Good good links #66

Some things happen even if you had no intention for them to do. Case in point? Right in time for all of our favourite holidays coming up you’ll notice a focus on posts sharing advice on how to approach them the healthy way in this week’s round-up. That’s because I was happy to find some with a truly healthy idea among the many coming under the guise of health but actually promoting restriction. Thankyouverymuch – no.

And yes, technically it’s no surprise these posts are popping up in abundance with Thanksgiving right around there corner – the surprise for me was just realising how many of them had crowded in my own post, too. I’d say that way you get a lot of advice and reassurance that enjoying the holidays without guilt is well possible – and that’s a good thing.

Obviously, there are many other great posts in the mix, too, so I hope you’ll find one, two or lots you’ll enjoy.

Happy Sunday!

Good good links



Good good [food for thought]

The Expectations of Being ‘A Twenty-Something via Birds Words

We don’t need to have it all [figured out] yet. Our twenties are the time to truly get to know ourselves, make mistakes and learn from them.

Burned Out? via Long Drive Journey

 In between work, household duties, trying to keep up a social life it can all get too much. Are you feeling burned out, too?



Blogging Politics- The experiment via The Big Man’s World

Commenting shouldn’t be a game of doing favours but interaction because you genuinely feel like it.

I recently reached my Dream Weight…and why it doesn’t matter anymore via Jamie Mendell

life is no better or worse than it was 30 or 40 pounds ago“. Because our weight really doesn’t make a difference in life quality.





 Good good [advice and inspiration]

 To be free via My Food ‘n’ Fitness Diaries

The place I – and I think everybody – ultimately want to get: “Balance doesn’t include obsession about calories or workouts or fat grams or that silly number on the scale. Balance does include enjoying life to its fullest with those you love.”

10 Tips To Beat The Winter Blahs via Mind Body Green

There’s no way to change the seasons [unless moving to a another country’s in your budget] but the way we deal with it.

Why you need to Disconnect to Reconnect (tales of a social media detox) via Mindful Meals

Realisations that are very good reasons why taking a social media detox might be just what you [I] need.


What to Say When People Annoyingly Undermine Your Healthy Choices via Greatist

Chances are you’ve had to deal with it before, too. Some great ideas to stand in for yourself but don’t offend anybody.



We Are Not What We Eat via Paleo Running Momma

Choosing a certain diet shouldn’t come with any ‘rules’ to follow in other areas of life [like commenting on food not ‘suitable’ in your diet]. If all else fails we can bond over cookies no matter which diet.

5 Steps to a Healthy Thanksgiving via Bagels to Broccoli

Not just for Turkey day but any holiday: great ideas on approaching this special time of the year in a relaxed way. Spoiler alert: it includes eating the mashed potatoes – are you even surprised I liked this??!

Wellness Wednesday: Breaking My Late Night Overeating Habit via Ambitious Kitchen

“Guilty” of night time eating? When there’s a habit, there are reasons for it – and ways to change them. For me, eating enough earlier in the day is key.


Myths About Gaining Weight via Georgia’s Trying Something New

Just because somebody gained weight does neither mean they only ate junk food and didn’t exercise nor that they’re unhappy now. Don’t assume, ask.


How to Bounce Back After a Food Binge via Greatist

No getting down on yourself, no restriction. It’s human.

How to count macros without being obsessive via Brittany Lesser

It’s possible to keep your macros in mind but not stress out and still enjoy life.

4 Health & Fitness Habits You Should Give Up via Mind Body Green

Because being obsessive about food and workouts really isn’t making you any healthier – quite the opposite.

 Workout comparison via the real life RD

We’re all different, lead different lives, eat and sleep differently – why should we all [be able to] workout the same way?? Don’t compare – just do you.

17 tips for getting clean after a sweaty workout—minus the shower via Well and Good

The shameless self-promotion plug-ins aside there are some ideas worth trying the next time you’re in a rush after your workout.

15 Natural Hair Remedies for Every Ailment from Dandruff to Dryness via hello natural

Split ends, frizzy or flat hair: Skipping the chemicals but still getting beautiful locks is possible.


Six stretches for people who sit at desks via A Cup of Jo

For all fellow office workers who just need to keep their muscles flexible.

6 Ways to Forget the Holiday Weight Guilt (Without Gaining!) via Paleo Running Momma

 Don’t weigh yourself, eat the foods you like guiltlessly and enjoy the holiday spirit. Mindset matters a lot.



How To Stop Negative Thoughts From Getting You Down (Infographic) via Mind Body Green

This is awesome!



 Good good [posts to make you smile]

18 LOL-Worthy Tops For All Your Healthy Friends via Popsugar

Or for yourself, really, because laughing is healthy, too. Pie and lattes, anybody??


 Good good [food]

28 Healthy Holiday Cookie Recipes via Fit Foodie Finds

Time to start baking [or practicing to bake if you’re holding off the official start until December 1st] and these are sure to make your heart and health-conscious mind sing.

Whole Wheat Berry Coffee Cake via iFoodreal

Crumbles, berries, coconut milk drizzle and healthy at that – what more could you want??

Triple Chocolate Vegan Pumpkin Cake via

This might just convince me to try pumpkin in sweet baked goods. But doesn’t adding some [triple] chocolate action make everything better?!

Double Chocolate Muffins via Katalyst Health

These should be called honey bee happy dreamy bites of chocolate heaven. To sum that up for you: honey-sweetened oat flour-based good-for-you muffins studded with chocolate chips. 

The Best Healthy Recipe Substitutes for Cooking via Fiterazzi

A few little subs can turn a not-so-nutritious recipe into a ‘better for you’ one without sacrificing taste.

From Savory to Sweet: 1 Month of 150-Calorie Vegan Snacks via Popsugar

A plethora of new snack ideas because who doesn’t like snacking?

Butternut Squash and Lentil Hash Via Clean Eating Veggie Girl

Anybody knowing me would be able to tell this is SO my kind of dish: two [always better than one!] kinds of legumes, squash, plenty of spices – perfection.

Healthy Green Bean Casserole [vegan] via Hummusapien

Not your average green bean casserole: cashew cream, whole grain bread crumbs and lots of other delicious ingredients.

Vegan Cornbread Casserole via The Pretty Bee

Another US classic I haven’t had before but it looks like the perfect dish for a cold and rainy night in.

33 Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes Made With Real Food (Not Tofurkey) via Greatist

We might not celebrate Thanksgiving over here but I could see some of those on the Christmas table.



Happiness-inducing today: A chat with the owner of the Asian food store where I finally [!] found edamame again.

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11 thoughts on “Good good links #66

  1. Jen @ Bagels to Broccoli says:

    Thanks so much for including my “healthy” Thanksgiving tips! I’m ALWAYS an advocate of eating the mashed potatoes!

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