Good good links #65

Super Saturday – that’d be yesterday in two words. My mum took the road trip to visit me though she could only stay for the day and it was a short but awesome time. Sorry I’m not sorry for the cliché but mums are the best. Fact. And to turn Sunday into a super [reading] day for you, too – no matter what else is going on – I’m once again sharing great posts I found this week. Let me know your favourites in the comments, too.

Happy Sunday!

Good good links



Good good [food for thought]

Is a gluten-free diet healthier? via Khushboo’s Blog

Not necessarily. Think twice before ditching gluten for health reasons. 

We too are stardust via Miss Irina

 Even if physics in general aren’t your thing this puts life as a whole in perspective in a wonderful – or sad, at times – way.

What 10 pounds taught me via the real life RD

Sometimes it takes hard lessons in reality to remind us to take better care of ourselves. An inspiring story and reminder.

 20 Harsh Life Lessons Everyone Should Learn In Their 20s via Lifehack

Peerp pressure doesn’t end, we don’t suddenly have everything figured out and things are constantly changing.  Real life is hard but at least we’re not alone in realizing these truths.

14 Things No Young Woman Should Ever Have To Fear via Serendipity and Creativity

We stress about such a lot in life. Starting over anew more than once, not wanting children or

 Nutrition is not a religion via Blogilates

Eat the way that makes you feel happy and energized but don’t try to push it onto others. This once more underlines that your kind of balance is best.



Good good [advice and inspiration]

Inhale Trust, Exhale Fear via Better with Sprinkles

Another case of the difference a word makes: Swap wishing for knowing and trust in the universe leading you on the right path.


5 Ways to Love Your Body via Snack Therapy

How to become best friends with your body because a) it deserves it and b) nobody wants to be at constant war with the person they spend every day of their life with [read: themselves].


How My Bikini Competition Helped Me, Not Hurt Me via Brittany Lesser

Advice even non-competitors should keep in mind.

Here’s What a Photoshop-Free World Would Look Like via Who What Wear

Wouldn’t that be a wonderful word to live in?

An unexpected reason to travel via The Mindful Foodie

Yet another reason why I – and probably you, too?! – should finally turn my dreams of traveling into reality. We don’t fully appreciate what we have until we leave it behind for a while.

Staying on course via Girl meets Life

Some great tips to set yourself up for success in following your goals in life.



The Basics | Carbohydrates, part I via Nutrition Stripped

For any fellow nutrition fact nerds. Summary: Carbs are a complex topic, our bodies’ preferred source of energy and do wonders for us.

Why I Quit The Gym via Miss Irina

If you feel obliged to go and notice physical downsides maybe the gym just isn’t the right fit for you – and that’s okay.



Coming out of the blogger closet via Peanut Butter & Jenny

In case you remember this is a constant topic on my mind. If you feel like going public with you blog these tips might help you feel more comfortable with it.



Hotel Room Workout via Popsugar

Four workouts you can do with the minimal equipment of a hotel room. No need to seek out a gym =more time to go out and explore!


Do it yourself

101 Homemade Holiday Gifts via hello natural

Keep your fingers crossed at least some of the gifts I’m giving this year will be homemade. Now to decide on just a few …





Good good [posts to make you smile]

Why dieting is hard – A Pie Chart via The Oatmeal

Yes, let’s try this again next week. Or the week after that …

This Is What Happened When A Woman Told A Chimp She Had A Miscarriage… via Quick meme

 Because we all need some heartwarming stories in these cold months. And don’t tell me you still believed animals weren’t emotionally intelligent after reading this.

 Where’s your ideal foodie vacation? via Women’s Health Mag

Meet me at the Downtown Farmers’ Market in Des Moines, Iowa.



Good good [food]

25 Fall Breakfast Recipes to Jumpstart your Day via Diary of an ExSloth

These might even inspire me to stray from my usual breakfast. Routine is good, changing it up is better – and possibly more delicious?!

Healthy Bites: 30 Protein and Energy Ball Recipes via FitFluental

Typical blogger fare: balls in all flavours for all tastes. Get rolling!

Flourless Pumpkin Almond Butter Bars with Dark Chocolate + Coconut via Ambitious Kitchen

Moist [sorry I’m not sorry], coconutty, chocolate-spiked and almond buttery – just how perfect do these look and sound?!



La Vita è Bella Pizza Power Bowl via via Blissful Basil

Who wouldn’t believe life is good once a bowl of this amazingness is put in front of them? And: Pizza [flavours] in a bowl?!

Vegan Fall Power Bowl via Spinach for Breakfast

I don’t even have any words for how perfect this looks. How exactly did this Mary Poppins heel-clicking work??

Quinoa-Stuffed Acorn Squash via In It 4 The Long Run

Stuffed vegetables are awesome. Squash is even more awesome. Awesome awesomeness?!

Zucchini Pasta with Roasted Pumpkin Sauce via Nutrition Stripped

All the flavours in the sauce sound incredible.

Vegan Corn and Wild Rice Chowder via Hummusapien

Simple ingredients, lots of vegetables and easy preparation: this has a lot of soup favourite potential just reading the recipe.

Pasta Fagioli with Cranberry Beans and Kale via Fatfree Vegan Kitchen

Pasta, beans, kale – the title says it already: this is true autumnal comfort food. And you get to eat it from a bowl = win.

Soup Ideas for Dinner [changed the original title because I didn’t agree with it] via Popsugar

Making soup for dinner [or lunch] doesn’t have to be boring with so many ideas to change it up.



Happiness-inducing today: The introduction says it all: having my mum around for the day. Much needed and appreciated after a stressful week at work.


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