Ready to roll with the randomness?

First things first: Thank you so much to everybody who commented on Tuesday’s post. Writing and admitting to this really wasn’t easy for me and I kept telling myself I’d probably just delete it in the morning. In hindsight I’m glad I didn’t because many of you were able to relate.

Moving on to today. It’s ironical how now that I took the pressure off myself I felt inspired to write another post. A light-hearted one for a change so I hope Amanda won’t mind me linking up twice this week – I don’t see this becoming a regular.  I told you I wasn’t going to go anywhere so today I’m rolling with the randomness. About that post I talked about last week? I decided that after my last one it’d be nice to go back to some random thought dumping for a break. Be assured that topic’s going to be up soon, though – as in: scheduled for next week.




1. Get ready for an announcement … I’m officially a member of the coffee fiends circle now. Or at least if the requirement to consider yourself part of that exclusive club is having a daily coffee ritual and looking forward to your cup of the dark brew. I’m also planning to take advantage of the fact I’m still using instant and trying it in some baked goods soon. Stay tuned!

New in 004

2. It’s the season for … Lanterns! Oh sweet memories. Seeing small children wander through the streets with their ghost-, Hello Kitty- or whatever-shaped lanterns and singing the familiar songs makes me wallow in childhood memories. The good old times … <- wait, did I say that?! Dangit … am I really almost 24 already??!

3. Speaking of my age: How in the world is my birthday only about seven weeks away anymore? I don’t think I’m feeling ready yet. Granted, 24 is one of those ‘in-between’ ages – not 20 anymore but not 30 yet – and I won’t experience any major changes. Not like when you’re coming of age at 18 [I know it’s later in the US]. But maybe it’s time to write a 30 before 30 list like Juli did? Just to make sure I’m getting up and living during those in-between years??

4. On that last note I’ve been thinking [at times out loud] about a blog name change forever. I never mentioned it but – okay, with my overthinking tendencies it’s not a real surprise – I kept mulling over a name for-ev-er before starting my blog. And even then I wasn’t happy with the name. Maybe I should try to remember the other name options from back then. Actually, I do remember a few.


5. Apparently the topic of birthdays is getting me on a roll because I just remembered the blogger birthday calendar I started way back. So … How to go from here? Are you still interested in it? I kept forgetting because I didn’t have enough names for some of the months but I wouldn’t mind starting again.

6. Ending with some humor because I feel we can all use a dose of that on a Thursday [or any day, really]. I think you can’t argue with this:


I’m actually not running out of thoughts but knowing I need to keep the time in check – another is it really this late already moment – I’ll just finish here wishing you a happy Thursday! Can you smell the weekend already???


Happiness-inducing today: Many nice short conversations sprinkled throughout the day.


Stay in touch!

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Time for your randomness! Any thoughts on the topics above?

Blogger birthday calendar: yay or nay? [is that even a question?!] If so: let me know your birthday!

Do you remember the lanterns you had as a child?


7 thoughts on “Ready to roll with the randomness?

  1. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    Woohoo! Welcome to the dark side 😀 Currently drinking my hug in a mug as we speak, and yeah… it’s definitely something I look forward to And girl, don’t even get me started on the topic of names and name changes. First, I must have mulled over Spoons’ name for a solid month before I picked it, then I thought about changing it again before I came back to blogging, and now I’m juggling a bunch of different names for my coaching business. Gah! But I feel like there’s so much in a name, that it’s good to spend some time thinking about it. Hopefully not too long, though 😆

  2. Aja says:

    Lanterns? That is so cool. I had no lanterns as a child. 😦 I get the not feeling ready for your birthday thing. It’s like, has it really been a year? Do I have to get older now?

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Thanks, Khushboo, I will add you to the calendar!
      I’m glad you officially gave me permission to call myself a cool kid ;). Right now I’m going very classic there just adding sweetener and almond or coconut milk. Not black, though … brrrr.

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