The Hip[ster] Survey

Do you ever write that one post you’re feeling passionately about, are anxious to share because you can’t wait to hear others’ opion – and then you run out of time? Here’s the deal: I started working on said post Sunday night, then thought I’d be able to finish it one of the past days because it felt almost complete. Only the a) work and b) perfectionism stepped in. Long story short: surveys save the day so I hope Amanda won’t mind me spilling my thoughts the mustache way. The post is going to come next week so stay tuned.


When I told my sister about this survey – read: when I told her the name of it – she rolled her eyes* and replied “what a hipster name”. We don’t agree on everything but one thing is for sure: this survey’s pretty hip around the blog world lately and I couldn’t not jump on board.Even if I’m the last one [typical]. Nobody in specific tagged me and everybody who tagged everybody like Irina.


*I don’t actually know if she did because you can’t tell when only talking on the phone but I’m about 99 % sure.

Four names that people call me, other than my real name:

Wow,  this is going to be embarrassing but luckily only if you understand German 😉 .

1. Mausi
2. Westi [cutesy form of ‘sister’ and what my sister and I call each other]
3. Schnecke
4. Puddingschwein [thanks for nothing, Charlotte]

Four jobs I’ve had [not including my current one]:

  1. Secretary
  2. Private teacher for younger students.
  3. Sandwich Artist at Subway.  Fancy name for a job.
  4. Babysitter

Subway uniform

Four movies I’ve watched more than once:

  1. Mad Hot Ballroom [a documentary that I urge you to watch!!!]
  2. Harry Potter [my sister and I collected all DVDs]
  3. Love Actually [a must every December]
  4. How to steal a million  [Audrey Hepburn is one of my idols]

Four books I’d recommend: [too many so I’ll randomly pick four]

  1. The Rosie Project
  2. The Sisters.
  3. The Glass Castle.
  4. Intuitive Eating. It’s a blog world favourite for a reason. I actually got this pre-blogging from a friend who found it majorly helpful in her own recovery.

Admittedly, the accompanying doziness doesn't make a bed a good place to study. But it IS seriously comfy.


Four places I’ve been:

1. Great Britain
2. Dublin, Ireland
3. France – multiple times, in different areas and during different seasons.
4. Malaga, Spain

Four places I’d rather be right now:

1. At my parents’ place to spend quality time with the family. Living too far away for a short weekend visit sucks.
2. Somewhere warm – negative temperatues are not cool,  Germany.
3. In the US where I’m hoping to travel in the not too distant future.
4. Given I’ll likely be at work when you’re reading this: in bed. See #2, too.

Reading in bed

Four things I don’t eat:

1. Meat [for obvious reasons]
2. Fish [ditto]
3. Mustard. Just no. It’s nasty.
4. Ketchup. Don’t hate me. Aside from salsa I can’t think of any condiment I like.

Four of my favorite foods:

1. Apples. One a day keeps the doctor away – what does that mean for an average of five then??
2. Chocolate.  I’m a picky eater in this point,  though.  Dark and unfilled is an almost safe bet in case you wanted to mail me some 😉 .
3. Nut butter: white almond butter reigns surpreme but I’ve been on a serious peanut kick lately, too – crunchy + salted to be precise. Maybe because it pairs so well with chocolate?
4. Legumes. It’s an addiction that slowly built up after I switched to a vegetarian diet. Goes to show our bodies are smart in letting us know where to find the necessary nutrients.

[4.2. Oats. They can’t go unmentioned.]

Nut butter

Four TV shows that I watch:
Woops. .. none, actually.  But I’ll list those that I used to watch and probably will again now it’s getting colder outside.

1. Gossip Girl. Intrigues, good-looking guys and the life of the rich and famous – what more could a girl desire [in a Show]?
2. New Girl
3. Gilmore Girls – wow,  I  apparently watched a lot of Girl -y shows. But there’s nothing wrong with that for a girl,  I figure.

4. ??

Four things I’m looking forward to this year:

  1.  Christmas! Because it means finally being reunited with my family. I miss them like crazy.
  2. Cookie baking with Christmas music playing every weekend in December. <- necessity.
  3. Hopefully getting to catch up with old friends while I’m at my parents.
  4. Continuing to grow my blog.

Christmas Collage

Four things I’m always saying:

  1. Hiiiii.
  2. [This year:] Is it really  [insert month] yet???
  3. Wait … is it actually this late already?
  4. Yeeees. [sometimes stressed the ‘duh, I know’ annoyed kind of way, sometimes the approving].


Happiness-inducing today: Arranging what will hopefully turn out to be an interesting interview.

Stay in touch!

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Pick at least one of the categories above and share your four answers …

and if you haven’t filled out the survey yet: Do it and post the link, too!

23 thoughts on “The Hip[ster] Survey

  1. Juli says:

    I almost choked on my apple! Puddingschwein???? There must be a good story behind that one 😉 I have a few terrible nicknames too. All implemented by my sister and cousin. Luckily those two are the only ones to use them.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      There is a story behind it – good or not? – but I won’t share it for the world to see ;).
      Family can be the worst at coming up with nicknames. See ‘Schnecke’:my mum actually called me that in front of my classmates in 6th grades once. Shame …

  2. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    I seriously had to laugh at the “sandwich artist” title — I had no idea they were called that. And I can’t believe you don’t like ketchup! I actually joke sometimes that I eat my ketchup with a side of food because that’s how much of it I end up using. I think sometimes I’ll choose meals depending on whether or not I can eat them with ketchup 😆

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Never underestimate all the thought we put into every sandwich we create – true artistry 😀 .
      The ketchup fact clearly made me an odd one out as a child already because I actually never liked it. I tried it probably two or three times but then just gave up.

  3. Ms.J says:

    I approve of being fashionably late..better than not showing up at all hmm!? Westi sounds SO cute; possibly the only one from the lot I trust myself to say out loud 😀 . Oy France? would you describe the place? And of course I need to know your favourite destination out of the four of them!
    Yessiree more for them ketchup fiends..I tried it countless times – I swear I can never understand the hype.
    Surveys are as fun to read as to answer I believe..yet I do too look forward to that deep post 🙂 .

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Thank you – yes, fashionably late was obviously what I meant to say ;).
      We actually don’t pronounce “West” the way you would “West” as a cardinal direction but I still guess you’d pronounce it right.
      You know I hardly ever play favourites but I’ll have to admit France definitely wasn’t that for me. Like I mentioned I’ve been to different parts so I can’t sum up all of it in one sentence but feel free to remind me in a mail. (:

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Believe it or not but I was actually scouring your blog the very minute I got the trackback notification :).
      And no way you’d be the only fan there. Good shows will keep their fan base forever – and DVD re-runs are a must.

      • Marfigs says:

        😀 I’d actually never seen an entire episode before now, so I’m pretty behind, but I have a solid GG hangover from my mini marathon last night!

      • Miss Polkadot says:

        You’re not alone there. I got into it very late, too, and have yet to watch an entire season. A mini marathon would be right up my alley – especially with the current weather.

  4. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets says:

    I loved learning so much about you in this post, although I want the German conversion of those names. 🙂
    Ketchup is weird. I’m not much of a condiment girl either, although I do love some hummus. Or spreads made from olives and anything with cream cheese, sour cream or cheese. So condiments no, spreads yes. 🙂

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Spreads are an entirely different topic: yes to all of those you listed. We should have a fancy dinner party – or just a movie night?! – one day serving up crudités with ALL the spreads.
      Regarding the names: e-mail. Not in public 😉 .

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