Good good links #60

Insanity. How in the world are we already at the end of the second week of October?? This is going way too fast for me. Just wait for it: next time you turn around it’s Christmas. Do you think it’d be a wise move to start gathering gifts already?

Well, for now all the gathering I’ve done is compiling a list of my favourite posts from the week. Though – thinking about it – saying these were my favourites from the whole wide [blog] world wouldn’t be a true statement for all the blogs I can’t possibly read. Yes, I can be that kind of overly correct. But before I ramble on here: good links from the blog world – whether its entiety or the small part I read.

Happy Sunday!

Good good links


 Good good [food for thought]

If I Have Gay Children: A Rabbi’s 8 Promises via Huffington Post

Even if you’re not religious this is a wonderful all-encompassioning promise that hopefully – in some way or the other – many people agree with.

I’m Not Her via Daily Moves and Grooves

The comparison trap catches all of us on occasion and it’s good to remind we’re all unique. Uniquely awesome.

Is it Realistic to Count Macros Forever? via Brittany Lesser

Even if it was: Would you really want to deep down?

Curveballs via Build Your Bliss

“Life will forever be throwing curveballs and we have to decide whether we want to swerve out of the way or reach out and catch them. You have the power so don’t you ever, ever feel ashamed of the path you choose.” <- So true.


Good good [advice and inspiration]


Blogging Advice to My Former Self via Long Drive Journey

Yes to all of these points.

Why You Should Start a Blog (Even If You’re Not a Writer) via Goins, Writer

The question should really be: why NOT start a blog?

The Bread & Butter of the Blog via IHeart Organizing

A good overview of both ways to monetarize your blog as well as the expenses to take into account.


6 Decisions You’ll Never Regret Making via Huffington Post

Kindness, treating yourself well and smiling at strangers are good choices whenever you make them.

my kind of perfect via vodka & soda

Life lessons on being happy with where you’re at: Cultivating meaningful relationships, balancing work and life, loving yourself.

Should you eat when you’re not hungry? via the real life RD

Sometimes we just feel like eating a little extra food and that’s perfectly normal.

Is lack of sleep making you fat? via Blogilates

Even if weight is not an issue getting enough sleep is vital to being healthy and happy.


 Is It Expensive to Be Vegan? via Vegan Insanity

The answer: it depends but not necessarily more than any diet focussing on high-qualilty ingredients. Plus some great tips to save money – applicable for everybody who likes produce, not just vegans.

4 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Honey via Huffington Post

It’s a magical sticky sweetener that has a lot of benefits – not just when eaten.

17 Easy Hacks For Fresher Food via HuffPost Taste

Keeping food fresh for longer saves money and reduces waste and here’s how.



 Good good [posts to make you smile]

How to survive a trip to IKEA via Squawkfox

Humor is timeless and this older post will make you laugh. And then run to IKEA. Sorry.

The Best Destinations In The World For Serious Chocolate Lovers via HuffPost Taste

Who’s up for a little trip around the world after reading this post?

How to Recognize if You’re Raising a Budding Healthy Living Blogger via Commitness to Fitness

Hint: Bloglovin as a bedtime lecture is a surefire sign.



Good good [food]

Butternut Squash Burrito Bowls via Love & Lemons

Burrito meets squash – and I’m sure you can imagine how good that gets.

33 Super Surprising (and Super Delicious) Ways to Eat Cauliflower via Greatist

Bring on the wonder vegetable! If you ever run out of ideas to use cauliflower here’s more inspiration.


Gooey Pumpkin Spice Latte Chocolate Pudding Cake via Oh she glows

Somebody pinch me! Healthy vegan self-saucing cake: Is this even real?

Raw Apple Pie Filling via Eating bird food

The taste of apple pie without slaving in the kitchen for hours messing with delicate pastry? Win!

 20 Savory Pumpkin Recipes via Oh my veggies

Because can you ever have enough pumpkin dishes in your repertoire??!

Whole Wheat Lasagna Bowls via Yeah … Imma Eat That

Who wants to come cook for me?? Minus the meat these look perfect: one of the best kind of dishes [pasta] served the best way [in a bowl]

10-Spice Vegetable Soup via Oh she glows

Wonderful vegetable-packed soup with a finish of smooth cashew cream – yes, please.


Happiness-inducing today: Another one of those random chats with a stranger.

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What were some must-read posts for you this week?


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