The little things that make life better.

I’m a firm believer that waiting for the big and bold happenings to make us happy is an almost surefire guarantee to keep us unhappy. Oh, the irony. If we only ever hang around wondering why we didn’t win the lottery or why that guy has yet to notice us we miss out on many occasions to smile. How this all relates to What I ate Wednesday? Well, the way I see it food shouldn’t be the only thing making us happy but if it’s one of them that’s pretty good in my book.

wiaw fall into good habits button

The little thing at breakfast: perfect setting and food. Kabocha that has that irresistible flaky-dry texture, the right balance of sweet- and starchiness. My favourite tea from one of my new favourite mugs. A side of brain food [to any Germans: Das Kreuz mit den Worten in Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin is my love-hate brain food of choice. So difficult. So addictive.]


If you’re less quirky than me/haven’t jumped on the squash-for-breakfast train yet [why not???] this could be the perfect bowl of oatmeal. And maybe a side of sudoku or a cross-word puzzle. Yes, I’m a granny there but I can’t go without these.

I might be the very last one to figure out how to break the soup-for-lunch-at-work spell but I bought my first set of microwave dishes on a whim the other day. There’s no looking back. This is my personal lunch revolution. Even with my self-proclaimed soup lady status I can’t pretend I was too happy slurping them anymore after a few weeks. These wonderful dishes have allowed me to bring casseroles of all kinds to work and actually make me look forward to lunch time. Okay, I did before, too, but the perspective of hearty polenta-topped chili is much more alluring than a less chew-able stew. The dish below is an adapted version of my Polenta Chili Bake.

polenta chili_microwave bowl

This week’s snack number one: Crack. Pure, high-quality crack. The kind that you can only keep in your apartment at the most immense safety measures. We’re talking hidden in the back of your pantry, consumed only with closed blinds so the neighbours won’t see you. Okay, to lift the fog and back up a little: I won Meghan’s giveaway for some homemade granola straight from her kitchen recently a while ago forever ago. The reason I only received it right now is not the fault of everybody’s favourite Cleveland blogger [trying to remember if I know any other Cleveland bloggers who might get angry reading this …]. I asked Meghan to hold off shipping the granola until I had moved into my new apartment. Because first I had to try eat up some of the cereal, granola, what-not-all I’d been hoarding pre-move and then settle into the new place.


After a few bites I can safely tell you I will definitely not enter another granola giveaway at Meghan’s. Because I clearly hated this one. Kidding. The reason I [pretend] I won’t is because somebody else deserves to be treated to this deliciousness. It is SO ridiculously good – crack, remember? – that I refused to let my mum who was visiting the day I picked it up pack some as a snack for the road trip back home.

To be fair, though, I offered her some before which she enjoyed.  But a whole container as a snack? No way. Another fun bit I should add is my mum had a handful from the jar – by the way: how pretty did Meghan pack this up?? – and thought it was trail mix. That’s what Meghan meant when she called her nut: oat ratio high. And she was sweet enough to customize it for me nixing the walnuts and using a mix of cashews, almonds and peanuts. So so good. Oh, I mentioned that before?!


For anybody who doesn’t live in Meghan’s immediate neighbourhood, is too impatient to wait for another giveaway or simply needs this granola in their lives – trust me you all do! – here’s the recipe. It’s vegan, too, for anybody stopping by from Vegan Wednesday. I hope sharing recipes for crack isn’t criminal.  If you don’t hear from me again I might have gottten arrested and in that case I hope you’ll send me granola care packages.

That’s it from me for today’s food inspiration but you might not even read this anymore as you’re already in your kitchen baking granola …

Happy Wednesday!



Happiness-inducing today: Finding that some essentials I needed to pick up at the store were on offer. Nothing like a good deal, right?!


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What are some little things that make your life better?

Are you a crack granola addict, too? What’s your favourite recipe?

26 thoughts on “The little things that make life better.

  1. anaesrout01 says:

    Little things that make my life better: Coffee/tea/cocoa, a good book, snuggling with the boyfriend…… 😀

    And I do have a favorite granola recipe, but I don’t know it, because it’s my aunt’s…and she hasn’t shared it with me yet. 😦

  2. GiGi Eats Celebrities says:

    I couldn’t agree more – it truly is the LITTLE THINGS!

    For me: matching socks that match my clothing…….. A cute note from someone, or even a simple text from a certain someone that just says HI… Someone opening a door for me when my hands are full… When the grocery store just stocked the spaghetti squash (LOL)… A full tank of gas… When I don’t RUN INTO ANYTHING ALL DAY —– NO BRUISES! lol!

  3. Marfigs says:

    I love that polenta bake – I was thinking about polenta last night and you’ve convince me to make it!

    Mmm, coffee brought to me in bed, having the cat follow me from room to room, and having my husband as a partner in crime 🙂

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      A wonderful compilation of happy little things. I hope I’ll be able to add both the husband and cat to mine one day, too.
      And yes, go for polenta! I just discovered the possibilty of preparing it in the microwave – life-changing and time-saving!

  4. Ms.J says:

    Jeepers, with such a thorough tooting from a granola veteran; there is no margin for even a smidgen of doubt 😀 . A granola addict I am yet to venture into..a granola-bar addict I can attest to being! Specifically chocolate no-bake granola bars at Spoons. :swooon: . I’m talking “whip up a new batch when I’m down to my last bar” obsessed 🙂 .
    Yes to the little things.

  5. Juli says:

    Coffee and a good book, me time, the sun, accomplishing a tough workout… the little things that make life happier are endless. You just have to see them.
    Yes I am an granola enthusiast and I have made two of Meghan’s recipes and one of Arman’s yet and do have my own Gingerbread Granola Recipe, too. All of them are freaking delicious! PURE CRACK!

  6. Irina says:

    Oh granola, aka crack in a package. My sister brought me granola two weeks ago when she visited and I demolished the entire bag in 2.5 days. Sooo I’m never going to purchase it again haha!

    Things that make me happy are – coffee (always and forever), homemade chocolates that taste as good as they appear, fresh fruit, good books, having a blogging mojo, and traveling to see my family (or vis-versa). It’s the little things in life that are best 🙂

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Never again? Saying/pretending that is something I know too well … Crack in a bag should really be illegal or at least hidden in a dark corner of stores. One can only walk past a particularly alluring kind so often before caving. Damn marketing strategies.
      Oh lady, you have a good sense for noticing the little things in life <3.

  7. Georgie Morley says:

    I’m a TOTAL granola addict. So flippin’ good. I love homemade, but I’m also a die hard “Purely Elizabeth” fan.

    Lately good tunes have been making me happy or at least taking the edge off tough days.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Purely Elizabeth’s granola seems to be a hit with many bloggers. Not available over here, though. Like pretty much all others US brands aren’t.
      Good tunes are a surefire happiness inducer for me. What have you been listening for instant cheering up?

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Oooh well. It’s the most unattractive picture in this post in my opinion so thank you, Fran. I might be biased but the dish is really good and I’d be happy to hear back if you end up trying it.

  8. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets says:

    Happy for me is reading blog posts like this one. I am so glad you enjoyed the granola, and I adore the photographs of it spilling out of the jar. Ya got skills my friend. The Hubby actually says that flavor is his kryptonite since he can’t keep his hands off it either. Crack is whack. Granola is better. 🙂

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Drug dealers would change profession if they realized they can make a fortune selling this kind of crack. Because granola = legal. And pretty much everybody who’s ever eaten it is instantly addicted. More addicts = more potential customers.
      Your hubby is both blessed and cursed because with you by his side there’ll never be a granola shortage. Dangerous.

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