If I’m being honest …

If I’m being honest it’s way too late already again now that I’m finishing this post so I’ll keep the intro short and sweet as usual on Thursdays. More words left to think out loud? Clearly what I’d intended. Thanks to Amanda for hosting – and to my neighbour for letting me use her WLAN while I’m technically still without internet.



If I’m being honest …

… part of the reason why I’ve missed my cooking motiviation is the lack of a dishwasher. Or actually that’s not quite correct. Ironically, the dishwasher from my old apartment moved in with me. It’s mine – bought used from the previous tenants – so I clearly wasn’t going to leave it behind. #firstworldproblems? If I used hashtags: absolutely. But hey, both a water and time saver it has a lot of undeniable benefits. Too bad: now that I finally wouldn’t have to correct anybody’s wrong ways of loading the dishwasher I don’t have a dishwasher to use anymore. The short story about the why is that setting it up in my new kitchen requires some rebuilding and serious technical knowledge I don’t have.

Speaking of cooking: If I’m being honest …

… using [fresh] garlic has been off limits for me since starting my job. Feel free to laugh but I don’t want to be known as Miss Garlic Breath. It’s a pity because I really like garlic. Miss Overly Cautious? Maybe I am …


… I’m easily excited at times. Very easily. Here’s the deal: I know many people get their first car shortly after passing their drivers’ test. Me? I just got my very first own car after 6+ years of having my license. And – you guessed it – am majorly excited. My parents bought a new car a while back and I was lucky to get their ‘old’ one. Wait until I see the gas bills adding up at the end of the month …

September 2nd 001

[Unlike others, though, I haven’t named my car [yet]. Should I? Suggestions 😉 ?]

… and if I’m being honest: I felt weird when taking that picture hoping no neighbours had seen me. I have a feeling bloggers are an even more rare species in my new city than the previous one.

… after quite some drama about getting my internet and landline set up [naming just the key points: a router that mysteriously dis- and reappeared [but in the wrong place], a totally non-work compatible installation date,  hanging in line for a total of over an hour when trying to reach my internet provider]: all of that made me consider saying screw it and going back to life without internet. For approximately one second. Because if I’m being honest …

… I can’t imagine life without internet. Sad but true. Like I said: for a time? yes. Forever? Are you kidding?

If I’m being honest …

… cutesy may or may not have played a role when I picked up this:

September 2nd 006

In my defence I did need new cotton buds either way. But owls made my decision easier and anything that helps my indecisiveness can only be seen as a bonus.

If I’m being honest …

… I just ran out of thoughts for today so all that’s left to say is: We’re this close to the weekend! Time to start making plans if you haven’t yet. Mine will clearly include sleeping in.


Happiness-inducing today: Meeting a few more really nice colleagues that had been on holiday still on my first day.

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Have you seen my cooking mojo?

In case you’ve visited my blog before you know I’ve been in the process of moving for the past weeks. Yes, it took that long. Now that it’s done but there’s one important question surfacing on this food-centered day: Where did my cooking mojo move?


It’s What I ate Wednesday and at that Vegan Wednesday again – the perfect day to get new meal inspiration and motivation to get active in the kitchen again. Which I desperately need. If you remember my recent  lack of cooking motivation at my parents’: it has yet to fully subside. Not for the same reasons anymore. Maybe just an inevitable part of moving and getting settled in a new place? I hope it doesn’t last much longer because I miss cooking and coming up with recipes. Here’s what I’ve been eating despite the lack of motivaton.

Almond butter and cashews straight from the jar and bag have been go-tos when hunger hits even more often than usual lately. Especially after dark – flash in pictures makes me cringe like any other person but I [obviously] had to document my meals.

Almond butter_cashews

Apparently in between packing up all food, dishes, tools – in short: my whole kitchen – and only slowly getting around to set up my new apartment I stashed away my cooking mojo, too. The first ever savoury dish prepared in my new kitchen featured a new-to-me grain: Israeli couscous. The ping-pong balls of the grain world? Agreed.  It’s super hard to find over here so I won’t be able to stock up once I finish the bag. Nevertheless,  I’ll be making good use of it while it’s around. Like in this curried couscous with Brokkoli,  tomatoes and chickpeas. Post-picture covered in a quick vegan cheesy sauce to satisfy a craving for nutritional yeast. I never knew I’d miss it so much.

Israeli couscous_first meal in new apartment

And because I said this was the first actual meal I prepared: snacks turning into meals were the name of the game for the first days in my new place. We might not have an even closely comparable choice of hummus over in the US – think about five brands and two or three different flavours in total – but this one is really good. A trio of hummus featuring curry, sundried tomato and olive flavours. Written down in order of preference because is there any other way? Also:  Where has curried hummus been all of my life before?? I’ll be making a batch as soon as I get my Vitamix set up – feel free to hold me accountable here!

Hummus trio

What to do if you don’t feel like cooking [I technically do] doing the dishes?  Eat out. Easier said than done when a) in a rural area with few options and b) looking for vegan dishes. We had to search for quite a while but in the rnd actually found one “gutbürgerlich” Restaurant having specifically labelled vegan dishes. Only two but oh well. Tofu with … it was meant to come with bread but I asked them to hold the carbs. Kidding. Not anymore. Instead, I ordered potatoes. Because I like them more and I’m picky about the kind of bread I like.

Eating out

The dish wasn’t incredibly creative and a little too greasy for my palate. But finding a vegan dish in the most unexpected of all places lets you overlook those details. Plus, I got my first taste of salsola, a sea vegetable. That’d be the green grass-like bits you can see in the dish. The vegetable grows on the side patches of salt fields hence its salty taste. I’m hoping to get my hands on a bunch at a market at some point and get busy in the kitchen.

Happy Wednesday and – for those who still feel the groove: happy cooking!

Happiness-inducing today: The smile of the old lady living in my apartment building when I walked around introducing myself as the new renter.

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What do moving day eats look like for you? I remember seeing others prep food beforehand but forgot about it myself before the kitchen was packed up. Next time!

Have you tried Israeli couscous before?

How often do you eat out? I’d go more often but vegetarian – and much less vegan options are still a rarity on menus over here. Unless you live in a larger city.