Good good links #59

Oh hey hey, another Sunday. By the time you’re reading this I’m likely on a train – hopefully not crowded with soccer fans – making my way back to my aparment after a family weekend. I [will have] left Friday morning so that’s why I might have missed one or the other great post published after that. But if I happen upon any of those later there’s still next week to share some older ones worth reading. For now I hope you’ll find one, two or many in the lists below.

Happy Sunday!

Good good links


Good good [food for thought]

 Taking a second to love ourselves via Ceara’s Kitchen

 When we accept and love ourselves we free our minds to enjoy life that much more.

Diet Propaganda: A Rant via Kiss my Broccoli

Guilt. Shame. Feeling like we were doing things ‘wrong’ around food: that in itself is wrong.

Life doesn’t have to be so hard via Jamie Mendell

Ideas to add a little more pleasure to everyday life because it really shouldn’t be so hard.


Good good [advice and inspiration]

Forced rest can be a good thing via Katalyst Health

When we don’t want to listen life likes to give us not-so-subtle hints to do what has to be done after all.

The Only Goal-Getting Tip You’ll Ever Need via hello healthy

It’s not about what you could have done better yesterday or what you intend on doing tomorrow: today matters.

Is there such a thing as wasting time? via A Spectacular Life

This is plain beautiful and such a great and important reminder.

Finding Time to Exercise via Long Drive Journey

Even if you can’t make it to the gym there are ways to get moving throughout the day.



Why I don’t read your blog via Blogs Like A Girl

Wish you had more readers? These might be places to improve in. Take the writing with a grain of salt but there’s truth in it.



Make Your Own Nut Milk and Butters with This Visual Guide via Lifehacker

Easily one of the best guides I’ve come across in a while – and a must-have for everybody who likes to get nutty in the kitchen.

How To Make Your Own Fancy Nut Butters At Home via Huffington Post

This reminds me I still have yet to try making any other than coconut butter in my Vitamix.  About time …

10 Rules I Set For Myself Around Food by Tara Styles via Mind Body Green

I agree with most of these in that they encourage mindfulness and enjoyment rather than restriction.

There’s A Right And A Wrong Way To Organize Your Fridge via Huffington Post

Confession: I knew part of this but still don’t always stick with it. Time for Project: Reorganize my fridge.


Good good [humor]

 This is how Tinder worked in the olden days. via Some e-cards

Seems like the idea wasn’t that new after all, friends …


Good good [food]

Raw Caramel Stuffed Dark Chocolate Figs via An Avocado A Day

Can you say decadent-yet-good-for-you??!

All Of The Things You Can Make With A Can Of Pumpkin via HuffPost Food

As in: all the foods I can’t make [no canned pumpkin over here] but you can and should.

Microwave English Muffin (paleo, gluten-free + vegan) via The Big Man’s World

He finally catered to my [obviously … a girl can dream] request and created a vegan version, too. Now somebody ship me some pumpkin??!

22 Vegetarian Meals That Have More Protein Than A McDonald’s Burger via Huffington Post

Next time somebody asks where you get your protein you’ll be too busy eating [vegan] Sausage-Flavored Breakfast Beans to reply.

The New Yoga Pot via Green Kitchen Stories

This looks so good and warming – perfect for Autumn!

Creamy Lentil-Stuffed Butternut Squash via Coconut and Berries

Simple to prepare and full of fall favourites*: a surefire winner.


* can’t stop won’t stop the alliterations.


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    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Thank you, Amy! It was a super short but still very nice stay and I highly recommend packing some family time into your days off. Though I think you’d have to travel much farther than I had to?

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