Good good links #71

It’s the last day of the year. [insert freak-out] Okay … My mind is in mini-vacation mode already [a four-day weekend ahead does that] or maybe it’s simply sleep-deprivation [hello, New Year’s resolution!] so I will keep this short and sweet. After skipping the good good links on Sunday in favour of family time during the holidays I’m bringing them back today. Meaning you’ll get two of these this week with the next one coming on January 4th – in the new year already! We’ll talk again tomorrow for some Thinking out loud but until then:

Guten Rutsch!Rutsch guet übere! – [and because I’m not sure how you guys properly word this German saying] Enjoy your New Year’s Eve!

Good good links


Good good [food for thought]

life: unfiltered. via girl meets life
Don’t trust the pictures and know your responsibilty as a blogger: Nobody[‘s life] is perfect.
Seeking Acceptance via Peace, Love and Oats
A wonderful reminder: “when you tie your own happiness to someone else’s appraisal of you, you will never be happy.”
The idea of giving up control and allowing yourself to gain until your weight naturally settles at its comfortable point is hard to accept but key in recovery. I need a sticky note saying that.

The Two Phases of My Recovery via Choosing Raw

If you’re struggling with or in recovery from an ED this will likely be an eye-opening read.

Surprise! I eat wheat. via Mind Body Musings

 Eat what makes you feel good and don’t let fads influence your food choices.


Good good [advice and inspiration]

Is procrastination really such a bad thing? via Caitlin de Beer

An interesting new outlook on something I’m sure many of us can relate to.

 5 questions for a bright, clear and focused new year. via Alexandra Franzen

If you’re like me you’ll appreciate some inspiration on how to make your next year [even] better than the past.
Don’t Fail, Learn! The Right Way to Talk About Your Healthy Habits via hello healthy

Never underestimate the power of words!

A great way to avoid over-procrastination [see above] and get yourself motivated.  It’s really the little things having a big impact.
Want to set goals for the new year? Ideas on how to pick attainable ones and keep up the motivation.
… while we’re on the topic of goals: they really don’t have to be anything out of the ordinary. Just little changes here and there.
Health and Fitness
Make the choices that feel best for you and remember: live and let others live.

13 Unexpected Benefits of Exercise via hello healthy

Mood-bosting, anxiety-reducing and creativity-boosting: maybe not all unexpected but even more reasons to love exercise.
How Do You Relax? Uhhh..? via Paleo Running Momma

Feeling like the odd one out because you have a hard time relaxing? Relax [lame, I know] – you’re not alone and there’s no one perfect way to relaxation.


 Good good [posts to make you smile + DIYs]

New Year Resolution Ideas via the Daily Quipple

Resolutions you can get on board with even if you usually can’t stand the idea of making any.

 2015 Printable Mini Calendar via Kristen Duke Photography

Aaaadorable. Even if you already have a calendar this one’s too cute not to have. Now if only my printer was cooperating ..



DIY Lip Balms Perfect for Winter via hello natural

Bye, bye,  chapped lips – the homemade way. Tinted lipbalm with only three ingredients?!



Good good [food]

 Veganes Tiramisu [German] via Totally Veg

This post is a true oldie but I just found this, have been craving tiramisu and, well, does it need any more explanation?!

Oh. my. Does this mean I can eat these and pretend I was just getting in my protein? I’m on board.

 Vegan Chickpea Pot Pie with Phyllo Dough Crust via Making Thyme for Health

If you know me and my phyllo dough + chickpea fondness you won’t be surprised to see this up here. Oh. my.

Mushroom-Free Caramelized Onion and Green Bean Casserole via The Frosted Vegan

Even if you like mushrooms [I do!] you might not always have some at hand but still want this comfort food classic. Problem solved deliciously!
Lentil and Kale Stew with Salsa via Eating Bird Food

 Looking for a good-luck dish for New Year’s or simply a bowl of comfort? This soup’s got you covered.


Happiness-inducing today: Empowering conversations and looking forward to a four-day weekend.


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That time there was no Christmas tree [Holiday recap]

Now what was that?? I don’t know about you but I can never believe how quickly Christmas passes again year after year. Within the blink of an eye it’s back to the daily grind of non-festiveness. Before that all rolls in, though, how about a marvelous little look back at Christmas 2014? Celebrated the untraditional way as you’ll see in a minute.


Even for my family’s already unusual standards this year turned out to be a brea. Aside from maybe a few years during my [earlier] childhood* I don’t think my family ever had what would be considered a ‘classic’ Christmas celebration. Starting with a first glance at our tree

Tree top_Christmas 2014

* I still consider myself a child because as long as we have parents that’s what we are, no?!

One thing that remained the same, though, was our traditional dinner on Christmas Eve.  Thank goodness. Missing out on grandma’s Rotkohl would have legitimately broken my heart.  I mean it.  The obsession is so strong I couldn’t wait but have a bowlfull the minute we arrived at my parents’. There was more than Rotkohl on the menu, though. Semmelknödel [that my mum actually prepared the vegan way using soy flour in place of eggs as per my suggestion – she was a fan], potatoes, a vegan seitan roast my sister made from scratch, brussels sprouts and obviously dessert. But that one comes with a slightly deeper background story that I’ll share on Thursday for my next time thinking out loud.

Christmas 2014_dinner

I feel we need a little close-up of the Rotkohl goodness because it truly is the best. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my grandma to write down the recipe to share on the blog because she’s a little secretive about it and never prepares it the same way. Her cooking style is the classic grandma way: some of this, some of that and, oh hey, let’s add that jar of homemade jelly, too.

Holidays_2014 004

Untraditional was our tree. Now here’s the big change and major shock to me: we didn’t have a Christmas tree. Or not an actual one. Do you remember what I said about my family’s stance on fake trees? I’m not sure into which category this one would fall. Without my knowledge my parents and sister had decided to go a different route this year  [and possibly those to follow?!]. Say hello to our environmental-friendlier tree!

Christmas tree_2014

My grandpa, sister and mum built it using old ply woods and tree branches they cut or found in the woods. It was hard to get used to the idea for me but once lit in the dark room it worked a charm at lending at least some of the traditional Christmas cheer. First blogger fail here, though, because I got no proper picture of the lit tree.

Christmas 2014_elks

Traditional, however, was our family walk. Workouts fell wayside for me most days in favour of spending quality time with my relatives.  It used to be a major stressor for me in past years. But – maybe due to seeing everybody even less in between – I focused on enjoying the days getting in exercise when I could but not fretting about missing a day or two. And definitely not cutting back on food. It’s a short time of the year only after all and I knew my answer to any ‘healthy’ holiday advice telling me to up my exercise if I wanted to indulge. Thanks but no, thanks. That’s not what the holidays are about.

Family walk_christmas

It wasn’t until starting to write this post that I noticed I failed at taking pictures of my gifts. In my defense: I hardly took a lot of pictures in general this year. Don’t you agree we capture most memories of family time in our heads and hearts rather than on our cameras and memory disks in anway?

One more thing: this Christmas – for reasons unrelated to its untraditional ways – wasn’t the merriest I’ve had so far. But I’m all for looking on the bright – or: marvelous – side of things and choosing what I want to keep in mind the most. And there we have it: a short recap of my untraditional Christmas in the countryside. Now let me know about yours!

Happiness inducing today: My sister for listening and offering a different and encouraging perspective on some problems I’ve been facing. It always helps to share what’s on your mind with somebody else – we don’t need to know all solutions ourselves.

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Do you approve of our untraditional tree 😉 ?

Tell me about your Christmas days!


What was your favourite

a) food

b) part of the holidays overall?

Where did the links go?

Hi and hello, blog world!

Usually, you’d find some of my favourite posts from the week here. This Sunday is a little different, though, because I just got back to my apartment [and at that my laptop] after spending the largest part of my week at my parents’.  Quality time with the family took priority over blog reading so I don’t have anything to share today. But the good good links will be back on Wednesday so be sure to stop by for some great reads. Until then find out about my year in blogging and share some highlights of yours!

Good good links

Now let’s talk about the holidays! How was Christmas 2014 for you? Big family gatherings? Intimate little get-togethers with parents and siblings only? Tell me in the comments! I’m always curious to hear about the different celebrations in between various countries and families.


Happiness-inducing today: Where do I even start? Despite some happenings taking away some of the holiday cheer I’m still incredibly thankful for my family and memories made during the past days.

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The 2014 Blogger Survey

Did everybody have a wonderful Christmas [or still celebrating depending on the time you’re reading]? Are you still nursing happy food babies or trying to find your presents below piles of wrapping paper ;)? However you’re spending these days I hope they are nothing short of aaaah-mazing.

Today I’m following Arman’s invitation to recap the year of blogging survey-style.



That’s not a fair question to ask somebody who just can’t decide on anything.

1. You are not what you eat.– Vegetarian. Vegan. Paleo. Macrobiotic. Runner. Yogi. Cross-Fitter. Just because you’re having a steak for breakfast and lift heavy weights while I sing the praises of oatmeal and run doesn’t mean we can’t be friends.


2. [Your kind of] Balance is best.– Everybody’s talking about balance in every aspect of life. But there’s no ultimate one-size-fits all definition of what exactly ‘balance’ and ‘moderation’ are. Find your own and don’t let anybody tell you wrong.

3. – The one question to ask when reading “healthy” advice – A post I published just shortly ago but one very dear to me. With new healthy or actually not-so-healthy advice published at piece work rate it’s easy to get overwhelmed – and confused. Take care of yourself by asking this one question to steer clear of anything might affect you negatively.



It looks like this whole survey involved hard decision for me. Okay, I’ll pick three and then tell you that I’d actually include a lot more from this year’s good good links.

1. Sam [Better with Sprinkles]The Post-ED Identity – A very recent post but one that was serious food for thought and couldn’t have come at any better time for me. It’s a topic I think [and the comments on it tell] many people can relate to.

2. LucieHave a little … patience. – The one virtue I clearly don’t have: patience. Especially when it comes to expectations I’m having for myself. Why don’t I have my life figured out by now? Why am I not recovered yet? Why …? The many times we beat ourselves up when all it’d take would be: a little patience.

3. CarlyThe Scale – No, the scale doesn’t lie. Not one bit. But: it doesn’t tell you more than a number. And you are way more than a number: your experiences, your happy and sad moments, accomplishments, friends, talents …



Given I don’t really go into details of daily life happenings these will seem somewhat random but here we go!

1. Moving into my first own apartment– Admittedly, I wasn’t thrilled about the prospect of moving and I still don’t feel completely at home in the city. But finding that I could still make it work and not be totally lost is an accomplishing thought.

2. Landing my first job post-graduation – Even though it’s just a temporary one [the job search will continue soon] it’s a great experience to work in the field I studied and truly enjoy. Writing has always been my passion and even in my short time here I got to meet many interesting people.

3.  Growing my blog and finding my ‘voice’: During my first months and years as a blogger I wasn’t sure where I was going with it all. It’s still an on-going journey but these past months I’ve felt more in the groove. In the past I felt the need to join certain link-up parties every week. While I still enjoy reading or participating in them there are just times when I neither feel like it nor do I have relevant content – and that’s okay. I’d rather share what’s really going on in my mind.



Not neccessarily all meals but rather food obsessions I noticed in my diet this year.

1. Vegan buffets – Imagine a buffet laden with various stir-fries, grain dishes, chili, goulash and lasagna – all vegan. Yes, please. I got to experience this full-on deliciousness a few times and it was good. Very good.

Lunch out_vegan_buffet_July 2014

2. Crunchy Chickpea Protein Bars– Talk about a true obsession. I’ve been making at least one batch of these for office snacks ever since I posted the recipe. As I ran out of a few ingredients I can’t find around here anymore I also experimented with the recipe and will have to update it.

Protein Bars 8


3. Polenta– This one was a real surprise for me because previously I not only wasn’t too fond of it but snarked about the much overlooked cornmeal. Then all of a sudden – bam! – I found myself craving it, picked up a package and ate it all of the time. Prepared the right way it is SO delicious not to mention way faster to cook than any other grain.

Polenta casserole 4


Cheating isn’t cool but I really can’t think of three. So two it is.

1.  Sugar detoxes. Maybe it was a trend before already but I think it’s taken over completely this year. Sugar detoxes are all the rage in the blog world. I actually have a post planned on my view on the whole sugar debate – coming up after the holidays. (:

2. Full-time blogging and e-books. One positive “trend” [if you want to call it that] I noticed was a lot of bloggers quitting their jobs and turning their blogs into their full-time profession. Naming just a few there would be Davida and Monique.  Also, many bloggers – including Davida again, Lee and Kylie. I’m seriously impressed and inspired by these ladies and others taking the plunge and it’s awesome to witness their [much deserved] success. It goes to show that blogging can be way more than a hobby. And isn’t it more than just that for many of us already?


Happiness-inducing today: Friends who are there to listen and calm you down whenever you need it.


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Tell me …

1) your top three posts in 2014 (yours or others’)

2) top three events in your life

3) Did you notice any other blogging trends? I’m curious to hear if you spotted more than I did.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! – Fröhliche Weihnachten! – Joyeux Noël! – Geseënde Kersfees! – God Jul! – Feliz Navidad!

Christmas Greetings_merry Christmas

Wherever in the world you are I hope you and your family are having a wonderful holiday filled with many hugs, maybe some snow (?), good food, gifts (not necessarily of the materialistic kind) and everything else you’re wishing for. Even if you don’t celebrate I still hope you’re having an awesome time!

I’ll talk to you again soon!


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Good good links #70

Oh hello, 4th of Advent! If you’ve been following along these past weeks you’ll know I hadn’t gotten into the Christmas mood yet and it won’t surprise you when I say that the big day’s coming waaaay early for me this year. As in: I still haven’t gotten the majority of my presents or planned dinner. Not a worry for the non-vegetarians in my family but if I want a vegan roast or something along the lines I need to plan in advance. However, I already told you I couldn’t care less – as long as potatoes and that one side dish are around I’ll be a happy camper. Actually, I will be simply because it means I get to see my family again. I. can’t. wait.

Okay, enough Christmas ramblings: you came here for the good good links, no? You will notice that even after my post there are still a handful with holiday advice but that’s because they’re of the good kind. All that being said what’s left to say is: happy 4th of Advent/happy Sunday and enjoy the links!

Good good links



Good good [food for thought]

The Post-ED identity via Better with Sprinkles
One of the hardest parts of recovery is having to give up on what used to be your identity for years and [re-]discover yourself beyond it.
Time to face the truths about that ‘perfect body’: Obsession, missing out on time with loved ones, setting rules – it’s not fun.

The Most Important Holiday Weight Loss Tip You Will Ever Read via Em-powered Wellness

Read this and then enjoy the holidays because: “when you focus on your weight or body size, you are not able to focus on what truly matters”



Good good [advice and inspiration]

 Staying healthy over the holidays via Khushboo’s Blog

It’s totally okay to let go of your routine, indulge a little more and exercise less if you feel like it. Just don’t go to any extremes.

It may sound selfish at first but gifting others by making self-care a priority is more beneficial to their lives, too, then you might guess.
Patience is a virtue – one I don’t posess. Time to start learning to stop and smell the flowers even if you’d rather rush past them to get to wherever you’re headed.

On the Power of I Don’t Know via Em-powered Wellness

Asking questions doesn’ equal admitting defeat: it shows your dedication to doing things right.

Recovering From An Eating Disorder Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Be Social via Mind Body Green

Getting back into socializing can be really hard but it’s so worth it.

Coping at Christmas via Libero Network

Taking care of your own needs and finding your personal best balance can help ease the anxiety around socializing and food.

Health and Fitness

Foods Which Ease Anxiety Symptoms via Clean Eats, Fast Feets

No, food doesn’t cure anxiety but making some good nutritious choices along with further treatment can still help you feel better.

Why Setting “Just for Today” Goals Might Work for You via Your Trainer Paige

Making smaller changes for a day only can seem less daunting and be easier to accomplish than long-time ones. I’m definitely going to try this!

20 Lazy-Girl-Approved Fitness Hacks via FitSugar

We all have those days where we’re not feeling a workout. Some good ideas to get in a little movement but not push yourself over the edge.

Staying Active During the Holiday Season by Becki (Olives ‘n’ Wine) via Hidden Fruits and Veggies

No time for a long workout? Some tips to keep moving and make it fun for the whole family.

The Truth About Juice Cleanses via hello healthy

They’re all the rage in the healthy living scene but might not be the utmost healthiest choice you assumed they were.

A Writer’s Manifesto via Snack Therapy
Amazing. I couldn’t agree more. Write. Just write. it. all. out.

Most Popular Posts on ProBlogger 2104: Creating Content via ProBlogger

Can’t think of a topic to blog about? Here’s a list of helpful posts to get you started.


10 Reasons Why You Should Blog via Sweet, Short & Stylish

In case you’re not a blogger yet and needed any more arguments: get on board!

The Outsider’s Christmas Carol: A Different Way to Survive the Holidays via The Freedom Experiment

Even though I enjoy celebrating Christmas the traditional way I like to see this advice in an general sense and am all for doing things the way that feels good to you guiltlessly.


What You Say On Facebook Reveals A Lot About Your Personality via Mind Body Green

It’s fascinating how much we’re unintentionally giving away about ourselves in conversations and comments.



 Good good [posts to make you smile]

10 Moments that will Light up your Heart this Christmas via Sharing Healthiness

Oh yes. Aren’t you getting all giddy and excited reading this already?

How to End 2014 With a Bang: 101 Ways to Ring in the New Year! via Huffington Post

Great ideas on how to make the best of the remaining few days of the year and start 2015 on a fantastic note.


Good good [food]

 Chocolate-Dipped Peanut Butter Cookies with Pretzels by Monique (Ambitious Kitchen) via A Cup of Jo

 Anything chocolate-dipped is awesome and with a salty element added to the equation? Yesss.

The Lazy Vegan’s Tiramisu via honey and figs kitchen
Okay, I was honestly trying to come up with something more creative to say but after staring a the pictures for too long all I’ve got for you is: hand. me. a. spoon.

Heather’s Coconut Pecan Chocolate Caramel Squares via Keepin’ It Kind

A maple-sweetened pretzel base topped with date caramel and finished with chocolate – dreeeamy.

No-Bake Vegan Vanilla Bean Chocolate Bars via Gluten-Free Vegan Girl

Oh my. I have no words for how amazing these look. Aside from über-amazing.

5 Ingredient Vegan Lemon Cheesecake via Vie De La Vegan

Another no-bake cake and a raw dessert that for once doesn’t call for any hard to find ingredients. Win!

Chocolate Caramel Layer Pie via Feasting on Fruit

An ‘old’ post but I just found it this week and don’t tell me it wasn’t worth sharing. Nutritious caramel and chocolate action?!

One tablespoon and Small Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies (Vegan) via Top with Cinnamon

A batch of cookies just for you. Or a loved one if you decide to be nice and share.

 Hearty Minestrone Soup via The Nifty Cupcake

Just the way I like my soups: simple, quick to prepare, filled with vegetables, beans and some grains [or pasta in this one].

 Pumpkin Goulash with Bread Dumplings via Elephantastic Vegan

I like pumpkin, I’m a Semmelknödel fiend – what’s not to like?! If you’ve never had Semmelknödel I highly recommend making up for it!



Happiness-inducing today: Talking to my mum on the phone. I’ve been thinking about a lot of things again lately and she did a great job and calming me down.


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