Good good links #72


Are you ready for the second installment of good good links this week? I thought so. After my wordiness in the last post [thank you for all your comments so far – I promise I’ll get back to them] I’ll really keep things short today. It’s time to let others’ great posts shine after all. Enjoy the reads, enjoy your Sunday and we’ll talk again soon!

And after [or before?] you check out the links you might want to head over to Amanda’s to wish one of your favourite Canadians a very happy Birthday. She’s ringing in her 30s today – yay!

Good good links

Good good [food for thought]

 Are cheeseburgers vegan? via The Balanced Blonde

Jordan’s story is one of the great examples of the self-discovery and freedom that awaits upon pushing past our comfort zones.

It’s All in Your Stomach? via Healthy Helper

Are you dealing with constant digestion woes and no elimination diet works? Don’t underestimate the impact of stress. Our minds can be more powerful than we might guess – in both good and bad ways.



Good good [advice and inspiration]

A special shoutout to Davida and Lee who just introduced their new website SHE uncovered. I only browsed around for a bit so far but it’s amazing – and now I need to get the supplies to make my own candles. And then bake some cupcakes that I’ll now be able to frost properly [hopefully].


Dear 25-Year-Old Self via Nutrition Nut on the Run

What would you say if you wrote a letter to your current self? A great idea no matter what age we’re at.

10 Practical Ways to Pursue Creativity This Year via Gina Alyse

Getting lost [in your thoughts or the outside world], picking up new skills via video tutorials or fostering relationships are just a few ways to stay creative.

8 Self-Sabotaging Lies To Stop Telling Yourself via Mind Body Green

How many of those have you told yourself at some point before?

If you haven’t made any goals yet taking more care of your own needs and desires makes a great one. Actually, it should be on everybody’s list.

Being content with my closet via A Beautiful Mess

Time to add a ribbon to my closet! The idea was actually new to me but I’m going to add it to my goals.

7 Tips to Help Keep Your Resolution to Declutter via Becoming Minimalist

There you have it: one of my goals for 2015 with valuable advice on how to work on it step by step.

Reclaiming my Blogging Voice via The Big Man’s World
Shun out any outside advice on how a blog supposedly has to be and go with your gut feeling. It’s your personal space on the internet after all.

15 Brillant Things I have Learned in One Year of Blogging Part 1 and Part 2 [Part 3 to come] via Jessica Says

I really like it when others share their stories because we can all benefit from each other ‘s experiences so much.



Health and Fitness
New Year, New You via Fueled by Lolz
Don’t judge others’ resolutions. Remember we all started our fitness journey one day.
Think SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely) before setting the same unachievable goals from past years.

What Are You Hungry For? via hello healthy

A practice to tell apart physical and emotional hunger. Note that I don’t recommend this to anybody in recovery because hunger signals can be confusing at this point and eating a little extra will do you good.

1 Hour to Food Prep: Your Fast, Easy Plan for Success via hello healthy

While I’m far from a pro food prepping has already been such a great time saver for me.


 Good good [posts to make you smile + DIYs]

 Willkommen, 2015: Kalender zum Ausdrucken [German] via Brigitte

16 super cute free calendar printables from all over the web. Don’t let the fact the website’s in German scare you away – just click the  links! (:



Good good [food]

29 Breakfasts That Will Inspire You To Eat Better This Year via BuzzFeed

Sautéed Kale Salad, warming sweet oat variations, smoothies or tofu quiche: reasons to get out of bed for everyone.

5-Minute Recovery Quinoa Breakfast Bowl via Simply Quinoa

I’ve been meaning to try quinoa for breakfast for months and this combination looks downright amazing.

Chocolate Chip Banana Bran Muffins via Amy’s Healthy Baking

Bran muffins have been holding a special spot in my heart since a visit to Sweden years ago and these make me want to get back on board with them.

 Fortune Cookies via Elephantastic Vegan

 Who says you can only let cookies tell your fortune on New Year’s Eve?
We all like snacks, right? And there are way better, healthier and cheaper options than pre-packaged ones.
Rice Casserole with Lentils via Forks over Knives
Not a recent one but this is a dish I really want to try. How could you not want to with a grain, a [lot of] green, a bean/legume and cashew crumble?!
And there I thought I was fed up of soup … These recipes make me want to eat my words. Literally.
Because juice or tea detoxes don’t sound fun and eating nutritious and colourful food does.  With options like Green Goddess Enchiladas this kind of detoxing is right up my alley.

Happiness-inducing today: My first Skype date with my American pen pal [four + years by now] in what feels like forever and chatting up several semi-strangers.

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8 thoughts on “Good good links #72

  1. Bianca says:

    ❤ Thank you for including the fortunes cookies recipe! The link to the Detox Recipes does not work because there is a http%3A at the end 😉 Detoxing with real food sounds great! 🙂 Especially for me, because juicing would be end for me I guess, I shouldn't eat too many fruits…fructose..blablabla. etc.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Thanks for letting me know, Bianca! I fixed it so you should be able to see all the non-boring detox dishes now. I’d be a starved grumpy lady on a juice detox – not an option at all ;).

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