Good good links #58

Does anybody feel like either a) hiring me as a full-time blogger/ blog reader/ link-up composer or b) conving my boss it’s conducive to the quality of my work to allow blog-reading at the office? Because I’m convinced it is. And I’m also sure I miss out on dozens of great posts every week only getting a chance to read blogs in the evening. Often Sometimes at the sacrifice of sleep. I didn’t say that. Either way, these are some of the gems I didn’t miss out on and hope you’ll enjoy as well.

Have a great Sunday – the last one in September!

Good good links


Good good [food for thought]

 10 Reasons to Questions Health and Fitness Magazines via Bagels to Broccoli

… and that’s true for magazines all over the world.

The Appalling Responses To A Woman Who Wore A Fat Suit To Meet Her Tinder Dates via Huffington Post

Did you see this before? It’s shocking to see some of the guys’ reactions yet: are all men like that? How would we [as women] react in the opposite situation?

Dear Stretch Marks via Full of Bliss with Jennifer Lynn

Yes, you know the blogger and yes, it’s the sweetest letter to a seen-as-flawed part of ourselves I’ve ever read.


Good good [advice and inspiration]

Natural Ways To Reduce Your Cholesterol via Cleans Eats, Fast Feets

Cholesterol’s just an issue for old people? Not quite. We start building bases for age early on so: Eat all the oats and beans!

5 Pieces Of Health Advice You Should Never Follow via Mind Body Green

Calories are not created equal, pushing past your pain isn’t healthy and in the end we’re best off following our gut feeling.

How to Cultivate Body Respect (+ Two Common Weight Myths Busted) via Mindful Meals

Accepting ourselves no matter what we look like is a long  journey – but we can make good choices to keep going every day.

Ways to alkalize your body via Khushboo’s Blog

If the title of this post leaves you puzzled – it did for me – at first: go read it and know how to be healthier afterwards. We never stop learning.

How to tame a bloated belly via Eat spin run repeat

Too many raw vegetables, too many artificial sweeteners but also too much stress can take a toll on our stomaches.

A Guide To Intuitive Eating (Infographic) via Mind Body Green

Nothing new here but who doesn’t like handy-dandy infographics that – printed out? – can  serve as a daily reminder.



How I’m Leading a More Minimalistic Life via Clean Eating Veggie Girl

I absolutely need to do this – especially in terms of food and – humor me – tights [about a few dozen in my closet right now …].



Writer’s Block — Seriously I can’t even come up with a catchy title via Commitness to Fitness

When the block keeps you from the blog: The bane of every blogger’s/writer’s existence – and can’t all of us relate?!


Cooking and food

How to achieve the perfect pancake “Fluff Factor” via Casey’s Wholesome Kitchen

For all of you pancake fiends on a quest to find the ultimate ‘cake.

How to pick out perfect vegetables via Mind Body Green

Does anybody else feel like running to the store or Farmers’ Market after looking at this? Hello, overbuying … Still awesome.



Good good [humor]

18 Weird German Words You Won’t Believe Exist via Fluentu

Fellow language fiends, this one’s for you. Or anybody who wants to have a good laugh at how ridiculous us Germans can be.

Figure out German animal names with this handy flowchart via 22 words

… and another one. Now tell me, which pet did I own years ago: not quite not a pig.


Good good [food]

Blackberry Hazelnut Crumble Bars via My New Roots

Did I mention I have a soft spot for crumbles? Any remaining self-control would be crumbling when faced with this dessert.

Just Peachy Buckwheat Chocolate Salad via Veg Fiend

Salad for dessert? Yes and not just any old fruit salad but one with sprouted buckwheat and healthy chocolate sauce (!).

20 Paleo Breakfast Cereals via A Girl Worth Saving

Homemade cereal can be a way to impress and this is proof paleo people* don’t have to miss out on variety, either.

26 Vegetarian and Vegan Crockpot Recipes via Rate your burn

[Quite] oldie but goldie. However, I found it just this week and it fits perfectly right now. ‘Tis the season for warming bowlfuls of food.

Carrot-Ginger “Hibachi” Dressing + 3-Bean Salad via Veg Fiend

The kind of salad even I would go crazy about. We’re talking three beans after all, f(r)iends!

Hearty Lentil and Swiss Chard Soup via The Healthy Maven

Lots of vegetables and lentils creating a full-bodied stick-to-your ribs texture: This is all I want in a soup and more.

 Vegan Chili Cheese Dip via Delish Knowledge

I’ve never had the original but with cashew-based cheese sauce, mashed beans as ‘meat’ and lot of salsa I’m completely sold here.


*I can’t help the alliterations when there’s a chance to go for the,.

Happiness-inducing today: Sunshine and a surprise package from my mum. Did I mention she’s the sweetest?!

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Tell me which posts got you thinking this week!


8 thoughts on “Good good links #58

  1. Maggie says:

    Thank you for featuring my salads on your blog 😀 Your concept of posting all these “good good” links for every aspect of your life is brilliant! Oh, and I love your blog background.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Reading your post made me feel that much more relieved about the ever-reoccuring cases of writer’s block on my end so thank you. Enjoy your Sunday – still quite a few more hours left of it over there compared to here! (:

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