Coffee chat and colour-coordinated cleaning

First things first: thank you to everybody who shared their opinion on my post last Thursday. It was very insightful to hear the different views and ways of handling the issue. Definitely some food for thought and I’d originally intended a follow-up post today but decided to spare you for now 😉 and go for some light-hearted randomness. There’s truly no better time for thinking out loud than Thursday – that one day separating us from weekend wondrousness.


1. Another note on the issue of that post, though: If it wasn’t for the ‘fear’ of colleagues finding my blog I’d share my real name and start posting pictures of myself in a heartbeat. Because Miss Polkadot was all cute and well in the beginning but just isn’t me. In a Gossip Girl kind of world I’d tell you to call me S – what is it about calling people by their first initial?? – but … not.

2. While in Hamburg – there’s no Starbucks in the city I live in – I spotted a sign announcing the wait is over for any coffee fiends once again: the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back. Now that I’m slowly developping a taste for coffee the big question would be if I should give it a go.

Only to remember right the next second that it’s not quite as alluring with the facts in mind. But there’s obviously still the option of a homemade cup of it – once I can overcome my laziness and make pumpkin puree from scratch … Oh, and pumpkin pie spice because we obviously don’t get it in stores over here.

3. Speaking of coffee: contrary to my expectation I find myself enjoying it more than I thought. It will never replace tea for me – especially not my favourite – but fixing myself a cup of it has become an after-work ritual for me. Still with a splash of milk, still sweetened. I ran into a little trouble for what to call it here. A cup of  joe? java? a hug in a mug? …? I’d like to assert that there’s no other beverage out there that has as many [loving] synonyms. Tell me yours!

4. On the weekend the topic of marriage kept coming up: one of my sister’s best friends just got married a few weeks ago, another will in a few months. My parents [jokingly] tried to evaluate the likeliness of my brother and his girlfriend tying the knot soon. They’re still touring the world and in the US right now so who knows if they won’t spontaneously take the trip to Las Vegas …?!

5. If you remember my sister’s wedding invitations I thought these by her best friend were really cute,  too. To explain: my sister’s friend and her now-husband enjoy playing both board games and Playstation. Does that bring back memories of playing Mario Party and always choosing the princess for anybody else, too?

Wedding invitation

6. Inspired by Amanda I finally picked up the Swiffer I bought, oh, two weeks ago? … ! What can I say? The vacuum cleaner has been my best friend but there’s a point where it doesn’t help much anymore. Also, is it just me or is mopping floors an extremely satisfactiory task?!

7. Speaking of satisfaction and said purchase: I swear I didn’t intentionally colour-coordinate while shopping. But my OCD was very pleased when I noticed the happy accident when unpacking:


Anybody with OCD will understand the contentment I felt in that moment.

8. And on a last note the sky I talked about in yesterday’s happiness-inducer. Aside from the apparent lack of stars I had Coldplay playing in my mind. Don’t even ask about the scenario behind taking that picture. I make myself laugh sometimes …

Pink sky

Apparently the angels were baking as my dad used to tell me on such occasions when I was younger. Right in time if you’re asking me. Little more than two and a half months until Christmas so they’d better get baking if they want to keep Santa fuelled for his journey around the world. Why, yes, I’m five years old at heart. <- the result of being serious at work.

Happiness-inducing today: Seeing this picture. Yes, that gets me excited and yes, now you know what to you can do to make me – or another blogger, really – happy. (:

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7 thoughts on “Coffee chat and colour-coordinated cleaning

  1. Charlotte says:

    Aww “the angels are baking” –i love that image– such a pretty sky! And you know, while i love pumpkin bread more than is probably healthy, i am going to admit a secret- i dont like pumpkin spice lattes… i know, i know. i normally get one because, well, duh, then i have 2 sips and throw it out. Repeat next year. (shhh!) 🙂

  2. katalysthealth says:

    Yay for coffee!! Glad you are finding some enjoyment with it. You know my feelings on it 🙂
    And as far as PSL go, I always make them at home. I mean I might splurge once a month and get a non fat small one, but in the end its just way cheaper [and healthier] to make them at home!

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