Good good links #74

They say that change is good [who in the world are they, though??] so we’ll take that as a given. Change here means I decided that I won’t keep up the good good links anymore.


Good good links

… in their current form. Don’t worry – because you were worrying, right ;)?! – these aren’t going anywhere. Rather, I’ll no longer limit myself to publishing dates of posts featured that much. You might have noticed me adding ‘oldie but goodie’ posts in recent editions already and from now on they might very well become more frequent. That’s to honor the fact that what I’m reading day by day aren’t just posts from the week but also older ones on newly-discovered blogs that I think are worth reading. This won’t mean I’ll feature that post I know for a fact everybody and their brother have shared on their blogs, Twitter and wherever else already. I’m hoping to make room for overlooked posts that deserve a little more attention.


Good good [food for thought]

 Stress and Weight Loss via The Big Man’s World

Even if you’re not trying to loose a few pounds you might be surprised by this reminder of how closely related stress levels and weight are.

That feeling of everybody else moving on and you’re the only stuck in place? It’s not true.
When Clean Eating Becomes Unhealthy via Clean Eating Veggie Girl
There’s a slippery slope between eating healthy to feel good and becoming obsessed letting it take over your life.

Good good [advice and inspiration]

4 Ways To Shake It Off via Never homemaker
Good advice on how to stop stressing so much about others’ judgement. 

20 Tiny Changes That Can Completely Overhaul Your Life via Tiny Buddha

It’s really not about the big but little things like walking in somebody else’s shoes to understand their behaviour better.

5 Reasons to Love Your Body via Diary of an Ex-Sloth
Feeling like you’ll love your body once you’ve lost x pounds/have no more cellulite/set a new lifting PR? It’s not going to make you happier if you don’t love yourself to begin with.

 A Guide To Loading Basically Every Type Of Dishwasher That Exists via Huffington Post

Yes, you read that right. If you’ve been following for a while you know why I included this random one.


I’m sure you’ve all heard of Dana’s blog but did you also know and John’s story on minimalism and how they got into blogging? Listen to this and you’ll like them even more.

Nine Different Ways To Define Blogging Success via Jenny Purr

Not the definitions of success you might expect but what blogging is actually all about. I agree 100 %!

 15 Brilliant Things I’ve Learned In One Year of Blogging: Part 3 via Jessica Says

You might have seen the first two parts of this mini-series in a previous post and this one is just as insightful and encouraging.



Health and Fitness
If your efforts as of yet – like mine – have been fruitless these might be some great tips to try for ensuring enough shut-eye time.
While I don’t keep exact track of this is the mindset I’m having to lead a happy and healthy life without deprivation.
Or better yet: the one kind of articles you should never read again.
One to print out and carry around for any moody moments or days. Smile to start!

5 Reasons to smile when your gym is full in January via Diary of an Ex-Sloth

It’s all about perspective. Next time you’re about to get annoyed by all treadmills being blocked why not think “yay, healthy people” instead?!

Quitting Sugar Is Not The Answer via Refinery 29
Sugar isn’t the devil  so don’t ditch it altogether but watch out for the sneaky combination of salt and sugar [did you know it?].

45 Reasons to Exercise and Eat Right That Aren’t About Weight Loss via Greatist

Working out to drop a few pounds? Strong bones, longer life expectancy, endorphine boosts and happiness are far better reasons to start moving.
I’ve dealt with my fair share of knee injuries so it’s nice to know gentler ways to stay active than running.



 Good good [posts to make you smile + DIYs]

 A quiz about the four tendencies [of personalities] via Gretchen Rubin

If you’re like me and enjoy quizzes that [promise to] give you insight about your personality: there you go!


Good good [food]

Franzbrötchen via Mädchen mit Herz

If you’re not from Germany chances are you’ve never had these:  they’re not only pretty but a delicious cinnamon-y treat, too.  My mum is a huge fan so I might need to bake these for her one day.

 5 Minute Overnight Steel Cut Oatmeal via Making Thyme for Health

Want steel-cuts but not the lenghty cooking time? A little prep work the night before and they’re reading in minutes the next morning. I’ve tried this before and it’s great.

Homemade Nut Butter Recipes via Fit Foodie Finds

Because, well, we’re talking nut butter here. No further explanation needed.

Almond Butter Chocolate Mousse via Vegan Richa

This. is. unreal. Only there are pictures that prove it isn’t.

Eggless Peanut Butter Waffles via The Almond Eater

Never mind I don’t own a waffle maker because these look so so good.

Healthy Cookie Dough-Filled Chocolate Cups (GF) via Chelsea’s Messy Apron

There are no words for how incredible these look. And they’re nutritious enough to be considered health food, right?!

 Copycat Starbucks Hearty Veggie and Brown Rice Salad Bowl via Hungry Healthy Girl

A bowl filled with goodness and a delectable-sounding dressing.

Cabbage and Red Lentil Lasagne via Ciao Veggie

Wheather you’re trying to cut down on carbs, need to eat gluten-free or just don’t have lasagna noodles at hand [me!]: this one’s for you [and me].

Egg-fried Rice in A Mug via Healthy Nibbles and Bits

Not for me [eggs] but any fried rice fans can now rejoice with an easier and faster method to prepare it at hand.

 52 Surprising Things to Make in a Vitamix via Greatist

Time to break out my Vitamix again! Not all of these are completely new but I spotted quite a few interesting ones.

 Vegan Dinner Recipes via Veg Kitchen

From Asian noodle dishes and burritos to warming casseroles – all of these ideas sound amazing.


Happiness-inducing today:  The warm and comfy feel of the shirt I put on earlier after letting it dry on the radiator [do it!!].

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