Have yourself a merry little Christmas [survey].

Seen, snagged, … that’s what I just had to do when I  spotted this survey over at Amanda’s. Reminiscening past Christmas celebrations surely helps make the holiday spirit resurface at least temporarily – even better if you’re listening to the right tunes while at it.  I’ve filled out the survey before but hey, Christmas happens again every year, too, so why not?!

Egg Nog or hot chocolate?
Hot chocolate all the way! At best made from scratch by my mum with that pinch of love added :). Egg Nog is out of question in anyway due to the eggs but I was actually the weird child enjoying my mum’s egg nog-frosted cakes around Easter years and years ago.

Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree?
Neither.  Some are wrapped but most hide in bags my mum sewed years and years ago –  we’ve been re-using them every year since.

Coloured lights on tree/house or white?
White lights. It’s fun walking past the houses of others decorating like crazy but constantly looking at that would give me headaches.

Coloured lights on tree/house or white?
No. I’ve only ever heard about that concept and seen it in a few movies. It’s apparently only a tradition in the UK and US??

When do you hang your decorations up?
Is it bad that I don’t have a set date for this? Let’s say around the end of November.

Christmas Eve_dinner_Rotkohl

What is your favorite holiday dish (excluding dessert) what’s?
That one’s easy and my whole family would agree: my grandma’s Rotkohl  [in the above picture]. It’s red cabbage sauteed, braised with seasonal spices, vinegar, sugar, apples and some secret ingredients. It’s so.incredibly.delicious. Maybe it doesn’t sound like much typed out but the fact that I don’t miss the meat as long as I get seconds and thirds of this should tell you.

What is your favorite holiday dish (excluding dessert)?
Right now there isn’t a lot yet and you know we’re this close to Christmas Eve. One wish, however, is a subscription to my favourite business magazine, brand eins. Sounds nerdy or boring? So far from it.

Do you open a gifts on Christmas Eve?
Yes!  We actually open all gifts on Christmas Eve because that’s the main holiday over here. Unless we see other relatives the next day we don’t give or receive any more gifts on the following two days.

How do you decorate your Christmas tree?
Given we don’t celebrate at the same house every year – alternating between my parents’, my grandparents’ and one of my aunt’s houses – it differs every year.  At my grandparents’ it’s a lot of traditional figurines [that I adore], straw stars,  …. Obligatory are only the red candles.

Christmas Tree 2013

Snow? Love it or dread it?
I’m divided about this.  Christmas without snow isn’t really Christmas, is it? But I could do without the dirty mush it turns into soon. Looking at the current forecast I’d better bring out the flip-flops [you know, the ones I don’t own …] OR ask my dad to get one of those snow cannons used in skiing areas ;).

Real tree or fake tree?
Let’s get real: only real ones perceive that complete Christmas-cozy feeling.  We’ve never had fake ones. Getting ours from the hillbilly vendor living far off in the woods used to be the dad-and-daugther tradition we had. Only not anymore now I won’t be able to go home any earlier than 23rd. At least I’ll get to decorate it with my sister.

Do you remember your favorite gift?
That’s a tough one. I got a lot of amazing gifts throughout all those [already 23! – craziness] years. A memorable one was the dollhouse my grandpa built himself – complete with teeny-tiny light switches in every room that turned the lights on.

What’s the most important thing about Christmas for you?
Hands down being with my family.  Especially now that I rarely get to see them in-between holidays.

What is your favourite holiday dessert?
Get ready to be shocked if you’ve been reading for a while because – it’s not chocolate.  My mum’s cinnamon parfait beats everything else. The name says it all: it’s perfect.

Christmas survey 2014_Collage

What is your favourite tradition?
Going on a walk with the whole family – grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and my siblings. I’m not sure we’ll see them all this year as we’re celebrating at my parents’ with my grandma and grandpa coming.  The remaining family members live several hours away and I only get to stay until the 27th.

What tops your tree?
You caught me off guard here. Depending on where we celebrate this decisions up to the man of the house. I think my grandpa has some kind of golden star and I’m not sure about my uncle and dad.

Which do you prefer, giving or receiving?
Giving because it’s wonderful to see somebody’s joy upon opening a gift to find something they didn’t expect but that fits them perfectly.

What is your favorite Christmas song?
Another tricky one. We don’t sing the same ones every year – plus they’re German – so I’ll go with those that I’m playing over and over on Spotify.  Two of them are “All I want for Christmas” because it reminds me of the cute scene in my favourite movie [see below] and “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” as we used to sing it in the school choir. So yes, mostly songs that bring back memories for me. Isn’t Christmas time all about the memories??

Candy canes, yuck or yum?
We hardly have any of these over here and the only ones I’ve spotted at random weren’t even vegetarian. I’m a fan of mint flavours, though.

Christmas 2012_house

Favorite Christmas Movie?
There’s just one answer: “Love, Actually.” I’m this close to buying the DVD every year but then refrain because I want it to stay that special Christmas movie. Who knows about this year, though …?

What do you leave for Santa?
Ah, this is going to make me – and likely the whole of Germany – look so bad: we don’t leave anything out and never did. Before you start throwing candy canes at me, though: We celebrate on Christmas Eve and Santa doesn’t come through chimneys around here but enters through the door. Maybe he planned it this way so he’d have more room left in his stomach once he drops the gifts overseas? Which would make us really kind for not tempting him, don’t you agree?!

Do you prefer to shop online or at the mall?
If I had it my way – and that’s how we did it in recent years – I’d enjoy a whole afternoon out with my mum buying presents. Now that I’ll have to go on the five hour journey home via train I had to go the easy route of ordering online and having the packages delivered to my parents’ house.  It takes away from the cheery holiday spirit completely, though. 😦

Christmas card

Christmas letter or Christmas card?
We largely stopped sending cards years ago and while I pondered sending out a few letters this year time ran away from me. I’d rather write surprise letters throughout the year [remind me to start again!], though, when I have more time to dedicate to every single one.

Happiness-inducing today: The helpfulness of my boss. I know what you’re thinking … but hear me out: she’s been really helpful and even lending an ear when I needed it for some decisions I’m currently making. Plus you know none of my colleagues reads the blog so I’m just being honest here because it truly made my day.

Stay in touch!

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Your turn: Answer as many of the questions as you’d like yourself!

And: Should I buy “Love, Actually” on DVD??


The one question to ask when reading “healthy” advice

Inspiration for posts strikes me in the most random moments. Mostly when I’m doing something that’s already part of my daily life and never got my mind churning with new ideas before. Especially appreciated at times when I’ve sensed writer’s block coming up and got frustrated feeling like I will never ever find a topic again. Yes, it happens. Like I said: frustrating. Anyway, enough of that all because we’re all busy bees and you’ve stopped by to hear me thinking out loud not ramble on about blogger woes.


Back to where I found my topic, though: it was when perusing my Bloglovin feed, sighing and marking about a dozen posts as read. All offering me the best ever and only advice I needed to follow to stay on track this season.  It’s not a sole Christmas holiday season phenomenon: the number of posts offering “healthy” advice is [or it feels like that] is becoming almost unmanageable.  Feeling uneasy about the abundance of Christmas treats all around? At least two dozen posts will be around to ‘help ‘ you.  Not sure if eating another spoonful of mum’s cranberry sauce necessitates an extra 5 minutes on the treadmill? Don’t worry. Detailed Instructions are just a click away.   Or maybe you’re feeling all relaxed about the festive season and have been looking forward to grandma’s special cookies for months? You better believe there are enough articles out there to lecture and scare you away from the cookie tray in an instant.

Grandma's cookies

It might sound a smidgen dramatic but trust me: some of the articles that found their way into my Bloglovin’ feed lately were pretty shocking. Whether you’ve ever dealt with an ED or not I have a feeling a few of these would be enough to “verunsichern” you, too. What I’ve been doing to keep the feelings of guilt and tendency to overthink my every move is asking one question before reading on :

Is this targeted towards me?

Yes, it’s a simple question – but I’d make a guess and say it’s an easily forgotten one. The background here: if you’re reading this post you’re very likely to either be part of the healthy living blog community or at least interested in a healthy balanced life already.  Or you might be in recovery from an eating disorder.  Either way I’m convinced that even if these posts have an eerie attraction to you  with buzzwords like “healthy”, “do’s and don’ts” or “must follow” – deep inside you know if you’re part of their target group or not.  You’re eating whole foods, exercising regularly and your doctor gives you a green light at every check-up? Then you likely don’t need any article telling you to swap the mashed potatoes for cauliflower, limit yourself to one cookie or bring your own sugar- and fat-free ones [that leave you feeling unsatisfied ] or spend an hour at the gym while your family is watching Christmas movies in the living room.

All of these articles I mentioned have – in some form or the other – made an appearance on my screen before. Even if I didn’t search for them but just saw the titles in the side bar of a website or blog I was visiting. Yet as I said: Even if Christmas season is stressing you out deep down you know if  you’re in need of that – helpful or not – advice. Like I know I shouldn’t read [or at least not follow] any advice for “100 Easy Ways to Slash Calories Every Day” or  “How To Drop Five Pounds Until Christmas“. The tricky part is that you might not even mindfully seek for these articles.  Any kind of advice like that can pop up on a blog you probably started reading for that one great article about staying fit while working a desk job or for a great recipe. And then suddenly that trustworthy source tells you about the need to ditch the cookies.

Please notice I’m not judging any blogger or website for publishing these posts neither am I saying anybody who’s generally health-conscious should ditch any thoughts on nutrition or exercise and gorge themselves on all the treats and holiday roast. But chances are even giving yourself full permission you won’t because working out and eating nutritious food makes you happy and you’ll balance it all out.   There are people who are  for and find these articles helpful. But on the other hand there are many – like recoverers, people just starting out to try and live a little healthier, unsure about whether or not treats are included in a balanced diet [they are!] – that can be unsettled in their ways by this.

Christmas 2012 1

Don’t we all want to enjoy the holidays?  I remember many past Christmas days that I spent thinking about food the whole time while trying to eat the least amounts possible [a single potato? I’m sorry but … yes] and beating myself up about a lack of exercise. This is the season for tinsel,  kitschy decorations, cookie scent wafting through kitchens, listening to Michael Bublé on repeat  – but not for feeling guilty and second-guessing our every move or bite.

Now excuse me as I go spend some cozy time with Mr. Bublé.

Happiness inducing today: Did I mention Mr. Bublé yet 😉 ?? Even though he doesn’t fully get me into the Christmas spirit he’s pretty good at trying and making me sing along.

Stay in touch!

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Share whichever thoughts you have on the topic.  Possible ideas but by no means limited to:

Do you weigh up whether a post is geared towards you?

How do you feel about “healthy” holiday advice?

Has an article ever made you feel insecure about your intuitive choices?

The other kind of peanut butter [+ Frozen Crunchy Peanut Protein Bites]

By now all of you know I have a slight full-blown addiction to any nut butter.  The infamous white almond butter? A staple. Peanut butter often takes a seat on the back burner – a pity! – but lately my cravings for it have outdone the almond admiration.  So it’s the perfect time to [finally] talk about a new-to-me product: Powdered Peanut Butter.

PPB_powdered peanut butter

Any US readers will likely be familiar with its equivalent – PB2 – but over here it’s not a commonly known food yet. Here’s a short low-down on Powdered Peanut Butter:

  • it comes in three flavours: Original, Chocolate  (both contain sugar) and a stevia – sweetened kind.
  • the ingredients are: Peanut Flour (Nuts), Palm Oil Powder, Sugar, Salt [for the Original flavour]
  • low in fat and high in protein  [ 42.8 g per 100 g/3.5 oz for the Original flavour]
  • naturally gluten-free
  • approved by The Vegetarian Society as well as vegan

While I’m generally skeptical towards refined low-fat foods I was excited to try the samples the friendly people at HaleNaturals generously sent me.

The ways I tried it were mixed up plain as a dip, in savoury sauces and in oatmeal. I often added it to my usual zucchini oats. The advantage I found towards adding real peanut butter was that the flavour was distributed throughout the bowl a lot better. I don’t know about you but I find the peanut flavour gets lost when I add actual nut butter as opposed to peanut flour or powdered peanut butter. I still topped my breakfast with almond butter.  Double nut action? Any day.

oat bran_zucchini_peanut flour


Powdered Peanut Butter is a great add-in for oatmeal or dips. if you’re looking for a lower-calorie alternative, are already a peanut flour or smoothie fan [blends well] this might be right up your alley. I might follow up with a few more recipes using the PPB once I find a little time for experimenting. Mug cakes or brownies? All the possibilites …


On its own I didn’t find the flavour to be rich enough so for me it’s not a peanut butter alternative when eaten straight up [my favourite way with nut butters]

It was a bit sweet – all kinds either contain sugar [12.4 per 3.5 oz] or stevia – for my palate. That might be because I  grew up eating natural unsweetened peanut butter so it could be different if you are used to the kind with added sugar.

Another negative point for me is the added palm oil. While not being super strict it’s an ingredient I try to avoid where I can.

PPB_peanut butter_original

Overall, I still liked it and can see a lot of potential for future recipe experimentation. For now, let’s go with an impromtu snack I came up with when I found half a tub of cream cheese leftover from another recipe. Fresh out of peanut butter [I know – how did I let it go that far??] I went with the PPB and just got mixing.  The result is a delicious frozen snack for when you want a little something-something with a protein kick.

Crunchy Peanut Protein Bites

2Peanut butter cheesecake bite_PPB

1 1/2 oz (42 g) cream cheese
1 heaped tbsp PPB (7 g) – I used the original flavour
1 tsp honey
Salt to taste
1/8 cup puffed amaranth  (8 g)

Mix PPB with 1 tbsp of water to reach a smooth consistency. Add salt.
Add cream cheese and honey. Stir to combine. Mix in puffed amaranth.
Let sit for a moment – at best in the fridge.
Drop teaspoonfuls of the mixture on aluminium foil and put into the freezer to firm. Depending on how long you let them sit in the freezer you might want to let them thaw for a bit before eating. No damaging your teeth here!

Peanut butter cheesecake bite_PPB

Eat ALL cheesecake bites. No sharing.

Disclaimer: HaleNaturals sent me these products free of charge for review purposes. The company didn’t compensate me for this post and all the opinions expressed are my own.

If you feel like trying another peanut butter-y frozen treat – shhh, I still do despite complaining about the cold! – this Healthy PB & J Frozen Yogurt might be the perfect fit.



Happiness inducing today: Talking to one of my best friends on the phone. I really needed to talk and we discovered yet another similarity we share. Friends are true blessings.

Stay in touch!

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Are you still craving frozen snacks during the colder months, too? Tell me I’m not the only one!

Have you tried PPB or another kind of powdered peanut butter before?

What are your favourite ways to use it?

Good good links #69

Denial. Cra-zy-ness. I know I’m repeating myself but I cannot believe it’s the third of Advent already 😯 . I’ll admit part of it might have to do with the fact that I still haven’t gotten into the Christmas spirit yet. Cookie baking, scented candles, an [untraditional] Advent calendarthis one, by the way – and regular doses of Michael Bublé playing when I’m home. It’s actually making me a little sad. Christmas time used to be so special when I grew up – and now? I’m at a loss with myself so if you have any instant-Christmas-mood ideas let me know!

Enough of that, though, because what’s not sad is the huge amount of great links I happened upon once again. Light a candle, brew a cup of tea [or coffee] and enjoy some reading material. Happy Sunday!

Good good links


Good good [food for thought]

What Not to Say This Holiday Season. via Better with Sprinkles

Beware the [even well-meant] comments on appearance or weight – you never know somebody’s inner workings. Plus, there’s so much more to love about a person than their looks.

 Abusing Link-Up Parties via The Big Man’s World

We all want to grow our readership. But linking up any of your posts to whichever link-up – relevant or not – isn’t the way to go.

A Hobby Should be Fun not a Source of Stress via Day with KT

If you read my post from earlier this week you’ll know why I whole-heartedly agree with this.


Good good [advice and inspiration]

Pay it forward challenge via Today’s the best day

A serious oldie post but the idea behind it is timeless. Paying it forward always pays off for both sides: in happiness.

7 Things Happy, Healthy People Do Every Morning via Marc and Angel Hack Life

The way we start our days impacts how we continue to go through them immensely.

Especially when we’re busy it’s important to do some prep work, make sleep a priority and practice self-love.
How to Start a Meditation Practice via Better with Sprinkles
Have you thought about trying meditation before but guessed it was really complicated? This step-by-step guideline looks super easy to follow through.
12 Proven Habits of Happy People via live bold and bloom
Smalls acts of kindness, staying optimistic [or learning how to] and nurturing relationships are key to keep us happy.
Love this! It’s truly the little things we can do or think of that make us see the blessing in life and feel grateful.

How to work out when you don’t want to work out via Kelly runs for food

We all have those days where we’re not feeling it. These are some great ideas to still get moving.

How to Become a Morning Workout Person via Lake Shore Runner

I’m most definitely no morning person but with these tips even I might be able to make the occasional morning workout happen.



Top FREE Blogging Tools via Healthy Helper

Get by with a little help of these apps and websites that make blogging easier and more fun.


The Ridiculously Simple Way to Immediately Influence People via The Muse

Who knew a post-it could change so much? Further proof it’s the little things that count.



2015 Printable Instagram Calendars via going home to roost

Has it really been a year already since I first featured this? A great idea for a personalized gift.



 Good good [posts to make you smile]

 Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes via Peanut Butter and Jenny

Not what you’d expect – but a sweet Christmas-themed gift to your computer instead …


Good good [food]

 Homemade Orange Chocolate Bars via My Whole Food Life

Only four ingredients and voilà: homemade refined sugar-free chocolate!

Banana Bread Granola via Clean Eats, Fast Feets

Granola created by Meghan is always a win. Oh, and bananas in any form or dates never hurt, either.

 Samoa Cookie Dough Bark via The Cookie Crunicles

Everybody likes cookie dough and combined with chocolate? Even better.

No Added Sugar Cinnamon-Spice Raisin Cookies via An Avocado a Day

‘tis the season for cookies and these are for when you feel like taking a short break from the traditional sugary ones.

Flourless double chocolate brownies via Running with Spoons

Can you say brownie perfection?! Now I just need to figure out if these work with flax eggs.

Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Chip Chickpea Blondies {gluten free & vegan-friendly} via Ambitious Kitchen
I want these. Right now. That is all.

Dark Chocolate, Cranberry and Pecan Frozen Yogurt (aka Dickens’ Ice Cream) via Eat Healthy, Eat Happy

It’s definitely not ice cream season anymore but would you say no to this??

I’m not a cheesecake person by any means but ditching the unneccessary crust, eggs and heaps of sugar plus making it dippable? Sounds good to me. Really good.

Kale Chips 5 Ways via The Iron You

Why buy kale chips if you can easily make your own? Salt and vinegar or smoked paprika flavour? I’m in!

 Healthy Casserole Recipes via Fitsugar [I didn’t agree with the actual title]

By now you know casseroles hold a special place in my heart and some of these sound really good.

Quinoa, Portobello and Roasted Red Pepper Chili via Eat Healthy, Eat Happy

A little older already but chili is one dish I could eat day in, day out – always good to have a few more recipes at hand.



Happiness-inducing today: A conversation with an old lady at the grocery store. I helped her find an ingredient and afterwards she told me the recipe she wanted to use it in. About five times all over but maybe she just wanted to make sure I got it ;)?


Stay in touch!

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What are your surefire ways to get in the Christmas mood?



Ready to roll with the randomness?

First things first: Thank you so much to everybody who commented on Tuesday’s post. Writing and admitting to this really wasn’t easy for me and I kept telling myself I’d probably just delete it in the morning. In hindsight I’m glad I didn’t because many of you were able to relate.

Moving on to today. It’s ironical how now that I took the pressure off myself I felt inspired to write another post. A light-hearted one for a change so I hope Amanda won’t mind me linking up twice this week – I don’t see this becoming a regular.  I told you I wasn’t going to go anywhere so today I’m rolling with the randomness. About that post I talked about last week? I decided that after my last one it’d be nice to go back to some random thought dumping for a break. Be assured that topic’s going to be up soon, though – as in: scheduled for next week.




1. Get ready for an announcement … I’m officially a member of the coffee fiends circle now. Or at least if the requirement to consider yourself part of that exclusive club is having a daily coffee ritual and looking forward to your cup of the dark brew. I’m also planning to take advantage of the fact I’m still using instant and trying it in some baked goods soon. Stay tuned!

New in 004

2. It’s the season for … Lanterns! Oh sweet memories. Seeing small children wander through the streets with their ghost-, Hello Kitty- or whatever-shaped lanterns and singing the familiar songs makes me wallow in childhood memories. The good old times … <- wait, did I say that?! Dangit … am I really almost 24 already??!

3. Speaking of my age: How in the world is my birthday only about seven weeks away anymore? I don’t think I’m feeling ready yet. Granted, 24 is one of those ‘in-between’ ages – not 20 anymore but not 30 yet – and I won’t experience any major changes. Not like when you’re coming of age at 18 [I know it’s later in the US]. But maybe it’s time to write a 30 before 30 list like Juli did? Just to make sure I’m getting up and living during those in-between years??

4. On that last note I’ve been thinking [at times out loud] about a blog name change forever. I never mentioned it but – okay, with my overthinking tendencies it’s not a real surprise – I kept mulling over a name for-ev-er before starting my blog. And even then I wasn’t happy with the name. Maybe I should try to remember the other name options from back then. Actually, I do remember a few.


5. Apparently the topic of birthdays is getting me on a roll because I just remembered the blogger birthday calendar I started way back. So … How to go from here? Are you still interested in it? I kept forgetting because I didn’t have enough names for some of the months but I wouldn’t mind starting again.

6. Ending with some humor because I feel we can all use a dose of that on a Thursday [or any day, really]. I think you can’t argue with this:


I’m actually not running out of thoughts but knowing I need to keep the time in check – another is it really this late already moment – I’ll just finish here wishing you a happy Thursday! Can you smell the weekend already???


Happiness-inducing today: Many nice short conversations sprinkled throughout the day.


Stay in touch!

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Time for your randomness! Any thoughts on the topics above?

Blogger birthday calendar: yay or nay? [is that even a question?!] If so: let me know your birthday!

Do you remember the lanterns you had as a child?


We’re not superwomen [and why we’re allowed to stop trying]

 Deep breath. This is a post I’d hoped I’d never write.  Or at least not publish because the in-between of my drafts folder and actual posts is immense. Yet the reason I’m churning my thoughts out loud today is that a) I’m hoping this will make me accountable to follow through with what I’m about to say. And b) my intention has always been to write the kind of blog I’d want to read and I’ve been glad to see similar posts around the blog world.


If something is on your mind and influencing your day-to-day life significantly you know there’s a point when you can’t ignore it anymore.  Ooookay …

The good news: After a recent stint of writer’s block I’m currently on a roll with blogging. Several drafts lined up, more ideas [even recipes – when was the last time I posted one??] in my head.

The bad news: I’m scrambling to balance blogging and life [and don’t like admitting it].

For the past weeks, no, months, I’ve had a hard time living up to my own expectations/assumptions of blogging. That would be posting a minimum number of days per week, replying to comments  [I know I fail there] and stay in touch with other bloggers. Here’s the deal: I absolutely enjoy all of these “tasks”. They don’t feel like duties – unless life takes over and time become a rare good. And with the move and a new job with irregular work hours just that happened. Cue frustration.

Or to quote a fellow blogger: Blogging isn’t your full time job (right now!), it’s a hobby. And she’s unfortunately right there. The main point is I have yet to get used to my work schedule – that in this job will actually never be consistent – and figure out a daily structure. One that helps me find my balance againone that will include blogging. If you find yourself stressed out by too much on your plate the advice is usually: Look for something to go. None of us need to be superwomen or -men.


My intention here isn’t to whine and ask for sympathies. Rather, I want to apologize for probably commenting and/or posting a bit less in weeks to come and encourage others to take time for self-care above all else. Over the weekend I got thinking – a run helped – and realized a few things. None of these are partcularly new or sensational but I have an inkling I’m not the only one who needs a [not so] subtle reminder for one or the other.


  1.  All good advice at hand is useless if we don’t put it into practice or Practice what you preach: I often find myself saying ‘yessss’ to it, add it to my ever-growing collections of good good links – yet more often than not don’t follow suit.
  2.  Taking time for self care is not selfish: Whether you’re a single lady, too, or not: the only person who can first and needs to ensure your well-being are you.  If we don’t take care of and show ourselves respect – why should others? It’s similar to what Carly said in her recent post [though on a slightly different topic]: People learn how to treat you based on what you accept from them. So let’s all take some me time in every day.
  3. You’re allowed to feel stressed: Sounds odd? Here’s what I mean: for the past months I’ve kept telling myself that – compared to others – my life was not stressful enough to be exhausted or allowed to complain. Compared to some serious superwomen who juggled being a mum/wife/puppy owner [<- kudos to all of you!!] I felt I shouldn’t complain. I blamed myself for not managing my time the best. If others could why didn’t I? The truth is: we all have a different stress tolerance. What some can work with 24/7 can leave others dragging along by the Wednesday. I know I’m at a point where I need to make changes if I don’t want to drive myself into the ground
  4. Sleep is crucial: I guess we’ve all read those facts before? And probably promised ourselves we’d get more shut eye time … tomorrow. Only tomorrow never happened. I’m vowing to really make an effort to improve here. Keep your fingers crossed for me 🙂 !
  5. Sometimes we need to re-think priorities: This one’s a real dozy for me. If you asked me to tell you my priorites in life to help figure out which tasks I could lay off for a while I’d be stumped. Keeping in contact with others, blogging, working out, preparing healthy food for work, finally fixing my printer, … Everything seems like a #1 priority on my to-do list. But you know the saying: Something’s gotta give.

Ironically, writing this post already has my mind spurring with ideas for a little blog series on self-care. Once I’ve figured it out better myself [re: practice what I preach 🙂 ]. Take that as another sign I most definitely won’t stop blogging anytime soon. My inner wannabe superwoman just needs to take a chill pill and refuel – mentally and physically. All so I  can keep flooding your  Bloglovin’ feeds with deeper, delicious or downright goofy posts.  Long story short again: I’m not going on a blogging hiatus – just trying to balance on- and offline life. Stay with me?!

Happiness-inducing today: A lot of laughter and joking around with colleagues at the office. It was a very busy day that flew by but busy in a very good way.

Stay in touch!

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As always: Share your experiences, advice and any other thoughts on the topic!