[Your kind of] Balance is best

Balance and moderation are THE buzzwords of every and any health and fitness-oriented magazine, blog, website – wherever else.  I don’t know about you but in my opinion it’s confusing to figure out an infinite definition for either of those words. There’s no one balance that’s right for everybody. We’re not just talking food here. Even when it comes to work-life balance no two people are alike.

Balance might include spending time and sharing non-work-related thoughts and experiences with your colleagues outside of the office.

But it could also mean deciding to keep work and life separated.

Balance might include only whole foods and no refined sugar with occasional nutritious homemade raw food desserts as treats.

It might also mean following the 80/20 rule. Or 70/30. 50/50 perhaps??

[If you’re like me you can’t even say it because you’ve anything involving number-crunching just exhausts just like nothing else.]

Balance might include working throughout the week and being out and about on the weekends.

It could also translate to staying in on the weekend to calm down and relax after being surrounded by others all week.

Moderation could be playing the one-bite-only rule for decadent desserts.

It could be eating sweets on the weekend only.

Or stopping at half a bar of chocolate instead of a whole.

Balance could be taking one, two, three or any number of rest days per week.

It could be working out six days a week with one active rest day spent taking a hot yoga class or walking around all day.


My balance includes easy runs without paying attention to time or distance.

Moderation might mean splurging on just a  few magazines a month [I told you this wasn’t about food only] instead of every single one that catches your eye at the store [don’t tell me I was the only time having a hard time resisting!].
It could also mean buying ALL the magazines and reducing your spending elsewhere [but not on groceries if you’re anything like me].
favourite magazines
Balance could mean reading a health/fashion/fitness magazine side by side with a business one. Why, yes, I do. Some food for the brain, some mindless talk.
But it might also mean going for juicy gossip on the Kardashians in one magazine and juicy-fresh smoothie recipes in another. Not everybody likes
The time I spent searching wise old Google for answers to the question of how many squares of chocolate are still moderation or what is the perfect balance of rest and workout days: lost. Especially as – oh wonder – it didn’t result in any  answers but a million and one different. I can’t take back lost time but see it as another learning experience . We learn from our mistakes after all and decided to just create my own idea of balance and moderation. Whether you, Google or whoever else agrees or not.

And yes: When in doubt balance can be everything in moderation including moderation.

Your kind of moderation could be any of the above, something entirely different or a mix. You can find it whatever your job, diet or preferred kind of exercise [no need to do yoga to find balance].

Whatever your kind of balance and moderation are the only mandatory rule is: it should make you feel good.  Not deprived and longing for more [of life, food, rest]. Neither sluggish [sugar coma] nor bloated [hello, too many vegetables]. Do what works for you and change it if it doesn’t feel good anymore. And: accept that others’ definition might differ.  Our balance and moderation can obviously  feel like the only right one. But we shouldn’t try to push it onto anybody else. We’re all different and that’s what creates the overall great balance on this planet.

With that I’m stepping off the soap box and the stage is yours! Tell me whatever you feel like thinking and saying out loud.

Happiness-inducing today:  Watching a dad play with his little daughters in front of me in the pedestrian zone.


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21 thoughts on “[Your kind of] Balance is best

  1. Kaila @healthyhelperblog! says:

    Lovely post, dear (I wrote your name initially and then realized my mistake! LOL)! I think this perfectly encompasses what balance is…DIFFERENT FOR EVERYONE! I have a post about balance that’s been sitting in my draft folder for a while and now I can’t wait to post it! 🙂

  2. Ms.J says:

    Balance is not a perfect equation; exactly. And from my current state of mind I can nod my head in delighted agreement in that it should FEEL GOOD. Then again if it doesn’t leave you feeling all that pleasant there’s no need to panic and believe you’ve messed up the rest of your life!? <- that was me for a good while. The journey to finding my balance was rocky to say the least; it took countless of trials and error until..even when I hit the sweet spot for me, I know that its totally okay to not always stick to my 'feel good' and take that sugar coma like a boss 😉 . Stunning post milady!

  3. Irina says:

    ‘Balance’ and ‘moderation’ are honestly two words I absolutely cannot stand. They annoy me to to extent! You said it perfectly – “But we shouldn’t try to push it onto anybody else. We’re all different and that’s what creates the overall great balance on this planet.” It’s this exact mentality that pretty much defines the types of blogs I gravitate towards reading. Personally, nothing is worse than reading something that feels so aggressive in it’s nature that you almost feel bad about how you live your life. Of course, even I can understand the excitement someone feels when he/she figures out what works for them…I often want to share it with the (blog) world too! EX: when I figured out that eggs did wonders for MY body. But not everyone wants to try out your approach so it’s all about how you write about the topic 🙂

  4. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    Great post, lady 🙂 I agree 100%, and was actually just thinking the other day about how this sort of thing applies to happiness as well. We’ll never be happy if we’re constantly chasing someone else’s idea of happiness, just like we’ll never be healthy if we’re constantly following someone else’s definition of health. Things like balance and moderation are different for everyone, and they’re even different for the same person at different times of their life. I think the most important thing is to not get too caught up in a mentality where there’s only one right way to do something, but instead be flexible and willing to roll with the punches.

  5. Juli says:

    I absolutely agree! If it wasn’t so hard to find your own way 😉 But maybe that’s also because what moderation and balance means changes according to other needs or situations in life. At the moment most parts of my life are well balanced without giving any thought to it. But I am sure I realize a lack of balance easily when there is one to come up.

  6. brokencookiesdontcount says:

    I love the “cookie in each hand” line! Balance is very hard to achieve. I’ve been better at it at certain times in my life and not so good at others. I’m somewhere in the middle right now. I’m not Totally balanced but so much better than when I’m scattered to the wind. Have a great day!

  7. katalysthealth says:

    This is such a GREAT point right here lady. What I do in terms of balance and moderation might not work for you and what you do might not work for me. We all have to figure out what that “balance” is!!

  8. sweetsandbeets says:

    Wow, I love this. I’ve never thought about it this way before! I’m definitely still figuring out what balance means to me… I never considered that my idea of balance might be different than someone else’s. Thanks so much posting this!

    I just did a “soapbox” post myself, about comparison and negativity .. if you’d like, feel free to let me know what you think as well! : )

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