Good good links #56

I’m in denial. How in the world is it Sunday already again?? Somebody tell me where time went … Either way, many of you spent some of it writing great posts that I’m happy to share today. I feel I must have still missed a million going-ons in the blog world with my reduced blog reading opportunites so let me know of any must-reads.

Talk to you soon!

Good good links

Good good [food for thought]

9 Body-Shaming Behaviors We All Need To Stop via Mind Body Green

Shaming or judging others and defining beauty merely by looks are unhealthy behaviours we’re better off without.

 When being healthy is unhealty via the real life RD

Stressing out over eating healthy 24/7 is much unhealthier than going with the flow and satisfying your cravings.

Things you should consider when reading my blog via Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen

True for all of us – not just RDs: We’re all just human and don’t need to uphold a certain image for readers or anybody else.

Authenticity comes in all shapes // share your story via Delightfully tacky

Awesome campaign: many different and inspiring stories about beauty and body image worth reading.


Good good [advice and inspiration]

ED Recovery Is Really Hard. And Totally Worth It. via Absured, She Wrote

It’s a daily struggle but we can silence the negative voice by reminding ourselves “there is a difference between merely enduring your life and LIVING”.

Create a Customized Self-Care Ritual via True Femme

Self-case is vital for our overall health and this is an awesome guide to find little ways to add more of it to your daily life.

How To Live Your Calling If You’re Worried About Money via Mind Body Green

It’s easy to stick with a not-quite-awesome situation because thinking about finances makes you anxious.


 Health & fitness

Feeling Weak from Working Out by Skylar @ Blonde Freedom via Jessie loves 2 run

Giving ourselves a much-needed break is worth taking some time to get back to the fitness level we were at before.



5 Investments Worth Making For Your Blog via The Healthy Maven

Great explanations on what to spend on to take your blog up a notch – even if you’re not blogging professionally. Remind me …

 Good good [posts to make you smile]

The ‘Real’ Reason Starbucks Baristas Spell Your Name Wrong via Huffington Post

Finally shedding light on one of the coffeehouse’s world’s biggest mysteries.

If We Talked About Meat Eaters The Way We Talk About Vegetarians via BuzzFeed

This! “I wish I was strong enough to be a meat eater. I just couldn’t give up tofu.”


Good good [food]

Mandel-Joghurt, Cashew-Joghurt, Macadamia-Joghurt – vegane Alternativen zu Sojajoghurt via Kochtrotz [German]

It’s possible! Detailed instructions on homemade soy-free vegan yogurt using different nuts as a base.

Caramelized Banana Chia Seed Chocolate Creme Brulee via Yeah … Imma eat that

Sneaky chia seed action in a classic dessert: Unlike any Brulee you’ll have seen before.

5 Back-to-School Oat-tastic Solutions for Students & Teachers via The Oatmeal Artist

How to have your oatmeal even on busy weekday mornings. Now if only I was better at meal prep [timing] in general …

Protein Froyo via Katalyst Health

Friends Froyo with benefits?!  My Vitamix I can’t wait to try this the vegan way.

Almond-Oat Flatbread with Tomatoes & Basil Cream (GF, Vegan) via Coconut & Berries

Move over, pizza. A faster but no less delicious-looking alternative.

Kale & Cashew Ricotta Pasta Bake via it doesn’t taste like chicken

Cashew magic once more. A dairy-free pasta bake I’m sure not only vegans would go crazy about.

Morrocan Quinoa and Chickpea Salad via The Healty Maven

Chickpeas and quinoa were meant to be – and often appear in my lunches together. Making this a must-try dish and it looks so good.

5 Low-Carb Comfort Food Alternatives via hello healthy

I’m all for carbs but these are fun ways to switch up classics like pasta and pizza nonetheless.

Popped Amaranth Cereal via edible perspective

One of my staple ingredients and easy to prepare at home if you can’t find readily puffed amaranth at the store – plus cheaper.


Happiness-inducing today:  A walk in the sun wearing my new boots and feeling good.

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