Years via Marc and Angel Hack Life

Doing what makes you feel good, spending time with people you love and being more present help to gain happiness.


Good good [advice and inspiration]

Standing in Your Own Way via The Lyons’ Share

Working on our goals becomes a lot easier when we empower rather than constantly doubt or sabotage ourselves.

How to Find an Accountabilibuddy via hello healthy

It’s much easier to follow through with any goals you set when you have others checking up on and motivating you.

How to Add More Steps to Your Day via Dr. Frank Lipman

10,000 are the recommended minimum – ways to step up your steps. Any guesses why drinking more might be one of them? (:

7 Reasons Why You’re Not Living The Life Of Your Dreams via Mind Body Green

It’s not because all of your goals were unattainable. Changing our thoughts and actions to make our dreams become reality.



 A Guide to Vitamins in Your Food via HuffPost

Where to get all those wonderful vitamins – aside from Vita Gummies ;).

How NOT to overdo the chocolate via The Mindful Foodie

Are you ‘guilty’ of eating with distractions, too? Some good tips to become more mindful and actually savour your food.

So… What Do You Eat Now? via The Balanced Blonde

Eating whatever you crave without restriction feels best. Label-free: the way to be.


9 Things Good Listeners Do Differently via Huffington Post

They’re emotionally intelligent, have an open mind and are present: Are you a good listener?



9 Ways to Write Attention-Grabbing Post Titles via Absurd, She Wrote

First impressions matter – and your post’s title is what makes or breaks your readers’ attention.


Good good [food]

 Chunky Monkey Cookies via The Sexy Veggie

Everybody likes bananas, chocolate and oats, right? And they’re just the base in these cookies packed with goodness.

Healthy Cookie Dough Recipes via Yeah… Imma eat that

Do I even need to give you any more reasons to click this link?? We’re talking cookie dough.

Raw Triple Chocolate Cookies [with homemade chocolate chips] via Coconut and Berries

Triple the chocolate action, triple deliciousness.

Stone Fruit Summer Guacamole via edible perspective

Regular guac doesn’t tickle my fancy too much but this one…

Healthy Texas Caviar via My Whole Food Life

Beans, peas and plenty of vegetables – this is my kind of salad. Who’s bringing the chips for scooping fun?

 Greek Yogurt Pasta Sauce via POPSUGAR

Quick and easy creamy pasta with an extra dose of protein thanks to the

 Hummus Gazpacho via Kitchen Treaty

Given I hardly ever have bread at hand for authentic gazpacho this version using chickpeas instead is genius.

Pesto Carrots and Chickpeas with Rice (+ my healthy lunches!) via Naturally Ella

A quick and easy dish plus more great ideas for anybody packing their lunches, too.


Happiness-inducing today: A big hug from my grandpa.

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Fear not and sweet goodbyes

We made it! If you read yesterday’s post you know what my day looked like. While sad to have packed up the last four years of my life I’m also glad to be done. Half-way at least. The actual move to my new place isn’t until the end of next week. For now I’ll be staying with my parents and it feels good to be ‘home’ after quite a while. But today’s not about moving marvelings -though it was quite an interesting day to say the least … – but for Thinking out loud. Thanks to Amanda who also gave me inspiration for some thoughts here…


1. In the intro of her post presenting what has to be one of the best foods  food groups invented by humankind – read: cookie dough which yes, it is a food group in its own right – Amanda talked about her [irrational or not so much] fears.  I skipped answering the question about mine in the comments because I had cookie dough on my mind. Or maybe my mind had momentarily turned into cookie dough?! Either way: irrational fears. As a child I was terrified by the dark and checked for monsters under my bed. I may or may not still do to this day…

2. Another one: elevators. It’s a legit one. When in university I pretended to enjoy taking the stairs. If you knew me you’d laugh at that because I’m SO glad to live on the first floor. And taking up those seemingly endless flights up to the fourth floor every time I needed to contact a professor up there? Woof.  Friends are usually surprised by this given I like running.  But running doesn’t require me to climb stairs.  Unless we talked tower runs and those are insanity to me. But taking the elevator instead?  No way.  At least not alone. If I’m with others who want to take it I’ll pretend to be cool with it on the outside but internally send a prayer. The one time me and a group of others got stuck for just a minute or so made me closely panic and leave once the elevator reached the next floor though we weren’t at the right one yet.

3. Do you ever have those days where you feel haunted by a certain topic? Either one you’ve been trying to avoid OR one that’s been on your mind forever?  If you’ve ever been on a diet I’m pretty sure you’ll have noticed the whole world talking about the most indulgent foods or when you were unsure about buying a certain item suddenly everybody seemed to talk about it. This ‘hypersensitivity’ made me unable to decide if the universe qas trying to tell me something the other day again. I was at my gym for the last time before my move on Tuesday. Usually people aren’t super talkative – unless I take the initiative – but that day every girl leaving the locker room said goodbye. Thank you, universe, for letting me leave with a good memory of the people in this studio.

Lindor-filled cookie

4. And to leave a good impression of myself in my neighbours’ memory I baked some cookies for them before I left. Granted, part of it had to do with trying to use up ingredients I had on hand if that isn’t a sweet way of killing two birds with one stone I don’t know. I’m showing you the bottom of these so you can see just how much chocolate action is going on there. These are Lindor-filled Chocolate Chip Cookies.  The only changes I made were to halve the recipe, sub white sugar for brown since that’s what I had on hand and use one flax egg instead of a real one [I don’t eat eggs]. It worked a charm. Happy neighbours, happy me.

And: Happy Thursday to you! Which sounds a lot like Happy Birthday -> which probably means you should bake some cookies. Or cake. Just saying.

Happiness-inducing today: Joking around with my mum in between the nerve-wracking stress of moving.

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What are some of your random fears?

Have you ever gotten stuck in an elevator?

Anybody else who checked below their bads for monsters as a child? I’m convinced I wasn’t the only one.

Fulfilling blogger duties – with food

Some coincidences make me laugh. I never eat anything merely for the blog but looking at my meals from the past days I did pretty well at fullfilling blog world [food] duties with my meals. Good to know because I wouldn’t have rejoiced about being kicked out of this circle of awesome people soon. And while we’re on the topic of blog world duties I’m not missing out on everybody’s favourite mid-week party over at Jenn’s, either. Here’s to What I ate Wednesday featuring typical blogger fare.


First up let me introduce our special guest – or: get all giddy about what I found just yesterday. If anybody would understand my excitement upon spotting this little guy and his friends* at the store it’d be you – fellow bloggers and blog readers. So let’s raise our glasses to welcome kabocha back in season! Or at least over here because I know some of you lucky ones are able to find it all year round.

*and if anybody could understand me talking about vegetables like this – and yes, I know pumpkin is techincally a berry.


Oops, I did it again – and will over and over as long as I can find my favourite ! If you remember I confessed to my unusual breakfast of kabocha last year already. In fact,  I guess with that other habit in mind I’m probably an overall slightly unusual breakfast eater. Who’d be worried, though? All I care about is taste and satisfaction. And steamed kabocha with both hazelnut and almond butter –is my definition of satisfaction. If I ever was to write a [food] dictionary you’d find this combination right there.


The not-so-awesome part was that I only found kabocha two days before my move – which happens to be today. So no more stocking up. Crossed fingers for me surviving this nerve-wracking madness are appreciated.

Onto more good food for now. I’ve been trying new foods – or old rediscovered ones  – and quinoa of all choices made an appearance again. It must have been at least (!) a year since my last encounter. And would probably have been a lot longer because I didn’t enjoy it much before. Blogger fail?! Had it not been for everybody posting even more quinoa meals lately [or maybe that was just my subjective perception] I’m not sure I’d have picked up a bag. Okay, you won. It was good. My first try was unspectacular but then I decided to work the – for whichever reason – magical [pseudo-]grain + cheese trick. What followed was so SO good. Caprese baked Quinoa.

Quinoa caprese_II

Oh my. I’m still not sure what exactly my stomach thinks of cheese so I’m trying to be mindful of the amounts but I was tempted to add more here. Creamy, tomato-y quinoa with plenty of fresh basil, chickpeas,  tomatoes and two kinds of cheese. Drizzled with balsamic vinegar: Perfection on a plate. The recipe is simple but so good I need to add it to my personal online cookbook. Or in other words:  share with you if you prefer that version 😉 .

Quinoa caprese

Lately I’ve been finishing almost every lunch with this:


Not like I hadn’t eaten it pre-blogging but I honestly can’t remember buying any myself in past years. Amanda and Kat fuelled the longing with their pictures and samples at the organic grocery  had their impact, too. I’m not complaining and can now fully comprehend any mention of watermelon as cryptonite. It’s addictive. So much that actually taking a picture instead of mindlessly munching pieces once I’ve cut them up is hard. Hard enough so I didn’t have one to include in my currently post. #Bloggerfail??

Mini PB cheesecakes

Not a fail but not yet a recipe were these individual refined sugar-free peanut butter cheesecakes. I’m posting this first picture mostly to keep myself accountable or as a reminder to stick with testing. I just need to tweak them a bit more before I’m ready to share the details with you.

And to finally answer my question why so stereotypical: Because every blogger keen on quinoa, kissing kabocha, considering watermelon kryptonite or writing odes to a oatmeal/ whichever kind of nut butter/ you name it is so right.* For more typical and not-so-typical blogger fare head over to Jenn’s.

*[That does not ring true for green smoothies, though. Sorry.]

Happy Wednesday!

Happiness-inducing today: A chat about animal-shaped clouds, childhood and flying with three older ladies on a train – another wonderful case of talking to strangers .

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Quinoa: yay or nay? Tell me your favourite recipes!

What is your [fruit] cryptonite?

Can you find kabocha all-year round or is it a seasonal vegetable for you, too? Tell me I’m not the only one who has to spend almost six months without it.

Good good links #51

If you are used to my short intros on Sundays already I should tell you I might break a record today because my laptop’s been crashing on me countless times while compiling this post. So short and sweet: finishing the week with some of my favourite posts once more – thought-provoking, inspiring, funny and delicious. Take your pick and enjoy!

Good good links

Good good [food for thought]

 Bullying sucks via Olives ‘n’ Wine

Live your life and let others live theirs, too. Scrutinizing decisions of people we don’t know helps nobody.

Fit Bit: Behind the Scene VS Highlight Reels via Katalyst Health

Don’t compare where you are on your path to somebody else miles ahead. “You will get there when your time comes”

Minimalism & Moving* via Breathe & Nourish

“Why do we hang on to things we don’t use that clutter our lives and take energy away from us?” [I actually have a post with the same title sitting in my drafts folder…]



Good good [advice and inspiration]

The Way I See Myself Has Changed via Daily Moves and Grooves

We gain much more than just weight in recovery. A properly nourished mind sees true beauty not a number on the scale.

Love Your Body! Swimsuit Inspiration From Real Women via POPSUGAR

Honest examples of self-love that might help you feel better on the beach – or in underwear in daily life.

 25 Ways to Feel Less Lonely via Delightfully Tacky

Some really good ideas for activities you can do on your own to have fun and treat yourself.

 11 Things I Wish I Could Say To My Younger Self via Mind Body Green

Proof that the struggles we’re facing today will be life lessons we’re thankful for in the future.

19 Things Nothing Else But Travelling Alone Can Teach You via Lifehack

If you’re like me you might needed to hear this to take the plunge.


Cooking and food

If You Enjoy Baking, You Need This Guide In Your Kitchen (And Your Life) via Lifehack

When you want to bake but miss an ingredient: annoying. Not a recent one but so handy I couldn’t not share it: Substitutions for [almost] everything.

What To Eat to Treat Your Teeth via Wholeheartedly Healthy

Taking care of teeth is something that obviously matters. Good thing I like onions, basil and strawberries.

The Truth About Soy and Your Health via Journeys Through Meadows

There’s a lot of controversy about soy being yay or nay. A post is shedding some more light on the issue.



{Blogging As A Business} Yes, I Am A Full-Time Blogger. via The Healthy Maven

Amazing proof that taking the plunge to follow your passions and living the life of your dreams can be reality even if it’s scary at first.

44 Simple Daily Activities to Enjoy Your Work via Lifehack

Ways to make work easier all around helping colleagues, the environment and making yourself happier and more productive.


Good good [posts to make you smile]

 That Time I Met Grumpy Cat via Healthy.Happy.Life

Real and up close with a social media star of a different kind. Are you jealous?

 Running drawing

Have you ever tracked your running routes online? A tumblr blog dedicated to interestingly-shaped routes …

So konsumiert Deutschland in Echtzeit via kauf da [German]

 Oddly intereresting and fascinating, in parts shocking and revealing.


Good good [food]

Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Cashew Butter via Fit Foodie Finds

Chocolate or vanilla? Why choose one when you can have both in one jar?!

5 Healthier Frozen Summer Treats (Plus, Skinny Peach Pie Popsicle Recipe!) via hello healthy

Summer isn’t over yet so bring on the frozen treats while it’s still hot outside.

Fresh Mint Chocolate Chip Blender Ice Cream via Healthy. Happy. Life

A no-ice cream maker, refined sugar-free summer treat plus some advice for perfect homemade ice cream without a machine.

Cookies and Cream Banana Softserve via The Healthy Maven

Yes. Just yes. Homemade raw oreos take the already delicious old stand-by banana softserve to new heights. Breakfast/ lunch/ dinner, anybody?!

Nutty Carrot Cake via marfigs

Packed with all kinds of healthy ingredients [beans, oats, molasses, …] this is a not-so-naughty but delicious-looking cake.

Herbed Cauliflower Gratin via The True Spoon

Another great cauliflower find: Creamy, vegan, spiked with fresh and dried herbs and looking downright delicious.

Lightly Spiced Chickpeas Lentils & Quinoa with Parsley & Red Peppers via parsley in my teeth

Two kinds of legumes, quinoa, fresh parsley – simple perfection.

Pad Thai Zucchini Noodle Salad via iFoodreal

Crunchy sprouts and vegetables covered in creamy peanut dressing – with a vegan option this sounds like the perfect end-of-summer food.

 Vegetarian Tikka Masala via A Beautiful Mess

I’ve never had Chicken Tikka but with all the spices this meatless version sounds delectable in its own right.

Best Ever 5 Minute Microwave Hummus via Minimalist Baker

Yes, this post is older but the idea is too genius not to share – and hummus is an every day/ all-year/ whenever food after all.



Happiness-inducing today: Lighting a scented candle [and one changing colours at that!] for the first time in months.

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Which posts made you think, laugh or got you hungry this week?