Sharing or not sharing? [tell me your opinion!]

Originally, I had a different post planned for today. Yes, I’m in fact trying to work on a blog topic schedule. But life actually is the best blogging planner out there.  It’ll give you a nudge – periods of writer’s block aside – and get you to spill your secrets and thoughts. And because we’re talking on a Thursday out loud it is. Thanks to Amanda for creating up a wide open space for whichever thoughts life happens to pour into our minds at any given day. Before I start letting my thoughts flow I already want to invite you to read and then share your thoughts, experiences or whatever else you want to say about the topic. Because I know my opinion but I want to know about yours!


Some of the big question(s) when it comes to blogging: who’s invited to read your blog? Whom do you share your URL with?

What exactly got me thinking: A simple question posed by a colleague at random. “So, tell me: where do I find the link to that English blog you’re writing?”*

Now you might wonder how she found out about the blog in anway. Because no, I in fact don’t run around wearing a bright pin that says “hi, I’m a blogger!”.  Honestly, I wouldn’t have told everybody but as blogging is a major hobby of mine I’d mentioned it – among others – in the short portrait every new employee has to write about themselves basically the minute they walk in [talk about pressure]. And while most people didn’t comment on it any further both my boss and that colleague asked for the address on the same day. Weeks after I wrote that self-introduction. Given not even my family or friends know my blog’s URL I don’t feel like sharing it with my colleagues,  either. Work is work.  Private life is private life.

Also, I’d like to think that after nine hours at work I’ve fulfilled my duties of pretending to be normal and can dive straight into being me on the blog 😀 . As quirky, random, non-sensical, sappy, moody or however else I might be on any given day.



In hindsight I found myself regretting I mentioned it at all. Then again, blogging is a huge and important part of non-work life for me so why hide it?  My ED past and remainders today are obviously key factors for my decision not to share, too. When I eat at work I don’t want anybody to judge me as ‘the girl with the eating disorder’. Like “Ah! Now I get why she brings her own food.” [No, actually, I just can’t find any options that would be a) vegan or b) reasonably priced] or – the opposite: “Wow, did she actually eat that??

On a non-food-related level: I write professionally, too, and would not appreciate my colleagues picking apart my posts. They get a chance to do that at work – a newspaper office for any new readers – already so this is my place to do what I want and say what I want to say. Blogging as self-employed journalism? Hm … I like the sound of that .


In the end, I want to be able to individually decide whom to share my thoughts, experiences and struggles with. The thought of fully disclosing all I have shared on here yet and will share in future posts to a random person make me anxious. There might be people I’ve confided a lot of this to already but others who’d be surprised by several facets and I’d rather be in control of this.

If I wrote a recipe-only, fashion or similar blog I might be less cautious to share it with people I see on the regular in real life. But remembering [and at times admittedly not remembering every detail] the occasionally very personal posts I’ve shared so far I don’t feel comfortable with that thought.

Tea with Lucie

My blog is still a playground and place to grow for me. Both in terms of figuring out where I want to go with it, with food and life in general. An unfinished piece of work, a painting in progress, if you will. And wouldn’t an artist rather invite others over to his first successful exhibition rather than the wild splashing of colours, tissues or … ? Though in the end I am already sharing this part of my life with friends: all of you out there. And that – for now – feels just right for me.

That was a whole lot about me so now tell me about you!


Happiness-inducing today: The excited and happy kindness of a stranger pointing out a running route to me on my first run in the new city.

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No specific questions today but like I said: I’m super curious to hear how you decide whom to share your blog with. How you deal with colleagues or others possibly being surprised by the seemingly different person you are on the blog. …



32 thoughts on “Sharing or not sharing? [tell me your opinion!]

  1. janet @ the taste space says:

    It totally depends. I include it on my CV and it has come up a lot during interviews, despite it being very different than my actual work. Perhaps that is why it is just a fodder for discussion. It also helps let them know early on that I am vegan. 😉 But I completely understand wanting to remain anonymous especially when using your blog as a journal of sorts.

  2. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    I used to be super secretive about my blog when I first started out, and it stayed that way until about 6 or 7 months ago when I really started looking at blogging more professionally. It was definitely a little hard to get used to since I tend to keep to myself and not be so open with many people in my personal life, but I’ve had pretty much nothing but positive responses from people… And even had some old friends that I haven’t talked to for -years- e-mailing me saying they found my blog. Craziness.

  3. GiGi Eats Celebrities says:

    ANYONE and EVERYONE is allowed to hang out over at my blog, there is not exclusive guest list – I love meeting new people and if people who come to visit love it, then HECK YES… If they hate it, then whatever, I can’t win em all, RIGHT? LOL!

  4. Marfigs says:

    Hmm it’s a tricky situation! I’ve recently started to less shy about it, but I still don’t blab about it openly – someone has to ask me about it and then I’ll share. My husband is my fanboy though – he’ll bring it up in conversation quite a lot and tell them where to find it, so I can’t really tell him no when he’s obviously so chuffed.It is rather nerve-wrecking to put one’s past ED on the table, as it were, but I think so many people have issues that they’re too scared to address in public, and I find honesty has done wonders for explaining myself to people through the blog – they better understand my choices and reasoning. I agree with colleagues though! It’s kind of random and work is completely something I like to keep separate. If they find it, fine, but I won’t volunteer my address!

  5. Juli says:

    You decribe pretty exactly how I feel about my blog – only way better than I ever could 😉
    I am yet again stunned by the paradox of feeling torn between sharing my feelings so publicly but on the other hand almost hide it from the ones closest to me. Why is it so okay to open up in the most public place ever but people you know randomly are a no go? It’ a bit like going to the sauna. Stipping down in front of total strangers? No problem! Colleagues? Never!
    I totally understand you. I wouldn give my URL to a colleague or my boss either. That’s none of their business. Gosh not even my husband has read my blog yet. A few weeks ago he asked for the URL but even this was too difficult for me at the moment. I don’t even know my problem. He’s the person I share EVERYTHING (else) with. Inviting my friends and family to read is nothing I can imagine.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      I SO hear you there. Some days I surprise myself with how much I can open up about certain issues on the blog while I like to keep to myself in daily life. The sauna comparison is spot on!
      It’s interesting to hear you didn’t let Stefan know your URL yet – I think I somehow supposed you had? But then again it makes sense in that you already share such a lot with each other you might need that space for yourself?

  6. catfoodisgoodforyou says:

    Snap on all the above. I did (more by accident) share my blog with colleagues, and while I don’t think I really need to hide anything I put out there, it did make me a little self-conscious when writing for a bit – especially mentioning work! It just feels weird to think I can write about something and if I see that person later they can be like ‘so… I know what you had for breakfast’…

    For me blogging is somewhere between writing a magazine article and writing a diary entry – and that can be a pretty tough balance to get right!

  7. Ms.J says:

    Ascertained from a few key mentions in this post; it would be a smartly safe move not to let said colleague get a direct whiff of your blog NOW! I’m quite exceptionally tight-lipped about my barely there blog..given that it doesn’t consume me on the regular, I don’t see any reason to make it known to even family. The reason I began blogging was to ramble on topics I didn’t have an outlet for…amazingly enough: my “outlet” in life has expanded so – there’s much less held within myself than ever before! My Mum and brother have a rough idea of my blog – nothing more. I believe, as a blog is something personal and “your own”..its entirely up to you how comfortable you are in revealing it to others 🙂 .

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Be assured said colleague – or any of them for that matter – will not get a single glance at my blog any time soon [or ever]. Like I said in this post: not my intention.
      I’m glad you’ve found your blog to be just the outlet you needed for your thoughts. That and mails. (:
      “It’s entirely up to you how comfortable you are in revealing it to others” <- True. To each their own and I'm hoping one day I might be the place where others are sharing their blog with family and friends. Our blogs are something to be proud of after all.

  8. Charlotte says:

    Ooohhh I love this topic. As much as I love blog promotion and all that, i’m also sometimes hesitant to share it with people in real life. For me the blog is my creative outlet to hone my writing style and talk about healthy living, laughter and all that good stuff that can sometimes be forgotten in the real world.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      So true. Blogging can be a great outlet for that part of life or our personalities that doesn’t get enough space or attention in daily life. Sometimes I’m surprised by the quirky part of myself coming about once I start writing on here for I’d like to think I’m a lot more serious in my job.

  9. swissfitchick says:

    I totally get your reasons. I think it’s also a character thing. I am super extroverted, so of course everybody knows about my blog and many friends/colleagues/CrossFitters&Coaches/family read my blog. The majority of them love it and want to be featured on it, which I love even more 🙂
    But I was quite intimidated at the beginning as well. Today I just don’t give a shit what anyone thinks about me or about what I write. As long as I don’t hurt/offend anyone, I can be/do whatever the hell I please. If someone doesn’t want to employ me cause I had an ED, then I definitely want this person to be my boss either.
    PS: I know that pic!! 🙂

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      I’m always amazed by how open you are about your life and ED past with the fact in mind that many people you know in real life are reading. Kudos to that as it takes a lot of self-confidence – or at least it would for me. I also can’t say I wouldn’t mind if somebody dismissed me on a position for my struggles with my ED – not a past but still current one for me.
      And: I know you do, chose it for a reason here and want a repeat. Soon.

  10. Ceara @ Ceara's Kitchen says:

    I can totally understand where you are coming from but I have chosen to make my blog totally public! 🙂 It is even on my resume when I apply for jobs at the moment!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      In fact, I’ve been mentioning it in my resumes, too – and it was always well received so good luck for your applications. Companies seem to look for social media experience.

  11. Jessica Roberts says:

    Love this and totally get what you’re saying. Like you, I want some anonymity with my ED past and recovery. And I also write professionally. However, I love writing – it’s so therapeutic – that my recovery and my writing intersect necessarily.

    I actively promote my business website and blog, but let my personal writing website just exist. I figure people who are meant to find it, will.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      The way you see blogging – as therapy – is beautiful and true for me, too. It helps to share, have others relate and give advice.
      And I fully agree with this for my blog: “people who are meant to find it, will”. Yes!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      “I figure people who are meant to find it, will.” <- I couldn't have said it any better. This is exactly how I feel about my blog and so far it has worked very well. Amazingly well, really. I love the exchange with everybody stopping by. It's fascinating how just those people who can relate or share helpful stories find us, no? And I also agree about the therapeutic aspect of writing.

  12. Irina says:

    Great post. This is something I think about very very often. My entire family knows about my blog and I’ve come to accept that. This doesn’t necessarily prevent me from writing very personal posts – I take an ‘ignorance is bliss’ mentality with these sorts of posts and tend to push away the thought of my family reading them. But none of my friends or coworkers know about my blog…I’m still too shy to share! I hope this changes one day soon because I would love to focus more on my blog and its growth.

  13. Lauren @ The Bikini Experiment says:

    You totally have to share what you feel comfortable with and that evolves over time – especially if you start to look at it as more a career than a hobby. However, I totally can relate to not wanting to overshare with those you work with. Have a great day!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Thanks, Lauren. You’re making a valid point here. If I blogged professionally – or when because I could really see that happen in the future – I’d open it up to more people I know in real life, too. Right now it’s my personal outlet and space to ‘find myself’.

  14. Sammy @ Peace, Love and Ice Cream! says:

    I’m over from the #TOL linkup! Great post – I think sometimes it’s easier to write when you don’t know your reader in real life – or at least I totally thought that way in the beginning. I kept my blog as my dirty little secret for months and months, with only my husband, parents and sister in the know! The blogosphere is awesome and I love it, but if you’re not “in” this world sometimes you totally can’t understand it!! Great post 🙂

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Hi there and thank you, Sammy! You’re absolutely right in that it’s hard to grasp the concept of blogging for people who aren’t doing it themselves. And why we would possibly talk about certain topics so publicly to complete strangers.

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