WIAW: Celebrating World Vegetarian Day [early]

Yay for coincidences! What better day to celebrate today being today than a gloriously food-filled What I ate Wednesday?! And obviously even more so Vegan Wednesday – shhhh … mark November 1st in your calendars already [I’ll let you know why in time]! For anybody still clueless:  Happy World Vegetarian Day! Even if you’re not an all-out veg-head the mere fact that you’re a foodie is good enough for me. Thanks to the probably not entirely veg but definitely veggie-loving Jenn for hosting!

 ]One more thing before diving into the food: I might be vegetarian, took the minute to play around with the WIAW button and gave a shout-out about World Vegetarian Day [again]. But that doesn’t change anything about what I said before. No matter which diet we’re all united in our fondness of food – and that’s more than enough.


Because Wednesday as yet another office day [read: food eaten from tupperware] I celebrated early with a special lunch and will fill you in on what I might be eating the very moment you’re reading this post. Breakfast today is/ was a bowl of the usual: oatmeal with chia seeds and lots of zucchini grated in. Don’t you like sneaking in a serving of vegetables you hardly remember eating despite the fact you added it yourself?  I kid you not. I start eating and don’t even think about it. With coconut flour, apple chunks and cocoa added it’s simply not detectable. Or at least not in semi-sleepy state …

oat bran_zucchini_peanut flour[and because I’m unable to take pictures in said sleepy state you’re getting a recycled picture. Just imagine cocoa and almond butter added]

New and happening before I even got started on breakfast: coffee!  Yes. Me, the “who cares about coffee??” tea fiend. Granted,  I still think coffee is overrated. But I decided that at 23 and working in an office of coffee drinkers I should at least give it a go. True coffee purists will shake their head at the fact I bought the granulated kind. To each their own.  So how was it? Better than I guessed. I added some of NuNaturals’ Simple Syrup and only a splash of almond milk.  However, I have to admit I felt a little … funky afterwards. Maybe it’s just getting used to it?

New in 004

Let’s talk lunch because I’m waaay excited.  A lasagna craving has stuck around for me for-ev-er. The only problem? My cupboards are still ridiculously crammed with all kinds of grains, flours, snacks and whatever else – but no lasagna sheets. I’ve promised myself I wouldn’t buy any new pantry staples until I’ve made a dent in my current ones. What’s a lasagna – longing vegetarian to do? Eggplant to the rescue. And that’s despite being torn in between liking and despising this vegetable.

Eggplant lasagna_pre-baking

Trust me: this dish is ridiculous – in a very good way. Single-serving cheesy lasagna packed with nutrients – and low-carb, too. Personally, I don’t mind that last aspect and still want some classic pasta-filled lasagna in ny life but until then this is an awesome dish to fill the spot. It can be vegetarian or vegan [Daiya cheese melts well] and gluten-free as well. Tender eggplant slices mingling with [storebought] a duo of sauces, fresh spinach and cheese. I had a hard time taking pictures as a) the scent alone was intoxicating [sorry to tout my own horn but you’d understand if this was in front of you right now]. And b) it was late both days I ate it. Nevertheless I wanted to share the recipe as soon as possible – it is too good not to and I know my forgetfulness if I don’t get to it during the next days.

Eggplant lasagna_right

Celebrating a special occasion calls for a special dessert, too. Perfect if it’s a once-in-a-blue-moon treat you picked up with the intention of saving it for a … day. This Coco Mylk OmBar fit the bill right there. I got a chance to review this flavour  before it was available in Germany. So I knew how good it was when I spotted it on special offer on my recent trip to Hamburg. Yes, I lugged home more than just that green guy. These hardly compare in terms of weight but don’t need to hide in terms of deliciousness. Given I’ll be at the office linking up from my phone by the time the WIAW link-up goes live just looking at the picture below will make me hungry/ look forward to returning home from work already. Oh the things chocolate does for me …

Ombar Coco Mylk

Happiness-inducing today: my first run in the new city and also first longer run in forever post-injury – mostly pain-free!

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Do [or will] you celebrate World Vegetarian Day or any other not-quite-as-wellknown holidays? There’s a huge number of food holidays out there to choose from if you haven’t done this yet. I highly recommend National Chocolate Day and I know for a fact I’ll celebrate October 29th in style.

What’s your favourite kind of [vegetarian please!] lasagna? Let me know of any recipes worth trying.

24 thoughts on “WIAW: Celebrating World Vegetarian Day [early]

  1. anaesrout01 says:

    Yesterday was International Coffee Day……I guess I celebrated it with my morning coffee (though I didn’t know about it till I saw all the hub-bub on Facebook).

    Also, sorry my dear, I’ve got no vegetarian lasagna recipes to share…

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Well, then you might just need to follow my lead of trying new things – like my excursion into you coffee fellows’ world – and give vegetarian lasagna a go 🙂 !
      On a random side note I’m not sure what’s wrong – WordPress! – but all of your comments on my blog show up as italic instead of regular letters??

  2. Ms.J says:

    Eeee you’re on board with coffee?!?!?! About time 😉 . I’ve taking to drinking mine before breakfast too!..there’s something about clutching a hot hug-in-a-mug of my favourite drink while roaming the grounds in the crispy AM ❤ . Hey now, good quality instant coffee (granules) is fit for kings. Especially double chocolate infused..I'm in love. So that funky feeling afterward? I hope it dissipates soon.
    World Vegetarian Day; that explains everything…I've been loving my veggies 😀 .

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Hug-in-a-mug – I think you coffee fiends are too cute for all the names you’re giving your favourite legal drug, haha. And double chocolate-infused? How do you create that magic?

  3. Juli says:

    Coffee really? I wouldn’t belive it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes. And even as a coffee snob I’d say granulated one is okay as a gateway drug 😉
    I am the same with eggplant. Torn between love and hate. It’s a strange kinda veggie! I have a lovely Lasagna recipe with pumpkin but unfortunately also with beef bolognese. So I reckon that’s not what you’re after. Coincidentially I am celebrating World Vegetarian Day by having fruit and veggie heavy dishes today. Let’s say bananas, pumpkin and squash make the base of all my meals today 😀

  4. Kate says:

    Veggie lasagna is the best! Btw, the new unsweetened almond milk from alpro is my greatest find the last couple of weeks…it is delicious! You really should find something other than granulated to try if you want coffee….instant just isn’t good…

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      I know! It’s my favourite non-dairy milk to date for both drinking as is and cooking.
      And I’m sorry to disappoint you and any other true coffee fiends but I don’t see myself buying any other – or any more – coffee soon. First, because this one will last me for quite a while and second, any other kind than granulated would require buying a coffee machine – and I’m just not keen enough on it. Plus, the kind I bought is organic and fair-trade so that makes up for the fact of it being instant, no? (:

  5. katalysthealth says:

    Get on board that coffee train girl! 😉
    And man now you’ve got me craving some lasagna. Or maybe Im just craving carbs. or maybe it’s cheese…..
    I’ll email you back soon! Work’s been crazy!

  6. GiGi Eats Celebrities says:

    I could never in 200000 million years be a vegetarian, but that doesn’t mean I do love me some veggie side dishes! I make a lasagne without noodles and cheese…. Uh, perhaps that’s not lasagne then? LOL!

  7. Ceara @ Ceara's Kitchen says:

    Happy belated world vegetarian day! What a great WIAW! That lasagna loooks dee-lish! I also buy that same brand of instant coffee at the L’idl (the cheapest place I’ve found to get nuts, dates and some baking goods!).

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      That’s so true. My mum who doesn’t usually shop there went with me when she visited and was pretty smitten with the awesome deal on pine nuts there, too.
      Also, I’m glad at least one coffee drinker approves of my pick, haha. Fair trade and organic make up for it being instant, right?!

  8. Annette says:

    Ha, dein Frühstück klingt wie ein grüner Smoothie 2.0, auch wenn ich die Zucchini nicht vor mir verstecken würde, ist echt mit Abstand mein Lieblingsgemüse 🙂

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Grüner Smoothie 2.0? Das gefällt mir. Gerade, da ich Smoothies gar nicht mag und jetzt dank Deines Einfalls so tun kann, als gehörte ich dem green smoothie movement an. (: Aber verstecken ‘muss’ ich die Zucchini auch nicht. Es ist nur so, dass ich morgens gar nicht mehr daran denke, dass ich sie ja ein oder zwei Abende vorher hineingeraspelt habe [ich bereite mein Porridge für mehrere Tage im Voraus zu].

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