Meet me in pumpkin-ville!

 Autumn is a good time for change. Or at least that’s what Jenn makes us believe with her motto of falling into good habits. And why not? Even if fall is no better for breaking old habits or developping new ones: it’s as good as any other.  And while I’m sharing [part of] Sunday’s meals for today’s What I ate Wednesday it was a day that gave me the opportunity to try some new foods or test out assumptions. So let’s not ramble on any longer but talk about actual food.

wiaw fall_Kabocha

Breakfast included finally cutting into the monster squash. What can I say? It’s as sweet and crumbly as you could hope for. But I didn’t take a picture so decided you wouldn’t mind a recycled one.  There might really be sonething about frugal bloggingafter all. New additions to my squash were a stab of coconut oil and some coconut flour crumbles. Inspired by Robyn I’m trying to see if the oil will make a difference in terms of staying power and satisfaction for me.


Whether it’s contradictive saying this after showing the above picture or not: I’m not ready for fall – or autumn as I prefer – yet. The chance to eat all the pumpkin again is a slight consolation. And lunch was a case of dealing with my produce overbuying tendency once more. Honestly,  though, I just couldn’t not buy the best,  freshest-looking bag of spinach I’ve ever seen. Especially since fresh spinach is a rarity over here in general. Oh and did I mention pumpkin? Actually, I’d had my mind set on a potato spinach casserole but then I just couldn’t ignore the cut-up half of a butternut squash sitting in my fridge. While potatoes are an obvious match in this combination and preparationLuck of ingredients the butternut worked really well here, too.

Butternut Squash Spinach Casserole 2

Apparently,  I also wanted cheese.  If I’m being completely honest,  I’d been craving cheese badly for weeks until I finally picked up a bag. This is actually a point I want to work on: figuring out my cravings and listening to them better. There has been an annoying lot of days where I ended up being unsatisfied and snacking non-stop even when I just finished a meal. I’m happy to report this was not the case on this day. How could it have been with a cheese-laden casserole that aided in building up the highly aquired pumpkin glow. Come Halloween I’ll shine brighter than any squashes …

Butternut Squash_Spinach Casserole

Snack time rolled around and I felt another burst of cooking inspiration – and use-up-spiration. And here I’m wondering again: when in the world did I purchase all of the food sitting in my cupboards [and in fact taking up space I could use for actual cups and plates]. Rather than grab a bar of chocolate right away* – there would be plenty in above-mentioned food stash – I decided to venture out a little further. Making good use of the fact it was the weekend and I had a choice to go for something different than my usual packed snacks. Homemade protein bars it was. Lately, I’ve noticed I wasn’t satisfied with my usual snacks [fruit, dried fruit + nut bars, chocolate] at work and am looking to improve the situation. Doing the math in my head I know the one nutrient my meals and snacks are probably lacking in is protein.


*okay, there was some chocolate happening in between. I can’t [and don’t want to] help it.

These don’t look pretty but again: taste beats appearance. With vanilla protein powder, cinnamon, coconut flour and some other bits and bobs these hit the spot. If you’re anything like me texture matters and to ensure that and my intention for a slightly sweet-and-salty bar I added chopped up dry-roasted chickpeas. Clearly strange but good to some but again: Don’t knock it till you try it. Just like with chocolate I paired this with a cup of my favourite tea.

Protein bar


Happiness-inducing today: Finding the perfect parking spot in my street. Did I mention that can be a pain in the butt here??

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Have you made protein bars before? Let me know of any recipes worth trying.

 Are you on a mission to eat ALL the pumpkin, too? In that case: share your favourite recipes here as well. There are never enough for pumpkin, squash or whatever you like to all it. (:

Do you say

a) pumpkin or squash?

b) autumn or fall?



8 thoughts on “Meet me in pumpkin-ville!

  1. anaesrout01 says:


    Well, I’m not on a mission to “eat all of the pumpkin(s)”, though spaghetti squash is definitely my favorite thing ever…that and zucchini (green & yellow). I’ve also never made protein bars; might give that a shot one day. I’ve wanted to make some homemade granola, though, for cereal in the morning.

    And if we’re referring to pumpkins, as in the things you make Jack-O-Lanterns out of, I say pumpkin. As far as saying “fall” or “autumn”, I lean more towards saying “fall”.

    Hope you have an amazing Tuesday/Wednesday!! 😀

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Funny how you’d mention zucchini. I keep forgetting it’s considered part of the squash family in the US – not around here. What is your favourite way to prepare spaghetti squash? I’m having a hard time getting my hands on it this year but found it quite delicious last year. Can’t wait to eat this again:
      And – shameless plug-in #2: if you’re looking to try your hand at granola this is super easy and delicous:
      Happy Wednesday to you!

      • anaesrout01 says:

        Happy Wednesday to you, as well. I haven’t had spaghetti squash in some time, but I love putting butter and pepper, maybe some garlic seasoning in there, and baking it till the “meat” of the squash gets nice and soft. Mmm!!

  2. Ms.J says:

    On this end of the world we roll with calling the season autumn too..I bet if I use the term “fall” I’ll receive a few stupefied looks!
    I haven’t had one of those unsatisfied days for quite a while but I’m extremely well acquainted with the kind; so frustrating. Hankering for a certain something and nothing seems to cut just have to continue chipping away at various munchies.
    The texture does look good on that bar..chickpeas? Yessss! Just yesterday I whipped up (in a matter of minutes) Cashew Coconut oatmeal protein bars on Kushboo’s blog…delicious, and so easy 🙂 . Since I am aware of your fondness of cashews I say give ’em a try..I’m sure you can sub something in place of the egg.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Autumn is the term I’m drawn towards, too. Not that I was using either in daily life obviously.
      I saw Khushboo’s recipe already and yesss, it looks good. However, I’m a little wary of subbing for eggs in bars at times – resulting crumble incidents from way back …
      On that note: I know I’m awful at replying right now but I apparently have a lot to say so you’ll get that mail – and don’t be surprised at its lenght.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Ah! I’m just now realising my mistake there. As a word fiend I was referring to the verbal differences only, not the seasons [hence ‘autumn’ or ‘fall’] or different kinds of a vegetable family. Either way, I completely agree with you in both ways. Whether calling it pumpkin or squash – I can’t get enough of it.

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